Best and Worst Things in Patch 3.5

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    Now that the patch notes are out (here), what do you think are the best and worst things about it? How do you feel about it?


    • Viktor's Burst Mode should no longer be so strong as it is now. It'll now have worse fall-off and damage.
    • Corvus Grand Design nerf, as was promised.
    • Very slight but still good Inara sustain nerfs.
    • Makoa's buffs. I knew about the shell spin buff (with the exact numbers), but the buff to Barrier Reef was unexpected and frankly welcome.
    • PIP GOT BUFFED. Not enough but still, yay. It is possible Catalyst might be viable again though I'm not sure.
    • Sha'Lin's trash Rapid Shot got buffed.
    • Vivian got welcome nerfs. Her shield should be weaker, is the main difference.


    • Unnecessary Imani Frost Bolt rework. I know it's been called for but at the moment there's much more important things to take care of. You know, like TORVALD... Or Willo... or Dredge... I'd say I'm not sure about it if only there weren't more pressing issues not fixed with this update.
    • Lex's Retribution rework looks like a massive letdown. Like I'm not even sure if it makes the ability better from how it's described.
    • A bug fix BUFFING Zhin, with NO nerf to counteract it. And worst of all, it's a buff to Guillotine that makes it EVEN MORE CONFIRMABLE!
    • Andro nerf is done wrong and isn't going to be enough anyways.
    • The BP this patch is absolutely abysmal. Not only are the skins all for DPSes, they're also just okay at best. I don't like the BK and Zhin skins in particular. I'll just go buy Ameri-Khan with those crystals then. I honestly think this might be as bad as Battle Suit.

  • No amounts of words can describe how overpowered Imani sounds in those patch notes.

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    @TTraw said in Best and Worst Things in Patch 3.5:

    No amounts of words can describe how overpowered Imani sounds in those patch notes.

    And no amount of words can describe how truly unnecessary her changes were. She was fine as she was, now she'll be at least meta probably. 😒

  • @Dusklicious

    I just don't understand how 1520 DPS on your PRIMARY would even be balanced.

    And they gave her free 1k to the face on top of that?

  • @Dusklicious Good balancing changes in my opinion. My favorite changes:

    Nullify damage increased from 640 to 800. That's great. That will make dealing with flanks easier. It's frustrating if you lose a duel with a tank vs a flank.

    Pip heal buffs. I like playing healer Pip, but he is too weak, maybe it works with that CD reduce.

    Grohk Totem drop and Grover axe throw buff. I like both. Especially Grohk I play a lot, it will be more fun with this.

    I see no bad changes till now. Imani despite her cool kit was not played that much and everyone plays fire so the reduced swap time might help. Andro nerf is okay. Lex sliding in the air now sounds good.

  • Throwing Axe
    Increased damage over distance travelled now also scales on Shields and Deployables

    FUCKING FINALLY it took how many years...
    This was a bad balence issue.

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    Zhin bug fix was a nerf XDDDD. It makes it easier to shoot him. What did you think it did?

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    @TTraw said in Best and Worst Things in Patch 3.5:


    I just don't understand how 1620 DPS on your PRIMARY would even be balanced.

    And they gave her free 1k to the face on top of that?

    It makes it harder to interrupt his ult, lol. It even says it.

    Stop please.jpg

  • Well spite was made before command grab and overpower...
    My guess is that it shares similar problems exposed by both.
    Like command grab it has certain issues with confirming player contact.
    And how overpower could grab players but leave their hurt boxes elsewhere.

    There are issues with player position during the ult, cannot tell for sure, but it may be similar to some bugs created by overpower, where some instances display his body performing ult, although his hurt boxes may be stuck elsewhere on terrain, which results in a zhin that is somewhat intangible to damage until the duration expires.

  • @TTraw said in Best and Worst Things in Patch 3.5:

    No amounts of words can describe how overpowered Imani sounds in those patch notes.

    This is why I never trust patch notes. Talk about overhyping things.

    I was so excited that Ice Stance will finally have some use in terms of being a great AoE weapon. Unfortunately one thing devs convienently forgot to mention is that Splitting Ice was nerfed to 255 damage, meaning this change only adds whooping extra 7.5 DPS on initial hit and 73 DPS on the bounce...

    Now, I wouldnt complain about it if it was straight upgrade, unfortunately for Imani, it isn't.

    In addition to reduced projectile speed, which is a bigger deal than I initially thought, the reduced damage per shot means that her bursty instacast moved from 1300 damage to laughable 820 damage burst, and it seems like it takes her longer to generate clearcast in the first place. Also, I Hope it's a bug but Splitting Ice no longer seems to bounce from deployables anymore, which is where it used to be at its best.

    Maybe its current powerlevel is a main factor, but I must admit I don't like the new firerate. Landing old ice bolts felt way more satisfying, and the animation seemed a little bit better when it was slower.

    Speaking of better animations when slower, what in the world is going on with new stanceswitch. I honestly expected them to give her a completely new animation, instead they just speeded up her old one 4x. It looks completely terrible, desynched with sound and vfx, entirely defeating any good feelings about a change I was so positively expecting to feel great.

    Pyromania is an utter joke. In case you were wondering, it does, infact, reduce initial damage as well, meaning Pyromania Imani became the lowest DPS damage champion, sitting at comfortable 470 DPS, lower than literally all supports and most tanks. It also gets rid of best thing Imani has, that is her 2k burst. Expecting Imani to deal 400 damage just to keep up with her talentless burst form when she has so much delay between shots is a mistake.

    They also made her mana bar horizontal for some reason, which is just annoying for old players.

    The best thing out of this patch is that her old ult animation is back, her Mana Rift finally has an icon when pressing tab, and that her new firerate can consistently upkeep 30% slow on the enemy.

    I am very disappointed with the changes. They all seem hit exactly where Imani needed to be changed: Ice stance, stance switching, Pyromania, but it all seem to cause more harm than good...