Agressive Terminus

  • Hi!
    If you watch Terminus he seems like a raging undead with brutal one hit kill attacks. But in the current game he is rather a super defensive, pink orb spammer giant. His current meta style doesn't fit to his personality and it's not the funniest to play with. A champion with less defense and stronger close range attacks could be way better to play with in my opinion. So the changes I suggest:

    -Increase the Cooldown of Power Siphon 1s->2s
    -Increase the damage of Shatterfall 500->800

    He also has some weak cards what need buff:

    -Wrecking Ball: Increase the distance buff 10%->15%
    -Playing God: Unnerf the healing amount 3%->5%
    -Despoiler: Increase healing 100->150

    One of his talent, Undying is realy weak and doesn't work as a talent. It doesn't change the way you can play the champion at all. I suggest to rework it for solve each problems:

    -Undying: Gain 75% damage reduction for 4s after Reanimate ended.

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