I want to talk about: The game in general

  • A year past since My first post talking about Strix, like I said in that post I wanted to talk about other characters, and trust there is a lot to talk about, so much that in didn't knew what to talk about.
    but because of some personal life problem i didn't had the time to talk about it.

    Now Vora is officially out. and man I could talk for hours about her, and that's when it hitted me, that second post won't be about a character in particular but rather a bunch of things that have a wasted opportunity making it more or less useless or that don't make sense. yes it will mostly be about characters, not one but a lot of them as well as the cards and the buffs you can get in the game shop (so basically it's "I want to talk about" special edition.)

    1: Some of the cards and capacities makes no sense.

    1a: Vora and her wasted potential.
    well the title summarize it, the best exemple I can give you is Vora.
    All her cards beg to make a build all around being a close combat character like Terminus. she has most of her card boosting her defense as well as her health regeneration or give her a shield.
    she has a capacity to engage a close combat and one capicity being a grapple that let her choose between fight or flight by either grabbing a wall or an ennemy to dash next to him, here is the problem now, she can throw projectiles from her scythe. I know it's some kind of dark energie but when you have already Zhin that "launch" burning oil from is sword and Koga who shoot fire from is claws, you start to wonder if any of the characters actually know how to fight or if paladins is trying to avoid any concept of originality. personally I think that a close combat character in a first person shooter is a great idea because of the risk and gain you can have.
    in one side you got the fear of guetting shot from far away making you unable to do anything.
    on the other you fear that the ennemy with the Bastard sword or the great axe is going to get too close and slice you in half. great dammage for a lack of range making the character balanced in an extreme way, Terminus is for me one of the best exemple when it come to close combat or even the whole purpose of a tank, he is resistant and can pack a punch while making sure that if you get too close from him you might get back to the respawn point faster than is axe can hit you, he is not defenless but isn't immortal (yes i know, ironic coming for a basicaly immortal golem) and even with a huge lack of immobilty he as one projectile attack and one movement attack letting him jump in and out of combat.
    For me it only make sense that Vora was supossed and should have a close combat character. because if she was suposed to be a mid/long range flank, they should have gaved her some kind of a gun instead of a blank weapon.
    thus being her huge wasted potential.

    1b: Viktor and Vivian VS Tyra.
    The aiming capacity of those two CoD character is a waste. yes their aiming isn't the best without it.
    but the problem is not the aiming but Tyra herself.
    tyra is a monster compared to the two of them because of her aiming capacity, while Viktor and vivian have to hold theire sight down to shoot at a certain distance, Tyra doesn't bother herself and can shoot at a long range target without to much trouble. i'm not complaining and asking about a nerf or anything. but maybe if tyra had a less acurate long range distance this would justify why having a aiming spell for Viktor and Vivian in the first place. while tyra would be dealing huge dammage all gun blasing and molotov burning, Viktor and Vivian would be able to shoot more precisely from a greater range.
    the same idea can go for Fernando and Khan. even thought Fernando as a gigantic shield compared to Khan he has also a gigantic CD of 12 secondes. but i will talk about that in greater details in 1c.

    1c: more complains about the powers.
    it kinda goes with the point 1b. like I was just saying some other game mechanics make no sense.
    some capacities are just 1-up's of a character, like Fernando's shield and Khan's shield. yes fernando's shield is way more prtective than the one of Khan, but the 12 seconds CD is a bit too much, sure, Aegis make it so the shield last for ever and get 4 seconds less. but what if Aegis was just canceling the CD? now the shield would only relly on is health bar like Khan's shield, it would be a good boost for fernando, since is dammage aren't that great he might as well be able to protect himself better. I don't often see a Fernando being played and from what I can see I might
    have an idea why, no only fernando can't do a lot of dammage but he is also often forgotten by is teammate, so not only he is an easy target to shoot at it but also because he got so little ways to protect himself he will often get instantly killed. you can easily 1v1 a Fernando because of how he cannot temporise a fight but also because he can't attack. maybe buff is flamethrower so he deal more dammage on a target on fire, giving him a nice dps without buffing him to much but also would give a reason to fear fernando.
    a tank, who ever he might be should be feared the second he put is feet on the point. he was made to protect the point so he is often protected by the heals and also has a great defensive stat and since most of them aren't made for long range fight, they might as well be great at mid/short range fight (aka Terminus, Inara and Barik for the better exemple).

