1v1 friend

  • help i am a terrible maeve and i need someone to practice against, whether that means consistent 1v1s without wait time, or chase/dodge aim practice idc.

  • Pro tip: if you make a custom game called "1v1 plz join" , i've always got someone to join pretty soon

  • Couple of things to note.

    • Maeve has lead time to hit so playing

    Will all help your base aim for leading shots
    My opinion Drogoz is the hardest

    Dredge can teach you as well if your using left click and not spam reload.

    The other thing is Maeve throws two daggers so if you are moving your aim while clicking the mouse your daggers will not land in the same place. This can be used to both degrees of helping and hurting you.

    • If your trying to hit a fast mover for that final 3oo health then a quick swipe during fire can make your shot pattern much bigger.

    • If your trying to get max damage down you need to ensure you are aimed and then fire.

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