October Rage Thread

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    Whose stupid idea was it to give out crystals without playing? STUPID DFs.


    That happened to me on an Androxus game. The Maeve wanted to throw if it wasn't a 4-0 win because they wanted the game to end as quickly as possible, so when we failed to push (we captured but didn't push), she just threw. And then asked for everyone else to throw as well because we couldn't 4-0 them.

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    Imagine feeding as hard as my team. Sigh. It's the growing pains of knowing a new champion. Every time I get somewhat decent with them, the game is like "now carry these noobs."

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    @HeartQueen Look at this - Kinessa must have shot once maybe twice - not a bot.. Damba left.


  • Im harassed in the 80-90% of my matches coz playing Sacrifice Io. Even when I carry like on this ranked match:
    I feel the same than last year, when Soul Collector wasn't well known, so I was an idiot, 0iq, trash, and my mom received similarly degrading words too, coz I used it.

    BK was also harassed just because he is a lower elo player and russian. I wrote that it's matchmaking problem but he didn't care.

    Evil Mojo should put an unskipable mini video about gaming etiquette with optional 10-20 langauages at the game loading phase. I'm so bored with tolerating trash talkers in my little free time and reporting them one by one.

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    Seris: "Underrated and good" (Some people do underrate her but she's still not good as anything but an off-support)

    Corvus: "Bad and in clear need of buffs" (Somebody hasn't played this game in at least a month and a half)

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    GJ Viktor.. 5k damage. Friggin bots.


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    So I have to pay HOW many Bounty Tokens...?



    Abominable Term is a nice skin and all, but that many tokens would take a month and a half to grind for if you did every challenge every day... Well at least I can say I've gotten Clockwork Torv out of this bounty system but stuff like this still makes it feel a bit pathetic...

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    Why must I constantly get this $#!+?

    Almost a red wall.jpg

    I'm really getting sick of it. Like my only win I had to carry super hard to get.

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    Saturday I lost 5 out of 15. Most games played were Siege.
    Yesterday I played only 6 (2 of each QP mode) to get the crystals. Lost 2 out of 6.

    ~67% wr. I almost always lose the first match of a session - warm up I guess.

    I've said this before, turn off the crossplay. Thank me later.

  • I played with an official stream. He wrote he will play as Ying. So I could pick Jenos. When his turn came he picked second tank Atlas, so we had Jenos solo heal with a defensive double tank team comp. The match was determinated. But it wasn't enaugh, he had realy trash damage, literally not much more than my Jenos, who got top heal somehow. It still wasn't enaugh, coz he blamed me after the match, and ask me to learn the game 😂 😂 😂

  • 87tp -> 1tp
    edit: I lost again.

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    Nice job doing zero damage and giving them free kills team (which you know in TDM killing IS the OBJECTIVE...). Really appreciate wrecking with Tony the Tiger only to see we somehow lost.

    Okay why.jpg

  • @Dusklicious said in October Rage Thread:

    Nice job doing zero damage and giving them free kills team (which you know in TDM killing IS the OBJECTIVE...). Really appreciate wrecking with Tony the Tiger only to see we somehow lost.

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    TDM is the mode people go to farm kda. They farm people like Strix to pad their stats. Honestly, I literally only played it because I neeeded the crystals, but after the crystal storm, I went back to casual Siege and Ranked.

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    This post is deleted!

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    I was the Lian this game, but it was in vain... Losing games like this, because no one below 2nd pick knows how to dps. So lessons learned his match. 3rd pick should also know how to dps because look. Grohk is not a substitute dps because he has no burst or reliable poke. Support should not be dying more than the dps, especially considering that Viktor and Skye were hunting me down because they realized that I knew how to aim a gun. Barik and Inara on the same team against triple dps with a Luminary Jenos pocket is never the play.

    I get onto last picks who don't tank or heal, but I also need to get onto the 3rd picks who can't dps worth a damn. I'm not even a dps main, yet even I realize that i have to at times. I thought if I got Lian to out poke Bomb King and Viktor, that the 3rd pick would at least be able to Tyra against a Raum and Skye, people she should have no trouble dealing with. Yet you get people who can't even play her.

  • An other "glorious" day... The only win I got is coz they had a bot. I still had trash kda
    I had matchmaking like this:
    And damage dealer mates like they:

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    Doesn't matter what I Q. Wait is about the same...

    20201017151517_1.jpg 20201017161633_1.jpg

    Only to get something like this..


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    Imagine complaining about your teammates not being able to 1v2 a flank and an ot at the same time because you go off and get yourself killed like an idiot.

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    @Dusklicious said in October Rage Thread:

    This next BP is abysmal, literally the worst BP ever except maybe Battle Suit.


    the one after this, angel theme, might have another jenos skin, and a 3rd Khan skin

    At least it isn't more skins for just DPS characters most of which are pretty awful... 🙃 (Zhin's is good, but the rest are ehh at best. Bomb King's is absurdly cringy and Vivian's is just designed like it should be for a different character).

    Still need a Torvald skin... Torvald be like:

    No Skin Three Years.jpg

    still pretty bad especially since Jenos and Khan recently got skins, also Lian is getting a skin that patch,

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    It is another one of those days where people keep throwing my games. Sick of it.

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