Buff Corvus [Balance hero]

  • Hi, I want a buff corvus. I want him to increase his damage from 70 to 100 dmg. If you think this is too much, then don't worry. If you look from the outside, then the corvus has only a teleport and a pistol, then I ask you to vote for this change of the hero. P.S I remember about the damage to the head, but in this game the hitboxes are broken.

  • @Vitred At the moment Corvus has a maximum dps of 1000, the same as Drogoz, which is not only the highest dps of any support but also the 12th highest in the game. By increasing the damage to 100 his maximum dps would become 1428, which would be the second highest of any character, surpassed only by Androxus. He clearly doesn't need a flat damage buff, maybe something else.

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    Corvus doesn't need a buff at all. In the current patch he's quite literally meta-defining as a support.

  • Corvus is the best champion (not hero) in the game rn. He is the most banned one too. And he will receive a well deserved nerf in the next patch in 6 days.
    Corvus isn't a damage dealer, but a healer. He doesn't have to compate other champions in damage, coz he is the best pocket healer. He can heal as much as any other healers, but he can heal the allies whereever they are, with his mark mechanic. It makes him the best healer to pocket flankers.
    Moreover he spreads 25% lifesteal to two allies what selfheal is shared with Corvus, so its not just a huge secondary heal, but an awesome selfheal for him as well. This will be nerfed to 15%.
    He also can speed buff two allies by 15%, what's also huge.
    He is the must ban / must pick champ independetly from the map, teamcomp, whatever. It's clear if you play ranked.
    Anyways dmg buffs are like 5-10% bonuses at most, coz it's one of the most important stat of the champions.
    Suggesting 42% dmg buff for the most OP champion shows that you have no idea about the game balance, and you try to use a healer as a damage dealer.

  • Most banned champion is actually Zhin. I am suprised by his damage though: "Deals 70 damage every 0.07s, has a maximum Ammo count of 50, and is fully effective up to 110 units." Compared with Viktor: "Deals 135 damage every 0.1s, has a maximum Ammo count of 30, and is fully effective up to 100 units." His range is better than Viktor!

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 Yeah, but his spread and falloff are much worse

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    @M3RC3N4RI0 said in Buff Corvus [Balance hero]:

    Most banned champion is actually Zhin.

    Shouldn't be. But unfortunately I see it because people don't instaban Corv in draft for some stupid reason. I guess because executing anything instantly with an I win button annoys people more than the pocketed DPS does.

    Though a Corv pocketed Zhin is legit stupid to allow through ban phase.

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