New Champion Passives

  • As everyone knows Paladins has many champions with many abilities. Each champion has 5 skills: 1 weapon, 3 abilities, and 1 ultimate ability.
    However, there is something missing from Paladins that is in almost all other MOBAs and hero shooters.
    I'm talking about passives. They are not completely absent from Paladins, but they are not as pronounced as they are in other games. The ones that do exist are not classified as their own skills, but rather as a part of another skill. For example, Androxus' Drift doesn't have its own unique skill description, as it is placed in Nether Step's skill description, despite being completely independent of Nether Step.

    For those who don't know, passive skills (or simply passives) are special abilities that are automatic rather than activated like most abilities. They are featured in pretty much any game that has multiple heroes or champions: League of Legends, DotA, Overwatch, etc.
    I think that passive skills should be added to each champion.

    So, I have made a full list of every champion's passive ability, most of which are completely new. Some of them already exist, but should be clarified as their own skills.
    I am aware that some of these can be considered overpowered or underpowered, so I am open to feedback and I can update this thread. I would also enjoy hearing if you have different ideas for an existing champion's new passive.
    Anyways, here it is:

    • Androxus
      Drift: Androxus can hold Jump while in the air to reduce his falling speed.
      -All of this is already part of Androxus. It just isn't shown as its own skill.

    • Ash
      Anti-Air: Ash’s weapon and abilities deal 10% more damage to airborne enemies.
      -This is meant to give Ash some synergy with her kit so that she deals more damage to enemies that she knocks into the air.

    • Atlas
      Master of Time: Atlas's cooldowns recharge 10% faster for each person that is trapped or being sent through time by his abilities, including himself.
      -This is meant to make Atlas more useful as a champion. Basically, his CDs recharge 10% faster while he is using Second Chance and also another 10% for each enemy that is currently affected by Setback and Exile.

    • Barik
      Combat Repair: Barik automatically restores health to nearby deployables. This healing is equal to 20% of the deployables' health per second, but it cannot exceed more than 500 health per second to any given deployable.
      Barik's card of the same name, Combat Repair is removed and replaced with a new card;
      Spiral Chamber: (Replaces the Combat Repair card) Increase the projectile speed of your Turret shots by 10/20/30/40/50%
      -This is meant to give Barik a little extra individuality to his character so that he is more than a generic tank. The 500 hps limit is for things like Imani's dragon so it doesn't become unkillable with Barik around.

    • Bomb King
      Destructive Force: Bomb King’s damaging abilities deal 15% increased damage to shields and 30% increased damage to deployables. This does not affect his Sticky Bombs or Detonate.
      -This mainly affects Grumpy Bomb since Poppy Bomb doesn't deal much damage, and King Bomb already ignores shields and oneshots most deployables anyways.

    • Buck
      Constitution: Buck's self healing cannot be reduced below 25%.
      -This really only affects Willo's Dead Zone, since Cauterize cannot reach any higher than 75% healing reduction.

    • Cassie
      Reconnaissance: Cassie’s weapon and damaging abilities reveal enemies hit for 1 second, allowing allies to briefly see affected enemies through walls.

    • Corvus
      Duality: Corvus' healing is increased by 10% to allies affected by Crowd Control, and his damage is increased by 10% to enemies affected by Crowd Control

    • Drogoz
      Booster: Drogoz can hold Jump to use his booster and hover in the air.
      -All of this is already part of Drogoz. It just isn't shown as its own skill.

    • Dredge
      Freebooter: Allies that stand in one of Dredge's portals for 2 seconds will travel to the other side.
      -This used to be a talent, and it was then made into his base kit, except that it worked by touching the portal in any way, which led to unintentional teleports and was thus removed. This would be a way to reintroduce the mechanic while being fair to both allies and enemies alike. Allies won't get teleported unless they stand in it for long enough, and enemies will have some time to kill them before they teleport.

    • Evie
      Winter Witch: Evie keeps the momentum from her movement abilities even after she stops, causing her to keep moving in the same direction they were used. She can also skate across the ground by landing with momentum. She can also start skating by landing after simply jumping while moving. Additionally, Ice Block keeps her momentum, allowing her to slide across the ground while encased in ice. Moving in the opposite direction quickly halts any current momentum, allowing her to stop skating whenever she chooses.
      -Basically, when she uses Blink or Soar, she keeps the momentum after she teleports/stops flying and will slide forward when she lands allowing her to "skate" across the ground even during Ice Block.