    The ultimate of Vivian is also problematic. as much as I love to complain about her and also protect her on some point you need to admit when a line is crossed. as simple as her ult is, it is also way too broken. the fact she as the ability to indefintly keep her ultimate active as long as she stay alive it's the fact that her ultimate is able to charge while still being active. the best thing i could say is to keep the ultimate how it works but nerf the ult charge while the ultimate is still active. a Vivian with motivation is a nightmare to deal with, you barely kill her or destroy her drones that she can summon another pair and get ready to charge it again. and since i can't imagine nerfing it to the point the drones only last a few seconds or shot I think nerfing her charge while the drones are active is the best thing to do. If you never played Vivian just try to imagine someone going A wire and shooting non stop. the best build are the ones where she can shout and not loose a single ammo while aiming (the secret is Hidden reserves and Unchecked Ambitions at level 5). plus I fill like her gold cards are more of a filler than a real buff and it goes the same for other characters, thought i will stop here because the thread is heavy enought and i still got a lot of things to "summarize".

    1d: The invisibilty is stupidly broken
    from what you just read you might think that i'm gonna say that the invisiblity is OP, but the invisibilty is not OP and it is even broken as hell, right now there are only 4 character able to become invisible.
    why am I saying that the invisibility is broken, it is mostly because of the ilumination item that you can buy during your game.
    as you know, ilumination is a great item against invisible characters, witch include: Sha-lin, Skye, Strix and Seris. that item can be interesting. but why would you spend monney on it when the only characters being able to become invisible are either close to you, making you able to see them as clear as light, or at the other end of the map making them just anoying to shoot at (yes, i'm talking about you Strix mains, but don't change because winning a sniping war against an invisible strix is self rewarding as hell). I remember that at a time that item was really usefull because of the amazing and unforgetable stealth grass, that part of the game reminding you that you where playing a FPS MOBA. while being as tactical as it was usefull it also gaved a reason to invest in illumination, so that way you would know if an ennemy was hidding in it and ready to attack. but they took away that mechanic, now illumation only affect 4 characters and not in a great way.
    maybe illumination could get a small rework and the invisibility as well.
    for exemple: the invisibilty could last longer (still refering about strix) make the character 100% non visible unless you or the character bump into each other, making that strange transparent purpely color. kinda the same way as the spy in team fortress 2. not only it would buff the invisibilty greatly but it would give a reason to buy ilumination. and to keep the spirit of the tall grass, you could either remake it, because it was an interesting mechanic or make it so ilumination not only help you see the invisible menace but would also show you any ennemy near you that could be hidding behind a thin wall or make it so that if you just saw a person running away, an aura would show where he is and going for a few second. giving it not only the ability to make you aware but also letting you track an ennemy, wich I think would be a great bonus for any character, specially the flanks.

    2 there is no real reward for playing the game

    2a: they forgot a bunch of characters to focus on others.
    what I mean by that is that a lot of characters don't have a lot of unlockables while some of the characters are guetting at least two news skins and one emote at each event/new battle pass.
    best exemple i can give is to compare Maeve and terminus
    Maeve was released the 8th february of 2017 she is one of the character that as the most unlockables in the game.
    Meanwhile Terminus was released the same year than Maeve the 18th october and is the one of the characters that as the less unlockables available. yes is alternative skins ar really good and have a lot of work putted into them and they all should be legendaries in my opinion. but you need to acknowledge that is rewards from leveling are absent. he as is cards (obviously), is title and a golden weapon, not even a whole skin, just a weapon. he doesn't have any unlockable mvp pose as a reward and don't have either the obsidian or the cosmic skin and like i said is golden skin is just a golden axe. maybe after 3 years you could do something? it's cool to make new content but since you focus on some points you might as well do it on the weak points.

