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  • @VorxDargo Here is the real point. They didnt femove it because they where making all this money on 3rd person and they are tired of making money.


    They removed it becaue rhe amount of work rhey had to do for third person was not paying off in more revenue.

    It is never coming back.

    The only reason it was ever added was because Realm Royal was originaly going to be a mode of Paladins. They are never going to pay anyone to make 3P view for all the skins that have come out since it left.

  • @Shadowpuppy
    And here is the problem with your statement. They did add it, at a time when they were just starting to release on consoles. Console players got the game with 3rd person mode in it. Removing it takes away a setting that a whole group of people started with.
    How is it you people keep refusing to see this FACT?

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