PLEASE re-add 3rd person!.

  • So with the other post now taken down i wanted to open this up to actually get more talks done about this.
    In the last post many people kept bring up wall peeking as literally the only argument. They are entitled to this opinion but so are the people who enjoy 3rd person.

    Let's try to keep this a bit more clean, if your not a major fan of 3rd person maybe give ideas they could make it better?
    I personally felt the old 3rd person was balanced with it being up close to the champ's back giving a major blind spot behind them, and with the powers in this game wall peaking was a death wish. But i'd love to hear more on this.

    I posted a lot of ideas from other games that would help make it work on its return, and would love to hear more. The more we talk about the more the devs will have to acknowledge it.

  • @tpoeyyp999
    So do I.
    With countless reasons.

  • @VorxDargo whats thats reason then

  • @tpoeyyp999
    Was already posted in other post but ok.

    Wall peaking is useless given the powers of the game. Sha-lin can make a whole team visible through walls, Talus can teleport anywhere, Jenos can kill through walls, Terminous can self revive and kill people, coutless characters that have normal fire weapons that bounce off walls.. And so on.

    Most games are so fast pasted you can't just sit in one spot or you give your team a disadvantage and normally cost the match.

    Wall peaking was always the last thing on people's minds, it was always grab the point, stay on guard for a Sky or Strix invisible, try to avoid the Talus, kill Terminous away from team, etc.

    Since console launch 1st person and 3rd person was seamless, these "bugs" were normally rare and for other things. Only bug i remember hearing about is it not toggling into 3rd person.

    3rd person worked well for a number of characters especially tanks and healers as they had more reaction time being able to see who near them needed them the most.

    And those are just some reasons.

  • @VorxDargo
    "3rd person worked well for a number of characters especially tanks and healers as they had more reaction time being able to see who near them needed them the most"

    is that the ok on 1st person i got good reaction on picking all champ in 1st person the only problem is your reaction time

  • @tpoeyyp999
    Yes they have good reaction time but in third person they can see who needs the help more.
    A healer has to be able to get to everyone, same with tanks to protect them, in first person the view is limited and if someone is getting beaten up you can't always see this. Hence the stuff like people yelling at healers and tanks they "believe" are not doing their role.

  • @VorxDargo you do know its all about skills and reaction not on your view range to make things easier

    Im platinum 3 and i got no problem on 1st person when doing support and tank the only problem is your skills

  • PC

    @VorxDargo said in PLEASE re-add 3rd person!.:

    Wall peaking is useless

    If it was so useless then why was 3P not allowed in ranked? I've seen people use emoting to gain an advantage in ranked. It does matter. IMO, the emote lockout should be even longer.

    Personally the use of 3P never bothered me in casual. I don't use it so whatever.

  • @Vaporized i use dab andro and strix meme dance its a beat faster than other walking emotes but its sooo good to do it lol

    But i dont use it for peeking i do it for making the enemy hate me every time i destroyed them lol

    But i never touch the 3rd person mode when they add it its like i forgot it was even their

  • I'm for 3rd person to be honest. I play games casually and I play ranked games. I mostly use it in casuals to look at my skins. To admire the beauty of it. I payed for my skins, so why can't I at least look at them in casual games?

    Also, I get wanting to win casual games. I for one do try in a casual to a certain extent. If I'm playing Seris, I make sure to heal. If I'm Inara, I make sure to have point fights. I also make sure to do damage and get kills as a dps. However, at the same time, sometimes I just want to queue for a good ole casual game and just admire my skin sometimes. To just look at myself. I also loved going to the shooting range to do the same exact thing. I don't care if others use 3rd person to peek, or if they use it to admire their skin. I just don't care all that much in a casual game. I can't bring myself to care if I'm being honest. I will literally run 5 dps in casual games without caring at all about the composition.

  • @HeartQueen looking at your skin doesnt boost your gameplay skill also using 3rd person you only see the backside their a thing called taunt too see fully ever heard of it

  • @VorxDargo go play Rouge Company. Problem solved.

    Every one in an FPS should be in the same camera.

  • PC

    @Shadowpuppy said in PLEASE re-add 3rd person!.:

    @VorxDargo go play Rouge Company. Problem solved.

    Yeah go plaay some pay to win 3P $#!+ if you're going to whine and attack people about it not being in a game designed for first person.

  • @Dusklicious
    Pot meet kettle kid.

  • Anyway i was away for a few days, personal issues. Not important.
    Been hearing a lot about Battle Royal on it's last life. Got me thinking, what if they merged Royal into Paladins, not as a Battle Royal, but as a separate 3rd person mode?

    They already have the aiming mechanics and all, maybe Hi-Rez and Mojo could add it in and use the assets from Royal so all that work doesn't get wasted.
    It would also help a lot with Sha-lin, and others like him who i'll admit were the most problematic in 3rd person.
    This would add a 3rd person mode, allow them to keep the resources they made from Royal and not waste the money, and also add improved 3rd person mechanics.

  • PC

    @VorxDargo hanzo on overwatch dont have problem on 1st person why do you think 3rd person make you good on accurate aim

  • @roiwtto999
    I dunno if you tried Realm royal or not but it uses the same weapons from Paladins and Sha-Lin's bow in that with the aim mechanic was much better then even his 1st person setup.
    If they introduce the Realm royal stuff into Paladins not only will we get a 3rd person mode back but the aiming they had for that game would also improved the rest of the game.

    Another example is Viktor, easily one of the easiest characters to use, but compared to the aiming his gun had in Realm he feels sluggish and his fire rates don't seem as well done. This would not just make 3rd person fans happy to get it but but help out over all.

  • PC

    @VorxDargo you think i didnt tried realm royal hahahahah my accuracy is much better on 1st person have you tried RUST using a wooden bow killing a person using a AK by predicting their movement, range and not cartooney to be easy to get spotted hahahahah

    my gameplay aiming skill improved by not on 3rd person but on 1st person
    i play RUST, apex and COD royal thats haw good im on battle think 3rd person will improved your aiming skill better no it only widing your view easy to peek 1st person cut off those view and focus on the way you view

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