    2b: you can't unlock anything without playing the game each day all day.
    yes, you can unlock chest by farming and guetting diamonds from the battle pass (free or not). but what happened to the leveling rewards? and i don't mean the ones you get for leveling a character, i mean your own player level. before, playing the game was rewarding, you had a chest giving you acces to everything but with the new system now you don't gain anything, get a chest once a year, and unless you paid your battle pass or your diamonds for the really interesting rewards you won't get anything, i find the idea of a skin available once in a life time already stupid, but taking away the only thing to unlock almost anythings not a good way to reward the player and to give him the good chemicals. maybe we should be able to get a chest from times to times, letting you unlock anything in the game but with a little chance, since there is so much to unlock there is no way you can unlock a new skin the first try, maybe it could be like more chance of guetting gold, skulls or diamonds, an mvp pose or a tag then a skin (each rarity being less probable to get), custom voices and finally new content maybe it be tags, skins or voice lines.

    3: the problems with the classes
    ok so to make it quick, attacks deal dammage and have average stats. flanks do lost of dammage but have less life, are tiny (for the most part) and have a great speed or moving capacities, tanks are strong, short ranged (for the most part) and can pack a punch while being huge and have little agility. healers are weak in terms of dammage but have good healing spells, moving spells or debuff/buff spells.

    the problem thought is that some of the characters don't fit in the rank because of some minors thing. for exemple skye as a great aim and range making her deadly in short/mid and long range wich is dumb for a flank, specially when you think that her invisibility let her sneak around and get near her ennemies, maybe debuff her long range with a dammage drop at some distance or make it so she is less acurate, giving a reason to get close to her target.
    same problem with tyra who suffer for the sniper aim disease, making her way too precise for a mid/ kinda long range character.
    imani suffer from an existential problem because of her ice and fire aspect, fire being way more efficient than the ice. appart from her right click her icicles are slow as they can be and do too little dammage. meanwhile her fire can be charge to make a whooping 1000 dammage and travel fast and with a gold card will make a small explosion. what i mean by that is maybe you should buff the ice shots speed because it's really painfull to play ice unless it's for the frost bomb.

    corvus is able to deal a huge burst of dammage and feels like it's a koga with one healing spell.
    moji is barely played as intended. normaly her right click is some kind of flamethrower that will build a rune who will boost the dammage of the next shot on the target. the idea is to get close, build your dammage and do a large amount of dammage. but the problem is that you can just keep both button of the mouse pressed and run around because her dammage output is way better that way. so instead of going braindead there should be a real reward, maybe the flamethrower would have a limited charge so you can't just keep the button down.

    there is still a lot to talk about but i already bragged about a big part of it.
    it's basically a big fat "resume" who globaly envelop the idea of some posible change while not being too complete on them. i still got a lot of "i want to talk about" ideas in my head so i might as well keep the ideas for there own thread.
    i really do love that game and seeing him change and going from that original idea from a overwatch/fortnite wanna be do pain me a lot, when he was still in beta you could see the potential of the game and be like "it's going to be a great game" now it's more about filling holes that aren't there at the moment while frogetting the ones they need to worried about.
    having lots of content is something but making it so the game will be is own identity is more important. best exemple being team fortress 2, a game that i don't play much but always love to get back to making it basically immortal.

    I would like to thank anyone who read the whole complain i made and kindly remind you that it is to take with a side of salt. i may have put some arguments a bit agresively but i don't mean to be mean. i just want to talk about a game that i care about and that i played since the Beta.
    i would gladely talk to each of your points of views and would love to get some analyse and argumentation back, after all the best way to do something is come to an agreement. specially since my threads where never meant to change the game but rather help it improve by throwing ideas.

    maybe see you all in a next thread.

