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    I really like the new commendation system. And I really try to get as much as possible - but I don't think the amount of commendations we have to get to get all the rewards is ok.
    We need 500 to get the last one - and I personally have about 250 right now. I don't think I'll get to 500 in time...

    I could say that you could just lower the amount of commendations we need - but I have a better idea: Make it more enticing for us to GIVE commendations.

    We get rewards for having commendations - but do we get something for giving them? No. So why not do that? It doesn't have to be much. Maybe some gold. Or gifts to give to our friends. Or bounty coins. Or maybe even a cosmetic item or crystals - I don't know. But something like that would encourage ppl more, to give commendations to others.

    How often did I absolutely rock a match - but didn't get anything? It's kinda frustrating and with that the goal of 500 commendations would be a little more realistic.

  • How about they give us a "prompt page" to commend,just like Smite does after a match ends

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    I have no idea how Smite does it - so maybe. I never played Smite.

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