• Believe it or not these gifs got me banned from the official Paladins sub reddit because I was trying to post them in succession but apparently they are considered, "Self promotion." Because I uploaded a number of them in a row I got kicked from the Reddit for 3 days so I hope somehow these find there way to Reddit just so I can show my love of the game through my art.
    To show that I mean no self promotion I uploaded these to Giphy without logging in to my account so no one can get the credit. I just want my fellow lovers of Paladins to see my art, I dont want to self promote or take credit in any way so im sorry if it seemed as if I were looking to constantly break rules in the subreddit.

    Drogoz Gif

    Paladins logo 1 Gif

    Paladins logo 2 Gif

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    "/r/Paladins specifically requests that each user only promote content once every twenty-four hours at the most. This includes but is not limited to: YouTube, Twitch, DeviantArt, and Twitter accounts, all artistic and "meme" pictures, as well as all chats/forums/blogs/magazines/news sites."
    That's what got you removed, but anyway, all those look amazing! 😮

  • @Borvik thats a shame I was going to make one for every character and multiples for all my fave characters, its going to be really hard to share them with the community now.

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