3.4 feedback

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    Originally I posted all this here: https://forums.hirezstudios.com/paladins/topic/2835/3-2-feedback

    However NONE of it has been addressed.

    • Seems there is much less feedback when receiving damage giving the feeling of being vaporized. This is especially bad for non front lines. 3.3 was even worse, 3.4 is back to how it was in 3.2 - still it's not right.
    • Since the removal of the killcam I'm just staring at the stars, Ying's butt or ceiling when killed. Sometimes the death card doesn't appear either.
    • End of match is anticlimactic - Many times all I see is a black screen with "Victory" or "Defeat" on it.
    • The commendation system - should have the ability to commend enemies. It should be integrated with the scoreboard. I'm certainly not going to use the accolades screen to determine who should get them.
    • Having to turn on cross play to do training is annoying.

    New since 3.2:

    • The bot problem has gotten even worse.
    • Player base seems to be deteriorating.

    I'm playing much less now - HINT!

  • @Vaporized I have stopped playing all together.

    The kill cam is a major part of FPS games...Never understood how much till one dumb ass company removed it.

    Dying and having no idea how feels amazingly bad.

    The e vaporized effet makes it even worse. Cant tell I am taking massive damage. Being one shooted by Victor feels real bad

    I would add cauterize nerf as another reason in have moved away from the game. The sustain meta is not fun and they are taking to long to fix it.

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    Don't you guys care about the game at all?



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