Toxic players in casula

  • I would really like the option to disable the chat completely for this game at least in casual. too many toxic kids that dont know what it means to be a team player. You would probably gain more new players to the game.

  • They would gain more new players if they did the folllowing:

    • match-making: this causes a big chunk of toxicity. People so bad that you think they're trolling. Okay, a level 3 Lex in a diamond elo lobby. This is a troll. Then you look up the stats, and see that they're overall account level is level 18, and they're qualifying. I get that there are very few diamond and grandmaster players, and I'll get to that point later. Yet, wtf was up with match-making for that game. It's like they pull names out of a fucking hat at this point.

    • tutorial: and no, not the ones on YouTube. I'm talking about easy access to coaches, advanced tutorials, and such, on the Paladins menu in game. A lot of people are just bad. I've had a friend in Silver II, and now they're diamond because of what I taught them. I picked up another guy in Gold II, and now he's diamond as well. I remember a guy being hardstuck in Silver because he only played flanks. My brother had to yell at him one day and say "you're the type of person who is hard to work around! Last pick but "I don't tank, I don't heal, I only flank.'" After that, he started learning Inara, Barik, Io, Furia, and Jenos, and being more flexible in drafting. He got to diamond after that, but fell back to platinum. For the most part though, he's stagnating at platinum instead of silver.

    • game modes: the game just isn't fun because it's the same modes over and over. Luckily for myself, I've been really enjoying Evie, so that has mitigated the boredom for me. But fucking hell, do I miss those fun modes such as Rise of Furia or End Times.

  • @scottlania1025, can't you disable or switch off your team's chat?

    Where are these toxic people? The last toxic player I heard (and then tuned out without muting) was over a year ago. And I use a keyboard and mic to communicate with my team during every casual and ranked match.

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