Ranked cross-play

  • I can’t start a ranked with my 2 friends (xbox). Im pc, when im the host im able to queue, if someone else is the host we cant even enter queue, i already rank by myself a week ago. My friends ranked together, and we have the “allow all” enabled. What can i do?

  • Moderator

    You cannot group with people playing on another controller on rankeds.

    The "Allow all" option only affects casual games.

  • @Lukash369

    Please try and inform the devs that work on better quality keyboard and mouse ports to console would be appreciated.

    Because if each player, no matter the console, had Keyboard set ups and the UI options were identical cross platform, this would not be such an issue.

    Consoles now are fully capable of having PC controllers. An in game mechanic identifying and isolating your use of control platform for the game, throwing you in the arena with other players using the same control platform.

    I am kind of tired of console games asking you to use their shite controller, it should be time that any game on console should be playable with Keyboard and Mouse.

    It makes no sense for some shooters and crpgs to devolve controler set ups. The ideal custom setups with both mouse and gamepad analog stick for 360 degree movement angle range, on PC it sends the UI into a total shambles as it tries to switch between game pad and mouse keys.

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