Io's Sacrifice is broken as hell.

  • This is the fourth time that I have come across an IO player doing this. They leave Luna in the base, then when they "die" they sit inside the base till Sacrifice is back online. Never able to be killed. Sacrifice should only work when Luna is outside the spawn, and the cool down should be much longer. It is already as strong as an ultimate ( it is basically terminus Ult minus the damage) but you put that on a 45sec timer?! If your not going to remove this broken talent, that at least balance it so its not fully broken.

  • I mean if she is doing this then she is literally prolonging her respawn timer from 10s to 45s and throwing the game making you win easier. What is the issue?

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    Lmao i just read the actual post and I'm really confused. This is legit the biggest advantage to your team ever. A healer with a 45s respawn cd? If every enemy team had the respawn time in ranked the games would be over instantly!

  • Sacrifice is super strong, and it won't be nerfed, coz it is her only talent what probably needs some brain to gain the benefit: you have to put Luna to a close but also safe place. If you put her onto the point it dies or when you die you resurrect in fire and die again. If you forgot about her you respawn on the spawn without horse and you feed.
    So ppl just think it's trash, as they tought the same about Soul Collector for years as well.
    I just leave here some screenshots for the unbelievers:
    20200917194523_1.jpg 20201005181404_1.jpg 20201007224416_1.jpg 20201010232315_1.jpg 20201013210209_1.jpg
    So if you realised that it's OP play it, and make the meta 😉

  • @KicsitCsicska The issue is that you're giving up 15% damage reduction and the potential to zone with Luna just to save yourself. In that case it's redundant because good positioning as a support means you die less than your teammates anyway.

    Also, Soul Collector got a power creep. Seris's sustain wasn't nerfed along with the cauterize nerfs, so she is technically stronger. And she's not going to get nerfed anytime soon because hardly anyone is going to look at all the champions and say "Seris needs a nerf."

  • @HeartQueen Good flankers can kill Io, and if the team leaves without healer everybody dies. But if you resurrect on a close save place you can start to heal allies again in some seconds. So it has huge healing potential, especially in teams who don't care about defending their healer (most teams). Sacirfice also can help you to do suicider rushes against the enemy healer. It doesn't matter if you die with a good Luna positioning. Luna is ez kill, you don't sacrifice so much power only her stuns by hiding her.
    15% DR for 75% less heals (DR works only on attacked allies who are certainly cauterized) trade is just doesn't worth. I rather heal who isn't cauterized or I shoot.

    About Seris she is realy better nowdays. She's far from being OP, at least she's not harassed.

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    lol what...

    Sacrifice is barely better than Life Link... All it does for you is maybe allow you to push a bit, but then save yourself at the cost of 20 whole seconds of uptime on literally the most broken ability in the entire game.

    Still better than Life Link which is so bad that it would only be worth using if it were a card.

    Either way you're sacrificing 15% DR on her heals, which on a heal with no cooldown is actually broken. Like Io is a top 3 support definitely, but aside from Goddess' Blessing her talents are actually kind of suck.

  • @Dusklicious I just proved the opposite.

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    @KicsitCsicska said in Io's Sacrifice is broken as hell.:

    @Dusklicious I just proved the opposite.

    You didn't really prove anything other than it being a meme pubstomping talent, which doesn't translate into the opposite of what I said whatsoever. I mean f*** I've won many a pub with Tinkerin, which is a talent that's perhaps worse.

    "Luna is ez kill" with enough Bulldozer on the right champs, yes... But even that's not a good argument. Every good Io knows that putting out Luna just to die is a f***ing stupid idea when she can CAP FOR YOU so you can go in and heal with your zoners...

    "In teams that don't care about defending their own healer" Yes, using other people's stupidity to say a talent is better than it actually is. Against competent players this is legitimately not even an argument.

    "15% DR for 75% less heals" Huh... What are you even saying here...? There is no healing reduction on Blessing. If you're talking about trading it for Life Link, you're literally just changing the subject. And even then, that argument would only work under optimal circumstances against legit new players.

  • @Dusklicious said in Io's Sacrifice is broken as hell.:

    Still better than Life Link which is so bad that it would only be worth using if it were a card.

    After many games with Goddess Blessing I am trying out Life Link again, since Luna on point is not working so good anymore. In combination with Protectors V. It makes it easier to do the peek healing when I get focus fire and also to defend against flanks and it can heal the backline snipers including Viktor, Dredge and such. I am not sure yet if this compensates for the 15% DR but it's more fun to play for sure.

    @KicsitCsicska The DR works only when the target is under attack but then it's even more precious for the target to escape with 250 heal per second, 30% speed and 15% DR.

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  • @TTraw The issue is people dumb enough to actually do the sacrifice-spawn strategy

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