  • Here are the issues with your assessment and what I agree with.


    • I'm sorry, but a true melee champion will never work and be balanced properly. Terminus, and also lowkey Moji, are the greatest examples. Either they'll be busted in order to compensate for their lack of range, or they'll be complete shit. Moji is complete shit this patch when she was lowkey busted last patch. Terminus is busted, especially on console. People need to stop asking for a true melee champion, we already have two champions that prove it won't fucking work.

    • Tyra is fine. lol. Wtf are you on about Tyra needing a nerf??? People are just bad and can't counter her. Like, I'm dogshit at Androxus, yet I clap the cheeks of pretty much every Tyra I come across. Even on her best maps I clap her. Like if we're on Brightmarsh/Jaguar Falls, I'll just run Willo or Evie against her. Heck, I'm not even a godtier Evie, but Tyra is pretty much food for me when I do play Evie, unless she has a Corvus pocket. The only Tyras I struggle against have a Corvus pocket, which is more on Corvus himself than Tyra.

    • No to invisibility buff. Sha Lin and Strix do great with invisibility, the only one who is fucked is Skye because she has two moves with invisibility. Nerfing Illuminate was the wrong way to go about it because it's a temporary bandaid on the gaping wound that is Skye's kit. Skye needs a rework, but they keep throwing shit into her kit and hoping that something sticks.


    • I agree that shields need to be buffed, but wrecker must also be buffed as well. I don't like how they nerfed shields in order to nerf wrecker. This game is based on the item shop, which means you need items to go against certain champions. That's actually why I like this game more than Overwatch. You can counter deathball with cauterize and wrecker in Paladins, but you have no way to counter it in Overwatch. You don't want shields to be too strong, even Fernando's shield, because overbuffing shields could bring in the shield meta.

    • Terminus did get a skin recently, and you have to understand that certain champions will get more skins than others due to popularity. However, I don't like how they disregard creativity just to shoehorn the popular champions in. The greatest example is pirate Maeve/Io. Those champions are too feminine looking to fit the pirate theme well, but they were shoved into that battle pass because they're popular.

    • I agree that there should be more rewards for loyal players. Plus ranked rewards. Imagine if you got crystals every season for hitting Gold and up? That would actually encourage people to stop fucking throwing and actually try, which will fix match-making. The problem isn't always the match-making system itself, the problem is that there are not enough good players, or people who care to improve, doing ranked. Most people in Gold are people who have shit game sense, and they don't care that they have shit game sense. Maybe if crystals were the reward, they would care a lot more. Something like 75 crystals when you reach gold, 100 crystals for platinum, 200 for diamond, 300 for masters, and then 600 for grandmasters.

  • @HeartQueen
    thanks for your response. yes i do agree on most of the points you said.
    I say most because like i said in my post, i'm just trhowing ideas that are not exactly what i want to say.
    my post is ungodly long and if i was to attack in more details each point i would have come from a large post to the whole lord of the ring saga.

    let me explain myself a bit better on the issues you had.
    about the true melee champions i do agree that giving him too much dammage would ruin everything. but here is the thing. terminus as good as this champion is, he as only one ability that could be considered a movement related attack and one long range attack that doesn't deal a lot of dammage (unless you get hit by all the shots) he is basically a moving target. as long as you stay away you can deal with him easily and it's not like every other character have a gun or a long range weapon, so i do understand the huge ammount of dammage he can deal. if people can't get away from a melee character they shouldn't complain they get killed. it would be like complaining running right in front of tyra withoug any protection or attempt to dodge and guetting killed.
    that is why a melee weapon champ would be interesting for that game. specially because paladins literaly has the best reason to make one because of is universe. to get back to vora. if you got a graple that let you both attach to an ennemy or a wall and you got a long range weapon. why would you grapple an ennemy to get close then? or if you do grapple to an ennemy why bother having a long range weapon if you pass your time slicing the guy into dice? this is what i meant about the melee characters. each time we get a melee weapon it somehow replace the roll of a gun. i do get the idea why for Zhin, but why would the dragon claws of Koga would also launch a blade of fire while he as so much movement abilities like is dash? since he has is smg's that let him recharge is energy and deal dammage at a certain distance it would have been better to make the claws a melee weapon to contrast with is already existing guns, and with that you get a gold card making you shout the flame with is claws like he already does. changing is gameplay while not changing the whole game.
    since vora as a movement ability letting her go in and out of combat as well as a long range attack letting her get so HP back i think the best way to play vora would have been a melee combat.

