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  • Hi everyone! Do any of you have any cool concerts for champions that will probably never be created? I do so often! My newest concept for a character is either a front line or support that can change shields of other players to the opposing team. As in the character could change deployable enemy shields to their teams or accident turn their teams to the enemies side. I was curious if anyone else ever thinks of original characters?

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    There are a bunch of cool concepts that you can check out here!

  • @JuneBelle I thought of a flank

    This will be a spy like character so his basic weapon would be a three round burst silent pistol.

    His first ability will allow him to use a echo locator to see where noise is being made/coming from but he cant attack while it is active and it has a second long deactivation.

    second ability will be three sticky grenades that can be thrown out and activated by a trigger the champion carries but any bombs that have not been activated will remain in the field for X amount of time before detonating and returning to cool down.

    third ability will be a grappling hook that brings enemies to his locations or grapples him out of harms way.

    his ult would have throw a large series of ninja stars into any enemies in his cone of fire dealing major damage and crippling enemies. His stars can be shot out of the sky by enemies to reduce the incoming damage but the damage received from in front of his cone of fire will be reduced by half as his ninja stars take the rest of the damage.

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