Some (very many) possible buffs for champions in my personal opinion and experience

  • Buck - Buck has always kinda felt fragile dispite his higher health. Hes big and doesnt deliver damage fast enough.
    Health 2300 > 2400

    Fire rate 1s > 0.9s

    Heroic jump needs to be quieter

    Drogoz - I feel like when I personally play drogoz, I always feel like the one being targeting and taken down first. In the sky, it makes him a target.
    Health 2200 > 2400

    Firespit damage 900 > 1000 + bigger AOE + less dropoff (I feel like this is the only reason to really use drogoz. It had nerfs in the past but I feel like in the current state of the game, it can be buffed back up with no problem.)

    Fernando - Fernando has been very bad for awhile now. After his nerfs to his damage, he cant really do much, and dispite his health, he feels too fragile for a tank
    Fireball cooldown 6s > 3s (change incinerate) (I just feel like that normally fireball is already on a long cooldown on it's own for what it actually does, that I feel like just having it on 3 is better)

    Immortal grants damge immunity (u di rite aftor)

    Scorch - fireball deals 20% more damge and 30% for each person hit (just to have a reason to actually play scorch again, they way they nerfed it was not the way it should've been nerfed, so putting it back as it was with less power is better)

    Aegis - fernando's shield is smaller, but can be pulled up anytime and has 1000 more health (Fernando's shield is very underwhelming, and aegis just feels like a waste for a talants for what it grants)

    Immovable object - remove the "from other players"

    Maeve - Maeve offers alot of mobility, but not as much as evie. Because of that, it's way more easier to hit her and already with her harder-to-play nature, I think she needs a health buffs with a very small damage buff
    Health 1900 > 2000

    Midnight duration 4s > 6s (this doesnt feel like it does anything productive anymore, and dispite it kinda being annoying, it just really doesnt help your team to take advantage of this)

    Dagger damge 400 > 420

    Moji - Moji's ult already has many complex parts to it, and doesnt offer much reword, and in fact, makes u easier to be killed.
    Bon appetit - heal for 1000 apon eating
    Reduce lockout time
    Extra movement speed

    All movement speed cards - 2s > 3s (she has no other real way to buff her movement, and 2s just feels to short)

    Change snack attack (idea - every magic mark can add damge but the max damage is 775, moji's old basic fire)

    Toot - heal 900 over 3s or heal 300 over 5s (comparing this to Skyes smoke and daggers, very underwhelming)

    Ruckus -
    Hexafire needs more damage reduction (you automatically become a target)

    Flux generator 1250 shield > 2000 shield and gains 20% damage reduction after the shield(I feel like since wreaker exists, this talant is countered to easily)

    Aerial assault - bigger vertical jump and 4 charges

    Metal march - 3% > 4%

    Proximity - 3% > 4%

    Imani - Pyromania doesnt stand a chance when u look at her other talants, and is way to situational
    Pyromania - fire now deals 100 more damage in a small area, but takes longer to charge (1.5s or 2s)

    Grohk - spirits domain is super hard to actually heal with, and if u see io, and life exchange ying with their autoaim, I feel like grohk needs something like that as well
    Spirits domain has slight autoaim to allies

    Lian - presision has always felt way to weak since it was changed, and really only offers any form of help when going 1v1 with a tank
    Presision should start at 5% on the first shot and deal 5% more with each shot

    Bloodline - 50 > 100 heal OR have ammo regen

    Highborn - 3% > 4%

    Atlas - atlas is strong, but only really 1 talent works for him, I think the others just need to be buffed
    Unstable fissure - the explosive should deal 1000 damage and explode after 2s

    Temporal divide should have 2s more duration

    Pip - You cant really play healing pip without mega potion at all, so I feel like his basic healing needs to be buffed
    Healing potions 1200 > 1500 heal (and make mega potion 60% and not 100% to even that out)(idea - make it heal 1500 over 1s)

    Combat medic - heal 600 over 1s (600 a second heal it already strong, but caut is a thing, and in this way it helps counter that a little bit more)

    Vivian - suspect everyone is barely even strong enough to be in a loadout card, it just needs to be buffed
    suspect everyone - 20% > 35%

    Willo - willo really excels when she is above her enemy's, but on some maps that's not easy, so just adding some drop speed after flutter might be nice
    Reduced drop speed after flutter

    Fae flight duration from 10s > 15s

    Nightshade 500 > 600 or 700 (after nightshades nerf, it doesnt give enough damage to really use over her other talants)

    Ying -
    Resonance should be incorporated into her loadout and be changed to "illusions can capture the point for 3s and heal 10% more"

    Zhin -
    Smolder - increase billows duration by 1s (and heal as well) (there is not any real reason to pick smolder, since yomi is very strong an guillotine just help something's hes kinda bad at, I feel like extra duration can help)

    Bomb king - Accelerant was always not really good, and when talants were being removed, I feel like it should've been buff then
    Accelerant - add 70 units extra range

    Health 2200 > 2300

    Io - her ult doesnt really feel all that. It's hard for your team to truly benefit from, and happens to fast. From that I think it needs something
    Increase charge rate on ult

    Sacrifice cooldown 45s > 40 or 35s

    Dredge -
    Abyss spike has a bigger Aoe with very little dropoff

    Harpoon cooldown 14s > 12s

    Kraken deals damage over 1.5s instead of 2s (just to make it more reliable)

    Barik -
    Architectonics - torrents also have 600 more health (the only real reason to run this talant is for the cooldown reduction on the turrents, and even that doesnt feel enough.)