    for Tyra i don't mean a debuff or a crazy nerf, what i meant is that why would you play Viktor or Vivian if Tyra is so much better in terms of aim and dammage? she completely ruin the point of Viktor and Vivian having to aim down to get a more accurate shot since she can shoot more precisely on a way longer distance. so the idea was to slighty increase he sight so she would spread a bit more and do less hits on large distances. thus giving a better reason to play Viktor or Vivian.
    Tyra isn't op or has any problem, it's just a game mechanic that ruin the purpose of another one like skye being able to shoot a target from so far away while being suposed to do dammage on the side or the back. she as an aim similar to cassie with a hight dps. so most of the time i see a skye being played as a front line dps wich make no sense.

    and finnaly for the invisibilty I don't really agree. if you saw what i said on my post there are only 4 characters able to be invisible. Seris can use it to get away from a fight and become invincible, Skye to get in and out of a fight, Sha-lin to do an easy shot with any type of distance while being somewhat safe and same goes for strix.
    the problem with the invisibilty even if there is an items to counter that it doesn't mean it would be used. the deadliest character that can be invisible is strix and he is always out of the fight dealing dammage from the top of a building. depending on the sha-lin it could be either a sniper or a mid range shooter. in one case you wouldn't be able to see him anyways and if he is in a short/mid range fight he is pretty much dead since you know that he can only dash backward and also that even without ilumination you can easily find him because of how wide the basic range to see an invisible character is. instead of a normal Shalin now you get to fight a weird translucid purple bubble, same goes for skye but since she can shoot from a really long distance you kinda don't see her unless she is a bad skye. so just from those three (who mind to remind you. aren't so often in a game) you don't have a real reason to buy illumination. that's why i was proposing either a rewok of illumination or the buff of invisibilty.

    if you fear the shield meta you might need to think that almost all the tanks have a shield that work differently. Terminus and Atlas have no life on there shield but it only last a while. Fernando, ash, barik and a few other have basically the same kind of shield with more or less hp and are either a wall or a bubble, some characters and tanks like Torvald and Ruckus relise on an armor acting as a bubble.
    i'm not saying that we need to buff all shields. but at least make it so fernando isn't a battery for ultimates since he as no dammage and a ridiculously weak shield that once use or broken leave him defenceless, thus why i proposed a buff on is Aegis gold card making the shield working like the one Khan's have or a buff on is flamethrower, making it deal more dammage on a burning ennemy, wich would boost is dps and justify why he can't use is shield that much.
    i can't count how many time i saw a Fernando being bullied when he get out of the corner and the idea of 1v1 a fernando with only my right click as a terminus is kinda...disapointing, is range effect and dammage are so low that fernando is a joke, an excuse of a tank. so much tanks are way better than him, ash for exemple. you don't even have to play a dammage ash, just a shield and knockback is way better than him.

  • @Guldric In fact Fernando is played more often than Khan and his winrate is higher than that of Khan. So judged by the stats Khan needs a boost. I agree that Fernando is boring compared to Khan. He is stronger though.

