Console tier list by class

  • Tank:

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  • An explanation...


    • S+: Terminus is extremely overpowered and a priority ban on console. Aim assist basically drags aim to his siphon, which allows him infinite siphon.

    • S: Inara, Raum, and Ash are priority picks. They aren't banned, so it's good to secure them if you can to deny the other team.

    • A: Barik, Fernando, and Ruckus. They are actually good picks. The issue is that if you get Barik, then you've given away Inara (or worse, you've given away Terminus). Fernando and Ruckus are also good tanks as well, but if you pick them, then you don't have Raum and Ash. The picks in this tier are not bad on their own, but they do represent an opportunity cost.

    • B: situational picks. Khan is only if you want to utilize his ult on certain maps. Torvald is only if you plan on pocketing someone.

    • C : Atlas and Makoa are just not viable. They did receive buffs, but it wasn't enough. Atlas is still clunky and Makoa's damage is still weak.


    • S+: Vivian and Viktor are overpowered. Vivian has a banrate of 84% on console. Viktor is a must pick or ban on console as well. The strat is basically to ban Vivian, Talus, Koga, Terminus, and get Viktor.

    • S: Bomb King and Strix are good picks. Strix can outright farm and entire team, and Bomb King players with enough skill can carry a game.

    • A: These are very good picks. The issue is opportunity cost. If you pick these champions, you likely don't have Viktor, Strix, or Bomb King. These are still solid picks though.

    • B: these are situational picks. Grohk has no burst and his shock pulse doesn't apply cauterize, plus he's weak to shields. Though he can wear an enemy down and he is a counter to Inara and Raum. Dredge and Drogoz are good picks on smaller maps that blasters can take advantage of. Drogoz especially struggles unless the person playing him is godtier. Lian has burst, but she doesn't have consistent damage. It's especially bad in this sustain meta where he burst is healed back up instantly.

    • C : these are throw picks. Willo, Cassie, and Sha Lin are not really viable on console. Now I've seen some good console players do well with these champions, but they aren't champions you would take in a ranked setting.


    • S+: there is a reason that most grandmasters play him. He has the poke, the damage, vertical mobility, everything. He's the best flank on console and on PC.

    • S: these are good picks. Koga would be S+ tier, but the issue is that Koga relies on a pocket to be broken. Still, Koga and Talus are priority bans for the most part. Buck is also S tier because if a person who is skilled gets him, he can outright farm and carry a team.

    • A: Skye and Zhin and great picks, but not the best. I mean, one would rather have a grandmaster on Androxus than on Skye, but support Skye still remains a great picks. Zhin is also a good champion to pick up as well. The issue is that aim assist favors a pocketed Koga over a pocketed Zhin.

    • B: Lex has actually moved up due to the buffs, but he's still situational at best. Maeve has the vertical mobility and sustain, the issue is that her burst doesn't do too well in this sustain meta.

    • C : these are console throw picks. I myself play Evie, but I would never take her in a ranked game. Most Evie players, even if they're good, well feed in ranked against the meta aim assist champions. Pip's large head and hitscan meta equals no. Moji has been bad since her nerfs. She doesn't even do as well on her best maps.


    • S+: Corvus can provide two targets, at the same time, with 25% life steal and 15% movement speed, and he provides it through walls, no line of sight required, and no aim required. The only thing he requires is to look at one target, in order to pocket two other targets through walls.

    • S: Io and Jenos are very good picks. Io's damage reduction gives a flank an advantage in a 1v1, and her dog allows a full 5-man zone. The only issue with Io is that her range is limited and she requires line of sight and tracking. Jenos Luminary still remains great in that he gives up to 3 people, a simultaneous 15% damage boost for 10-12 seconds, and he heals through walls with no aim required. The only issue with Jenos is that his range is limited.

    • A: Furia: she's a good pick if the other 3 are banned or taken. A solid off-meta pick so long as you go Cherish.

    • B: These are more situational picks. Deep Roots Grover is great on a few maps such as Brightmarsh, Jaguar Falls, and Ice Mines. Other than that, and maybe a double support composition where he pockets the Inara, he isn't the best pick. Seris and Ying are great as dps off-supports, but they aren't the best as solo supports. They have no utility as a solo support, just healing. That is bad for the current meta where you basically enable the dps.

    • C : Mal'damba, Pip, and Grohk. Yeah, these are throw picks, unless running Grohk as a dps. Mal'Damba's healing has no aim assist, which is extremely hard on console. Pip's Combat Medic has time travel, which is very inconvenient as a solo support. Grohk's kit is not designed to solo support, so he'll always be niche until they rework him.

  • PC

    From a PC perspective:

    • Raum and Ash are not on the same level. Ash is easy to play and very consistently applicable, whereas Raum has problems against CC and shred. Ash is leagues better than Raum on PC IMHO.
    • Ruckus is dependent on skill level. Ruckus on PC is either really, really bad at low skill or actually potentially as good as Ash in coordinated competitive play. But I'd say average on PC is slightly lower than your placement.
    • Torvald is worse. I think I know why it's a bit different on console though.
    • Atlas is actually more than viable on PC. In fact, I've seen him tiered as high as upper A/lower S thereabouts.
    • Makoa is not the worst tank on PC. Torvald is, at least outside of coordinated teamplay. In coordinated situations, he's probably better than Koa is but not by much.

