Item Shop Price adjustments

  • Some ideas I had to revamp the Item Shop

    Price Decreased to 250/500/750

    With a lot of our community rallying against high levels of burst, it seems like a good idea to make defensive items a bit cheaper to help counter being bursted down.

    Blast Shields
    Price decreased to 200/400/600

    Traditionally, most of the deadliest/burstiest champions and abilities (Bomb King/Drogoz/WIllow/Dredge/Moji/Evie), (Blast Shot, Presence, Frag Grenade, Fire Bomb) have been AOE Damage. This should help counter the Dominance of those champions

    Master Riding
    Price decreased to 200/400/600

    Price decreased to 200/400/600

    Allowing Champions to get into and out of fights faster makes for a better player experience. This also helps Champions with low or no mobility have more options.

    Price Decreased to 100/200/300

    Veteran is very situational at best, and near useless at worst. In the few situations where it is useful, this should make it a better option

    Price Decreased to 150/300/450

    Rejuvenate is exponentially less effective than Cauterize, so this change makes sense to help out in the late game, as well as making Supports more effective

    Price Increased to 300/600/900

    With the releases of Imani and Io, as well as the resurgence of Barik, Bulldozer has become incredibly effective and needs to be put in line with the other aggressive Items

    Price Increased to 400/800/1200

    Cauterize is, without a doubt the most powerful and most purchased item in the game. Therefore, it makes sense to also be the most expensive.

    Price Increased to 400/800/1200

    Wrecker is the highest scaling item in the game, and is picked up second only to Cauterize. The "Caut 3/Wrecker 3" meta is poisonous to Shielding Front Line and Supports. This price increase makes it a much bigger investment.

    Deft Hands
    Price Decreased to 150/300/450

    Deft Hands is by far the least picked up of the red items (outside of Dredge and Mal'Damba). It is a good option for characters who take a lot of duels, and this price reduction should make it far more viable.