Engine overhaul

  • I would love to stream, content create, and put more time into paladins if the game just had better hit boxes accurate to the models and just overall looked a bit more modern. Honestly RoCo's hit boxes, maps, lighting, and textures are all what I think paladins could strive for. I love the feel of RoCo's hit boxes and the way it all looks. If paladins merely had accurate hit boxes in general I think it would be a lot more playable but as of now it's just too moba to want to play being it is an fps.

  • The problem with Paladins is that the old team really fucked the game over. It's filled with bugs that are super hard to fix. The hitboxes are wonky as fuck. Rogue Company was able to be released with the current team, so the polish is there.

    Personally speaking, I think they should pull an Overwatch and make Paladins 2 for when the new consoles release. If they aren't working on that, then they're even dumber than I thought.

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