Simple final healing balance

  • Hi!
    This season started well about healing and Cauterize nerfs, but still has been removed step by step, just becasue healing nerfs wasn't enaugh to compensate 2.5 times more healing against caut3. I think I could solve the whole problem without touching any healer's kit, by removing:
    -Early game sustain trash
    -2 healer meta
    -Inbalanced importance of Cauterize
    -Exaggerated healer-dependence
    -Unfair disadvantage of non-basic attacks
    -Fixing the state of Veteran

    1. The game is literally unplayable before buying Cauterize 2 (50% heal decreasing). I would add it into the base kit for any kind of attacks. It wouldn't be inbalanced as in ob64, where some champions had 90% heal decreasing in the base kit and others had 0%.

    2. Rework Cauterize: reduce the scaling 25%->10%, but extend to all kind of attacks. Skills like Andro's ult, or Dredge's Harpoon wouldn't be useless against burst heals finally.

    3. So the maximum heal decreasing value could be 80% instead of 75%, what made heal spamming weaker against caut. 2 healer team comps would be finally weaker, and healers would alsoeven more require skill: timing the healing after caut effect has gone.

    4. For giving back the reduced sustian make "out of combat" status being 0.5s earlier to gain for making champions more viable without their healer. We would depend on the healer lessen, so we could finally win with a weaker heal in the team and flanking easier without pocket healing.

    5. This last change would make Veteral better, so this item would be finally balanced, not just being a noob trap.

    I hope it will be added in the new season 🙂

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