    Fortify - shield size also increase by 15% or 25%

    Grover -
    crippling throw duration increased by 1s > 1.5s

    Whirlwind also grants some damage reduction (I hate using it to try to keep myself from dieing and then just dieing anyway) I'm also a grover main

    Ash -
    slug shot - increase damage from 400 > 450 (technically slug shot takes away some damage so having it do alittle more is nice)

    Indomitable 10% > 12%

    Androxus -
    Cursed Revolver damage from 600 > 650 + more range (there is no reason to use this talant at all, it needs something that makes it worthwhile)

    Change quick draw to " increase ammo by 1" (I already miss cursed cylinder)

    Lex - ok, lex is just bad at everything without death hastens, his basic attack just needs to be better
    Magnums damage 320 > 350 or make them automatic with more accuracy

    In pursuit - increase damage from 960 > 1050

    Inescapable - 5% > 8%

    Conditioned - 3% > 4%

    Bring back the whole "allies can gain credits for lex's target when assisting with the elimination" (I feel like that is something that people will look at lex more in their matches, gives him more of a reason to use)

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    Please also try to give reasoning for all suggestions where possible! It's helpful to know the thought process behind each change so we know exactly what feels off with each champion.

  • @Peinzius ok, I will edit this later!

  • I wouldnt really make Androxus's Revolver deal more damage, but reduce the amount of damage-falloff

  • Mave just needs base speed, midnight, and prowl speed buffs.

  • @WithACurse I would upgrade Mal’Damba’s Ult Dread Serpent to drain 500hp from every character feared to Mal’Damba. This seems more in line with his character, with the ability to damage others and simultaneously heal himself.

  • @Dondona13 Dumba is already a really good healer, and already with high dmg potential, that might kinda overdo him. (But I like the idea.)

  • @WithACurse I feel that while a lot of these are pretty good balance, you really buffed a lot of damage, I would rather not have us fall into more of a burst meta than the one we are currently in. Though I do agree with most damage buffs, the ash one will set her over the edge and lex is fine. He needs survivability not more damage

  • there's some nice idea, but it feels like you prefer to had hp instead of mobility ! That's not what I would choose, instead i'll add extra speed and dmg to maeve (cuz we really don't feel like a fast deadly bandit when we play her) Same for Drogoz and BK(Bk is already strong enough ^^). But tht's a nice idea for Buck, I used to like his playstyle when he was at 3000 HP, making him way more different from the flank ^^

  • @WithACurse I respectfully disagree that a hp drain would make him over powered. Normally there’s 1-3 people on point, so 500 from each character and 1,500 gain I don’t see completely changing the battle but it would add to his survivability which is what’s he’s supposed to be (if you’re good). The closest comparison I believe is Pip’s ult. His Ult “I believe has the same effect as Mal’s (turn to a chicken and everyone runs away from the point....but for 4 seconds). It’ll take anyone and immediately drop them to 1500 hp. If it hits 3 (Tank a healer and a dmg) that’s roughly 3,400hp (2,000+700+700). All other rules for Mal’s Ult would remain the same.

  • @WithACurse I really don't agree at all with what you said about increasing the damage of various characters. maybe your paladin reality is different, but I see the game as in an extremely toxic Burst Meta. Increasing the damage of champions would only worsen and make the game more disgusting. And about Drogoz, I found nothing much to see what you said. Drogoz is a monster, not even Lian fights him because of WYRM jets so I think the game needs more nerfs than buffs

  • Buffs i don't agree with: drogoz, imani

    Drogoz is all about positioning and game sense, if you're behind cover all the time while poking, nobody can really counter you.

    Imani pyro buff, 1.5s to 2s each charge for 1100 means free kill for flanks, she needs burst, not extra damage per shot.

    Wheres shalin in this post or am i blind xD nonetheless good thoughts a lot i agree with

  • @WithACurse said in Some (very many) possible buffs for champions in my personal opinion and experience:

    Lian - presision has always felt way to weak since it was changed, and really only offers any form of help when going 1v1 with a tank
    Presision should start at 5% on the first shot and deal 5% more with each shot

    This is exactly what precision does lol

  • 100% serious buff up Fernando he is very weak tank now so is Ruckus as well.

  • quick review of ur thoughts

    -buck buff deserved
    -drogoz buff NO dont play wyrm jets against snipers cassie or lian
    -nando is pretty ok he doesnt rlly need a buff i think ur teammates r the problem as nando is rlly team reliable
    -maeve is op rn doesnt need a buff at all (btw her mobility is better then evies evies blink needs some time before it rlly triggers)

    bro just play more and ull rlly see which ones need nerfs or buffs

  • with this new update they have completely messed this game up. deleted card layouts buffed characters that didn't need it, reduced wrecker by 50% and bulldozer, have completely messed everything up i only had one complaint before this update and that was that Rom was needed nerfed and thats all i had but i could have dealt with that but now i dont even want to play the game.

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