Damba buffs

  • Gourd cooldown
    10s > 9s

    Spitting Cobra (primary fire)
    400dmg > 500dmg

    Mending Spirits
    0dps > 250dps

    basically the old talent but without needing the talent.

    Gourd radius
    10% smaller

    Gourd stats
    45dps > 50dps
    65dps > 75dps

  • His weakness atm is due lack of escape speed, being easy to follow. His former +movespeed after slither card was key to a good snake toss playstyle in order to juke around terrain and maintain distance. Removal of the speed just made snake slow when pressured by flanks, and less likely to play aggro.

    I have heard that he may receive base ability buff to curse foes at range with ranged heal, but I am unsure as to what would be fair value for free damage. Personally, having the ability to consistantly deal sustain damage while in lockout states would just suit the playstyle, as well as much additional strength with reveal damage and terrain juke potential vs chasing opponents. Although mend could have some work with card mechanics.

    I enjoy how flexible damba's abilities are designed to be both supportive and hositle at the same time, yet mend is the only exception without the curse, it is a hand holding heal ability alone, no other alternate use, paladins support design should not restrict player with such abilities imo, shame every support character after followed its design.

    Personally, I feel heal abilities need to stay at consistant values no matter the talent of choice. The only thing modified is healing coverage / enemy hinderance mechanic.
    Having talents to provide an additional charge to each heal/suppression dynamic sounds better talent design then the current imo.

    I think, snipe heal/poison 2 charge, 2 heal/poison molotovs, would be ample talents if their CD rotation was balenced accordingly.
    Although his hostile sustain damage ought to be kept to utility damage values alone.

    Other then just ramping the damage of snake toss, I would argue that giving mal a sustain damage on mend should be all battle info, extra damage and dps bonus you need.

    Furthermore I would rather see mal improve his survivability or ambush potential via some form of weak regeneration heal and a 2s invisibility after slither, with slither going invisible towards the end duration, with an added feature, does not uncloak until the end of the snake toss, or any attack or ability.

    Invis after slither into snake toss sounds better to me then just snake toss bonus damage alone, a wise player can play a whole heck of a lot safer when pressured and attracting focus, shedding visibility before any stun or fear expires and repeat the process from safety.

    But hey all that thrown together on one champ would be considered broken, battle info around terrain, invis and cc... yeah bogus ayy... but that is what I would consider a complete character for a shooter.

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    damba is a good support butt her gourd is super weak up against a lvl 1 cauterize while other support heal can manage

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    Healing-wise, honestly, Damba's fine. If supports were just about healing, Damba would still probably be top 3 at high elo.

    The main problems with Damba are:

    • A lack of mobility to escape
    • His reload being absolutely awful without a reload reduction card

    They need to put back the movement speed card at a nerfed value and buff his reload speed by 20-ish percent. He'd be good with that in my opinion.

  • @Dusklicious when out of ammo reload is 3 times faster but no snake is tossed.

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    @Shadowpuppy said in Damba buffs:

    @Dusklicious when out of ammo reload is 3 times faster but no snake is tossed.

    That does nothing for damage damba which is legit trash rn because of the snake pit rework.

  • @Dusklicious yes having a 3 second reload when you need to do 50 damage to kill some one is fine for damage damba.

    Snake pit was bullshit for a champ that can stun that much.

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    @Shadowpuppy said in Damba buffs:

    @Dusklicious yes having a 3 second reload when you need to do 50 damage to kill some one is fine for damage damba.

    Snake pit was bullshit for a champ that can stun that much.

    Snake pit was legit his saving grace, it certainly wasn't BS. Now he needs 750 credits for his damage build to even work remotely like it's supposed to. I've only seen his damage builds win twice, and I've seen them a good few times ned up proving the point it's actually a throw talent in its current state. His snake toss might as well not even be in his kit at this point. It does nothing for him now... 200 damage, a pathetic stun that can easily be countered by just rank 2 of resil which you can get at the start of the game...

    At least he has a used to be broken gourd talent that somewhat works for tanks and spirits chosen is still semi-consistent... Damba right now takes way more skill than it's really worth to make him work. Not like he's bad, he's actually definitely not. But he takes too much investment for too little reward at this point, and the problem there as history shows is that the investment he requires is too high. To actually be even decent at low level play he has to be pretty much the best support in the game at high elo, with the way his lack of an out from flanks at this point he's honestly even mid-tier at high elo.

  • @Dusklicious I have heard this before. It was broken, they fix it and because its just useful and not broken over powered now its worthless.

    single round reload over and over is a trash way to play damba. They fixed it and now he needs a few buffs to balance out the change.

    1. he needs to be able to reload fast when he has no ammo

    2. snake toss shouuld be 50% faster when done with a single round left. Wont be spammy but tactical.

    3. put the miss cool down card into base kit.

  • There are a bunch of issues with Mal'Damba

    • Damage: does a lot in theory. Like 800 dps. Problem is that it's inconsistent at even mid-range. So you have to practically be breathing on your target to deal damage. Problem is, he's a support so he needs to be further back. Which brings me to my next point.

    • Incompatible Kit: he's the reverse Grover. Grover only does good damage at long range, but his heal is effective in short range. Mal'Damba is the opposite. Long range heal and short range damage/utility. You have to breath on targets to stun or damage them consistently. While he can heal at any range. I think his primary fire should be a bit more forgiving to land so you can land them at a longer range if I'm being honest.

    • Worth It: he's just not worth it. He's way too hard compared to other supports who are just as effective. For example, Corvus can literally heal 2 targets through walls for 140 over .5 seconds and a burst of 320. So about 460 healing for 2 targets at the same time, anywhere and everywhere, with no line of sight required at all and no aim required at all. Not to mention that he provides a speed boost and life steal. Io has to have some aim, just basic tracking though since her heal locks on. And Io heals her target for 1,000 hps while reducing the enemy's damage by 15% Mal'Damba has none of that utility at all, while be significantly harder to use. Why struggle when easier to use supports offer way more while requiring that you do less?

  • @HeartQueen im ok on stun damba but they should add cooldown on stun reload cause spamming stun is a pain

  • @tpoeyyp999 it has a 3s gap before u can stun again

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