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  • Hi, I play on Xbox One and my setting are set to 'Xbox Only'... I realize that this might mean I play with 'Consoles Only,' meaning xbox, playstation and switch. However, I am consistently getting players from PC. For example today during Ranked, I was playing against people using a PC. And the system even recognized them as steam users and not xbox/ps4/switch. My settings have been and always will be xbox only. Can someone explain to me if this is on purpose, the system is broken, or possibly a loophole?

  • An example is Match #1030859558 . I versed an andro named IPear who was on PC. I see that everyone else was using either switch/ps4/xbox. Why is he able to play in our lobby?

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    He just using a gamepad.

  • That's not true. I specifically asked the man as well. He is on PC and is apparently well known on PC as well.

  • @Lukash369 Can you explain to me why he is able to be in my lobby? Can anyone explain to me the actual rules of the crossplay settings? Whether or not he is using a controller on PC does not matter. My game is specifically set to XBOX ONLY. To any rational person, xbox only means that you are playing with only people from xbox. This is obviously not the case. What does XBOX only actually mean in the settings? Can I get an actual explanation to how crossplay is set up? Does XBOX ONLY mean switch/ps4/xbox only? Or simply controllers only, meaning all platforms? I am extremely confused.

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    Crossplay selects players based on the controller, so you can even play against PC players if they are playing on a gamepad. I'm pretty sure the player you're talking about played on gamepad. However, if it was otherwise, you can go report him to support.


  • My palidins had not been working for 3 days now when is it going to work I love this game and I literally just bought the battle pass and is their any way I can like zoom out in a match so I can see what they look like when they use their weapons and attack and stuff cause that would be lit and I would love it even more

  • @Lukash369 Thank you for responding. I am under the impression that 'gamepad' simply means controller. But can you now explain to me why Hi-Rez words the settings XBOX only? There is literally an option for GAMEPAD ONLY in the settings.... So why is it that I can choose XBOX ONLY and yet I am still put with players from pc, ps4, switch etc? This would make sense if my settings were GAMEPAD ONLY, or ALLOW ALL. So out of the 4 options (xbox only, gamepad only, keyboard only, allow all), what is the reasoning to why XBOX ONLY does not actually mean xbox only? Are you understanding where I am coming from? No one has given me a solid answer yet.

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