Hide player's names?

  • A useful feature I think should be implemented is the option to hide the player's names. In Valorant for example you can do that and only see that names of the characters. If I see a stack of good players on the enemy team I always get nervous and play worse. Not seeing who I play against would help me a lot in that sense. And hiding the loading frame would help as well.

  • I like knowing who I'm playing with or against. Knowing the names of good players allows me to easily send them a friend request so that we can play together more often.

    Having an option for a player to hide the names of their teammates and opposing team is okay as long it doesn't cause problems for the game. But having the option for individual players to hide their names from all players would be a no-no. The game would be a troll playground.

  • PC

    @Conrad_Max He's asking for an option.. Player's choice. End of match I would expect things to be the same as they are now. I see nothing wrong with it other than convincing the powers that be that it's worthwhile.

  • @Conrad_Max You can already turn off your public profile on the settings, so that after the match no one can see your name.

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