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    @HeartQueen yeah on casual but player want fair match

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    @HeartQueen said in my opinions:

    @Dusklicious They are literally thinking "man, Cassie has some nice boobs! :)" This is the problem with that argument. Everyone thinks that 3rd person users are literally trying to just gain an advantage, when they're most likely just looking at their skins.

    Yeah that sounds like an excuse instead of an argument. The very fact that it is so abusable is the issue here...

    And I remember playing while it was in the game (it's not even in casuals anymore, so the argument you've tried to make now twice after your next post is invalid anyways) and indeed it was CONSTANTLY abused to corner peak. CONSTANTLY. Like when I really think about it it might not even be okay for casuals because how are people supposed to have fun with the game when an Andro goes into third person and headshots through a wall when the other player has no idea he's even there? How does that seem like good casual fun?

    Honestly most of the points I've seen going for third person have actually made me go against it. I used to be pretty neutral to it, but now frankly I'm starting to be kind of against it even with the "what about people with motion sickness" issue.

  • @roiwtto999

    Most. Casual. Players. Are. Not. 3rd Person. Peeking. This is what I'm trying to say. Most of them are looking at Ying's boobs or they're looking at Imani's butt or something. I've seen people play Kinessa in mostly 3rd person before, and that's because they wanted to look at her butt in her swimming suit. I've seen people play Cassie to look at her boobs. I've even played Lex in 3rd person for some games because someone used a skin pass and I wanted to look at his muscles. It wasn't due to 3rd person peeking, I just like looking at my skins. You probably 3rd person peek or mostly play in high elo lobbies where people used it, so you naturally think everyone is trying to use it. This isn't the case though.

  • @Dusklicious
    You do know all the stuff you keep using as an argument point never actually happened when 3rd person was in the game right?
    Every game i played had 1st persona and 3rd person people and there was no wall peaks, Sha-Lin's marking arrow made sure of this.

    Not only this everyone was running around, no one, i repeat NO ONE tried to stay in one place.

  • @Dusklicious You're literally in diamond, which is less than 10% of the playerbase. Which means that you will unfortunately get into lobbies against grandmasters and other higher ranked people, and thus they'll probably use strats such as 3rd person peek before making a move. I get those lobbies as well sometimes. However, you still have to realize that most people are in Gold and Silver. And you will get matches against them and with them because that's the nature of the game. Especially now that they prioritize fast queue times over balanced match-making. In that elo, most people aren't going to 3rd person peek to gain an advantage. They're using 3rd person to ogle skins or to admire the work.

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    They're using 3rd person to ogle skins or to admire the work.

    you mean skye butt

    alt text

  • @HeartQueen nothing to do with peaking. 3rd person was thrown into a game it did not belong in due to bad decisions by the company. They msde a good decision to remove it.

  • @Shadowpuppy said in my opinions:

    @HeartQueen nothing to do with peaking. 3rd person was thrown into a game it did not belong in due to bad decisions by the company. They msde a good decision to remove it.

    Numbers say other wise.
    Using steam alone, with 3rd person it had 15-20k active players. without its at 10k.

  • @VorxDargo 20200920_092112.jpg
    You're literally taking the numbers out of context. The playerbase didn't drop by 10k only when 3p was removed, it had a natural decline over the course of the years, like all games do.
    I could state that it was even higher before 3p was introduced, but would that mean that 3p caused players to leave the game ? Of course not.

  • @SomeGuySomeWhere
    Good find on the chart there.
    But point still stands, yes there has been declines but to say its not due to 3rd person removal is absurd as well.
    Consoles went live with 3rd person just being added, its a standard mode for them. Removing it also contributed to the decline in console players. Steam was the only example i gave because it's the easiest to trace. Most of the people i've played with on consoles all agreed they left because of this removal. For people to continue to type out stuff making it sound like this decision doesn't matter, it very much does.

    To remove what many though of as a key option makes people distrust the direction of the game.

  • @VorxDargo Here is the real point. They didnt femove it because they where making all this money on 3rd person and they are tired of making money.


    They removed it becaue rhe amount of work rhey had to do for third person was not paying off in more revenue.

    It is never coming back.

    The only reason it was ever added was because Realm Royal was originaly going to be a mode of Paladins. They are never going to pay anyone to make 3P view for all the skins that have come out since it left.

  • @Shadowpuppy
    And here is the problem with your statement. They did add it, at a time when they were just starting to release on consoles. Console players got the game with 3rd person mode in it. Removing it takes away a setting that a whole group of people started with.
    How is it you people keep refusing to see this FACT?

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