Loot Boxes need to die

  • Minus smaller chests like flair and style and such, they won't bankroll you because you have to keep trying to get the actual item you want. Many things you get won't even be your first or second choice but you paid for it so you'll end up using it most likely. It's like walking into a shop and ordering a milkshake when the cashier comes out from the back your drink is in a pretty little chest. When you get outside you open the chest and notice it's a cup of coffee. So now you have two viable options 1st you go back in and ask her to correct the order, at which she replies" oh it's random sweetheart that's how it works here", hmm ok plan b We go find her car a let all of the air out of her tires and never come back to the epitome of it's just business. Boxes seem like they're designed to have you keep buying until you get what you want, that's crap, I obviously know what I want but this system will upsale me to death. More or less it rips us off over time. I would like to see more skins and Mounts, emotes and sprays for straight up sale. Thanks

  • Loot boxes are againt consumer law in my country, but we can't exactly stop every company from doing it, america (loot crates) and asia (Gatcha) produce some very unhealthy income streams for video games while the overall quality and evoution of games has dropped in skill masttery to attract a broader crowd.

    Games with loot crates cannot deny thay its a form of gambling, especially when promoteded as the main means of direct purchase.

    The game is free in order to sell skins as the product yet skins they sell have over inflated prices, I could purchase a standalone game for the same price as a skins nowadays which makes me wonder if people are wise to their money's worth.

    Personally, my best experice of this game was before the great push for pointless additional cosmetics such as death stamps and borders.
    Back then it felt like a game, nowdays its a cringeworthy cosmettic nightmare with the artsyle all over the place.

    Now that the game has passed open Beta and most of the design has been streamlined, the store still stands as this monolith of isses to the consumer. Instead of overhauling the exploitation design of loot crates, it continues to serve as a fuck you to people who really want to see gambleing mechanics removed from game.

    To cheat others to make profit.
    This is the system of parasites.
    How am I supposed to feel when gambling money is the games income stream.
    How am I supposed to feel when gambling money is used to donate to charity.
    How am I supposed to feel when I have to sign up to a contract to have a potential to unlock skins after x ammoint of hours.
    All this instead of a fair and direct modal for purchase.

    As long as they refuse to modify the store, high rez will forever be one of the companies that has a bad history with monotisation in videogames as they do not look at their stores from a consumer perspective.

    And hey, this is coming from a bloke who was active in tribes ascend before the store made the game pay to win.


    I know it's so true to, and of course it's a form of gambling that may or may not have consequences down the road for certain people, kind of a bummer but "hey mom just another $10 dollars that should do it", "But honey I've already givin you $15" lol, what can you do. I just like when you see something you like you could just buy it, but that's part of the game I guess oi

  • @DocsHolliday57

    Meh, children with parents income is a casual example...
    Try having autistic family members you have to protect from themselves...

    Overall this design of cosmetic driven games is horrid, but due to how effective its marketing has been, almost every publisher wants a slice of the profits, while gamers are being targeted like cattle.
    We have rights as consumers, but most casual games are happy with this abuse as they are unaware actual value of a digital product...

    If cosmetics are the main marketing point, once the game becomes too bloated with skins , I may as well uninstall the game as its costing too much space for content I have on my machine, but cannot use... (CoDs... 20gb base game = 80gb content in patches after launch. Example of Bloated design.)

    In terms of design, I cannot be bothered with the frivolous, or 4th wall braking cosmetics that ruin the game atmosphere more then the toxic community, to see that this has become the common art design is quite a let down and all it does is cause more bloat in the stores and ruin the theme of the game.

    Personally I find using marketing gimmicks such as "battle pass exclusive" and "limited time only"
    In tandem with loot crates to be pretty harmful to marketing psychologically, even to adults. This level of marketing is not healthy for the long term evolution of the game industry as it thrives on gambling hyper inflated products.

    Pressuring peoples purchases by imposing artificial restraints is sadistic when we are talking about data that is already present on your computer, all it requires is an unlock code.

    Why should we have to buy an exclusive account and grind for content that's unavailable for direct purchase, when that same data is already on our machines, taking up space, and takes up more space each patch of skins.

    Someone go and add the total price of all the skins combined...
    Then compare the total price with the total amount of data the game gives you.
    That price tag is gross for a free to play modal and should be more accommodating to the masses, rather then those who let themselves be abused by this system.

    I have high performance comrades into this game, but due to the conditions regarding the store, they have not been able modify their preferred characters in any major way outside of what skins were around since Open Beta as accessibility to better skins is hidden behind the profit wall...

    This is the cause for concern as new players will have a shorter playtime, due to having little customisation options from the beginning unless they fork out for luxury. This would be solved if the store was not as painful in direct purchasing, with a rewards system that offered a player the right to get around limitations or provide discounts based on general character performance or achievement or playtime.

    While the game tries to implement new mechanics of trade.
    It will continue to suffer while the design stays this cancerous at its core.


    I know I know and I think the avg gamer is maybe becoming a little habituated to these forms of gift giving items, lol especially judging by my early dislikes. It's a chest that sparkles and razzles and dazzles and shakes and it gives you......."something" 🎉

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