    • Fernando
      Fiery Passion: Fernando’s weapon and damaging abilities apply a Damage Over Time effect for 200 damage over 2 seconds
      -Technically, Fernando already has this, but only for his Flame Lance and not his abilities. I think it would be cool if both his weapon and abilities applied the DoT effect since they all involve fire in some way.

    • Furia
      Angel of Vengeance: Furia generates 1% Wrath for each 10 health she gives to her allies. Each tier of Wrath grants her 10% attack speed, up to 30% on tier 3. She also gains a midair jump for each tier of Wrath, allowing her to double jump at tier 1, triple jump at tier 2, and quadruple jump at tier 3.
      -Most of this is already part of Furia. It just isn't shown as its own skill. The midair jump mechanic however is completely new.

    • Grohk
      Lightning Shift: Grohk's Healing Totem cooldown is reduced by 0.1 seconds for every 150 damage he deals.
      -This is meant to make Grohk him a viable healer even if he doesn't pick a healing talent.

    • Grover
      Vitality Spores: Grover passively heals allies within 80 units for 80 health per second. Additionally, Grover's healing cannot be reduced below 25%.
      -The first part of this is already part of Grover. It just isn't shown as its own skill. The second part is new, and only really affects Willo's Dead Zone.

    • Inara
      Strength of Stone: 10% of damage taken by Inara is redirected to one of her nearby deployables within 25 units.

    • Jenos
      Benevolence: Jenos causes enemies to receive 5% additional damage for 0.5 seconds every time he deals damage to them.
      -This is meant to allow Jenos' team to synergize with the rapid-hit qualities of his Star Splitter and Void Grip.

    • Khan
      Unyielding Primus: Khan's cooldowns are reduced by 0.1 seconds for every 1000 damage he takes.

    • Kinessa
      Sharpshooter: Kinessa's sniper charges 10% faster for 1 second every time she lands a fully-charged sniper shot.

    • Koga
      Wall Climb: Koga can climb walls by holding jump while leaning towards one.
      -All of this is already part of Koga. It just isn't shown as its own skill.

    • Lex
      Judgement: Lex automatically marks an enemy, gaining bonus credits if he manages to eliminate them.
      -All of this is already part of Lex. It just isn't shown as its own skill.

    • Lian
      Elegance: Lian's ability cooldowns are reduced by 0.1 seconds for every 400 damage she deals.

    • Maeve
      Agility: Maeve can jump while airborne to perform a double jump. This double jump is reset after landing or using Pounce.
      -All of this is already part of Maeve. It just isn't shown as its own skill. And yes, Pounce does in fact reset her double jump in the actual game.

    • Makoa
      Ancient Temper: Makoa gains 1% ultimate charge for every 500 damage taken.

    • Mal'Damba
      Snake Toss: When Mal’Damba reloads, he throws his cobra dealing 200 damage and stunning an enemy for 1 second.
      -All of this is already part of Mal’Damba. It just isn’t shown as its own skill.

    • Moji
      Magic Mark: Moji's Familiar Spray and Magic Barrier give stacks of Magic Mark to enemies. Familiar Spit consumes an enemy's Magic Mark and deals additional damage for each stack on the enemy.
      -All of this is already part of Moji. It just isn't shown as its own skill.

    • Pip
      Anticipation: Pip's Healing Potion cooldown is reduced by 0.20 seconds for each enemy hit by his attacks and abilities.
      -Like Grohk, Pip should be more viable as a healer.

    • Raum
      Lord of the Abyss: Raum's attacks and damaging abilities leave Soul Fragments from any enemies they hit. Each Soul Fragment he collects grants 200 additional health as Soul Armor. Raum can have a maximum of 4000 Soul Armor at a time.
      -All of this is already part of Raum. It just isn't shown as its own skill.

    • Ruckus
      Indestructible: Ruckus' Emitter cooldown is reduced by 0.1 seconds for every 200 damage he deals.

    • Seris
      Oracle: Seris' abilities recharge 1% faster for every Soul Orb stack on her enemies.

    • Sha Lin
      Mirage: Every 4th fully charged attack Sha Lin lands causes him to become stealthed for 0.25 seconds and create a mirage with 250 health that lasts for 5 seconds. The mirage moves around and pretends to attack enemies during until it disappears.