    • BK is not a top 3 or 4 damage on PC, but I have no idea how he would be better on console in particular unless I'm not aware of something.
    • Snipers are a LOT better on PC, especially Nessa. In fact they're higher than Vik is on PC. They're so good they're banned half the time along with the likes of Corvus.
    • Tyra is very middling if not worse on PC above mid-elo. Low elo, Tyra is actually not too far from your placement on PC. But Diamond+, oooh she's kind of suck.
    • Tiberius on PC is ok, but... It's not great. Which is a shame because from what I know he has potential to be a Vivian counter.
    • Cassie is MUCH better on PC. In fact I'd personally say she's middle of the pack damage-wise at least.

    • Buck on PC is okay-ish, about where you place Skye.
    • On PC, Koga and Maeve are switched. Koga is actual trash on PC while Maeve is honestly top 3 flank-wise at least in my opinion.
    • Skye on PC is... pretty bad. Like she's worse than Lex after Lex got his buff and Lex used to be the worst character in the game.
    • Zhin on PC is really, really strong, probably not too far from Andro (and Andro on PC is REALLY REALLY strong to the point of being perma-banned on half the rotation).
    • Evie on PC is better but in my opinion not much unless in the hands of the right player. In the hands of a bad player, she's about as low as she's placed here.

    • Grover on PC is definitely in A. But aim assist doesn't really help him any at all and in fact hinders him if anything so can see why he'd be much worse on console.
    • Damba on PC is a pretty interesting subject. I've heard people say he's top 3 in comp, but also people saying he's bottom 3, but I'm iffy on that even with how inconsistent he is for low skill players in comparison. I think he's about where Grover is on this list on PC overall, but he's skill dependent kind of like Ruckus is.

    Also I'll note you talking about Barik needing buffs in other threads, yet you put him in about the same spot I'd put him for PC. Though I will say with Barik I think he's VERY underrated at least on PC. Everyone talks about how he's just bad. He's actually not though. He just sustains less and requires a different way of playing than Inara or Term do. I'm of the opinion that he's balanced as is on PC at least in my experiences playing him for way longer than probably 99% of the people who do and ever have played this game.

  • @Dusklicious

    • The thing with Raum versus Ash is that Raum has aim assist on his side compared to Ash. So if a console player is choosing between Ash and Raum, and unless there are just too many hard counters, they would likely go Raum. Though to be fair, Ash does play around her counters better, so same tier. Raum is a monster on console if people who are good play him. It's just that when the Silver players try to pick him up, it ends in utter failure.
    • Ruckus is actually pretty good due to him being the only tank with vertical mobility. The issue comes up where "do I really think Ruckus is worth picking over Raum and Ash?" The answer is usually no.
    • Makoa is bad on console because even when you hook a target, you do no damage. I think a slight buff to 600 hp would make him a great off tank and could move him up some tiers.
    • So the thing with Torvald.... Torvald can actually be annoying if you're pocketing the shit out of someone. Like this Vivian could barely kill me before I killed her, in a ranked game, because I had a Torvald pocket. The thing with Torvald is that he's situational. If the person you're pocketing is ass, then prepare to lose.

    • Bomb King is actually still good. He's not as op as before, but he can still carry games.
    • I was actually struggling on where to rate Kinessa. The thing is, with the slight buffs to off tanks, Kinessa is in a slightly worse spot. Though she's still a good pick for the most part.
    • Tyra is actually very good on console with Mercy Kill and Burn Monster. Plus she's a counter to Terminus. The issue is that when deciding between her on Viktor, unless on specific maps like Brightmarsh or Jaguar Falls, you'd much rather have Viktor.
    • Tiberius is actually a pretty solid pick as well, along with Imani. They suffer from the same thing as Tyra though in that, you'd rather pick Viktor or a sniper.
    • Cassie's issue on console is that you're asking console players to aim needle thin projectiles without aim assist. That's a tall order for console people, especially when going against high ranked Viktors that have headshots out the ass.

    • Buck on console is a monster, and he counters all of the top tier flanks! He's slightly lower though. Before his Bulk Up nerf, he was actually S+ tier with Androxus. Now he's just S tier.
    • Koga is boosted due to aim assist on console. I wish they would tone down aim assist because it makes champions like Koga broken on console but crap on PC.
    • Plus, Maeve doesn't do so well against sustain or a console Vivian/Viktor. Maeve was a lot better when cauterize was 90% because that was the only way should could keep up with good console Viktor players. The issue now is that her damage is healed back up. She's kind of like Lian in that regard.
    • Zhin's issue is that you'd rather have Koga for the unkillable flank to pocket, because Koga has aim assist on his side. Still, Zhin claps most meta flanks, so he has that going for him enough to be a good pick.
    • Skye with aim assist and doubling as a support makes her pretty good. Though the issue is that other flanks outshine her. In high elo, you'd much rather Androxus or Buck. In low elo, you'd much rather Koga or Talus.

    • Grover's issue is that the nerfs to his fatalis not working on shields and deployables makes him more situational. He would have been A tier with Furia if not for that, so thank Z1unknown for that one.
    • Damba is good on PC I think. He just sucks on console because, and I hate to sound like a broken record, you're asking console player to aim a thin heal with no aim assist.

    Barik is pretty solid on console. The issue is that he has a big head, against console aim assist hitscans. The better counters are Inara and Terminus. Inara because of her damage reduction and increased healing. Terminus because aim assist drags your aim to his siphon. Barik used to compete with that when he had tinkering (so he could out trade the long range hitscans) and when his sustain was overpowered. Now that both are nerfed, there are just better options. Picking Barik when Terminus and Inara are free is sort of like picking Furia when Corvus, Jenos, and Io are free.

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