    • Skye
      Twilight Veil: While stealthed, Skye gains 10% movement speed every second, up to 20%. If she is both stealthed and undetected by enemies, she can gain up to 40% movement speed. If she is detected while this bonus is higher than 20%, then she will lose 10% movement speed every second until she reaches 20% movement speed or until she is undetected once again. If she leaves stealth entirely, her movement speed bonus decreases by 10% per second until she returns to her normal speed or until she regains stealth.
      -This is meant to give Skye more mobility as a stealth assassin. "Undetected" and "detected" refer to whether or not she is visible in some way, either by an enemy being close enough to see her, or by being revealed by an ability.

    • Strix
      Midnight: Strix gains 1% of his stealth meter for every 150 damage he takes.

    • Talus
      Pride: Talus moves 1% faster for every 2% of his missing health.

    • Terminus
      Juggernaut: Terminus takes 50 less damage from all attacks. However, any attacks that deal less than 200 damage are instead reduced by 25%.
      -Just to clarify, this reduces damage by a flat 50, not by 50%, and anything that deals 200 or less damage will always deal at least 75% of its damage.

    • Tiberius
      Tigronic Reflexes: Tiberius reloads 1% faster for every 2% of his missing health.

    • Torvald
      Runic Siphon: Torvald's Recharge cooldown is reduced by 0.1 seconds for every 500 damage he blocks, as well as for every 100 damage he deals.
      -Right now, Torvald just feels bad to play since he is so easy to kill. His Recharge is just a terrible ability that barely protects him for longer than a second.

    • Tyra
      First Blood: Tyra has 15% lifesteal at all times.
      -All of this is already part of Tyra. It just isn't shown as its own skill.

    • Viktor
      Veterancy: Viktor takes 1% less damage for every 5% of his missing health.

    • Vivian
      Strategist: Vivian's cooldowns are reduced by 0.1 seconds for every 5 weapon shots she hits, including from her Sentinels.

    • Willo
      Fae Wings: Willo can jump in midair to flap her wings, giving her a small vertical boost each time. Each subsequent wing flap is 20% less effective than the last.

    • Ying
      Altruism: Ying gains 10% less ultimate charge from dealing damage, but gains 15% more ultimate charge from healing allies.
      -Damage Ying is surprisingly strong with Focusing Lens, so I though she should have incentive to be a healer instead of a damage dealer.

    • Zhin
      Ceremonial Blade: Zhin’s Inferno Blade gains a special upgrade when he purchases the 3rd tier of an Offense item. He can have multiple upgrades by purchasing multiple tier 3 Offense items.
      Bulldozer III: Each slash from Inferno Blade now pierces to hit up to 2 enemies but only deals 20% damage when doing so (4 enemies/40% damage for heavy hits).
      Cauterize III: Each slash from Inferno Blade applies a Damage Over Time effect for 200 damage over 2 seconds (400 damage over 4 seconds for heavy hits).
      Wrecker III: Each slash from Inferno Blade now pierces through shields but only deals 20% damage when doing so (40% damage for heavy hits).
      Deft Hands III: Each slash from Inferno Blade travels 20% faster and farther (40% faster and farther for heavy hits).

  • PC

    Vik and viv passives NO. They are already strong enough. Khans passive is way too weak what, you wouldn't even notice it there.

    I also noticed almost all of the passives were pretty much the exact same. CD reduction. Can you try to be more original, like with the ying and jenos passives?

  • PC

    These are so poorly balanced...

  • @Vampragon43 You give furia a quadriple jump and u give tib reload speed for missing health, ngl I don't really see the balance here

  • Switch

    Ima suggest some changes to these passives to the ones I find OP, Useless or not unique:

    Furia: Angel of Vengence Every time you heal for 10% of their maximum health of an ally, gain a 20% of your wraith, this buff will increase your attack speed by 5% for each their, up to a total 25% attack speed if you each their 5

    Khan: Unyielding Primus increase the total healing you receive based on missing health if your shield shatters, with a maximum of 30% and a minimum of 10%

    Lian: Elegance when you assist or eliminate an enemy, gain 5% ultimate charge

    Tiberius Daredevil Gain 30% Movement speed after being affected by CC

    Viktor *Veterancy When affected by movement speed for 2 seconds, convert 50% of your movement speed into a shield which shields a per cent your current health

    Vivian Cunning Sights if an enemy is revealed, disturb 15% of all healing and shields for 2 seconds