  • @M3RC3N4RI0
    oh? interesting, I didn't knew that.
    it's weird thought. I almost never see a Fernando in either my team or the ennemy team. I mean...really not often.
    last time I played I saw him only once in a whole day.
    most of the time when I see a fernando in game just get steamrolled by anything you can imagine.
    but I will keep what you said in mind. after all the statistics are really important when it comes to analysing a character.
    I will be honest I didn't bothered checking fernando's stats since like I just said, I don't see him often but when I do, man oh man, you almost feel sad for him even if he is not on your side.
    it's kinda why I tried to understand the problems that a fernando face, like the lack of ways to defend himself.
    maybe i got too focused on his weak points and forgot the most important thing for a tank, having a team behind him, by that i mean a heal and maybe something to dammage assist him.

  • The issue with Terminus is his siphon. I don't like a design on a tank that stops you from shooting at them. Like someone once said, "tanks are supposed to absorb hits, not deny the enemy team the ability to shoot." This is why I never got why people kept complaining about Barik and Inara. Sure they were annoying, but you never got punished for shooting or dealing damage to them or their barriers. Shooting Terminus means you outright feed his siphon, so the logical thing is to not shoot him. That's poor design. It's not about Terminus up close. Terminus can't really close the distance on the long rangers, so they give him that bullshit siphon to compensate for it. Also, remember when Moji did a shit ton of damage from holding down two buttons? Plus she had a shit ton of pocketing potential with her old cards? That was to compensate her shit range. Terminus and Moji are examples of what I'm talking about. You have to give them a lot of shit to compensate for lack of range. If you compensate correctly, they're broken as shit. If you don't compensate properly, they suck. This is an fps game as well as a hero SHOOTER so range means a lot in this game. People with shit range are out of the meta or broken. Grohk and Moji are out of the meta, Terminus is broken.

    I agree that we should buff shields, I'm just saying to be careful about it. If you buff shields, wrecker would likely have to be buffed as well. That's just a fact. Also, Fernando doesn't need a shield buff, he needs a damage and fireball buff. Like damage to 400 per second and reduce the cooldown of his fireball to 6 seconds. Then he'll feel a lot better.

  • @Guldric I checked his stats on Diamond and they are even worse. Khan is the least played tank with the lowest winrate, even worse than Atlas.

    My experience with them is different than yours though I am surprised Khan's stats are that bad on high rank, I would have thought he is a high skill champ. But I did expect Nando to be better, that's why I checked their stats. Fernando can be played as point tank. He has a good shield and an escape ability with his Dash. In my matches he is difficult to take down.

    Khan as solo tank is just bad. Khan's bread and butter was his stun-grip, with this he could bully other tanks like Fernando. Now he is a mediocre off-tank. His ult is better than Fernando's though. But he needs skill to be effective while Nando is very reliable if it's not a total noob playing him.

    I'd like for Fernando to get his speedy playstyle back. It would have been better to nerf his damage instead of his movability. He is balanced now but boring. He was very popular once, now he is average.

    About Moji. Your are right. I tried it out and if you hold both mouse buttons you do 652 bonus damage with every spit. If you spit with a full star you get 1000, but you have to wait with the spit, something like 0.2 seconds or so. But who manages such perfect timing in the heat of a fight?

    Quick check on wiki. It is even worse! One mark takes 0.08 seconds of spray and mark 9 is 652 damage. So you have to wait for 0.08 seconds to get 1000 damage instead of 652+65+30=750. Clicking 0.1 second too early or 0.2 seconds too late means you lose this damage advantage.

    So it's now like before those marks got invented. This time of programming was wasted.

  • @HeartQueen I mean... you're not wrong there. but it's not like Terminus can spam is shield since he got that weird 2 second non exsiting CD. the best thing you can do is just...not shoot at him or surround him.
    he can only protect himself from anything in front of him, that mean the sides and the back are exposed. if you have at least smart teamate or that you can talk with him you can ask him to either agro him or shoot him while Terminus is focused on stopping one fire. or the second best is just to temporise your shots. a Terminus will either keep is shield untill he run out of energie or will stop it as soon as he doesn't get shoot, but now he has around 2 seconds where he will be defenceless.
    the idea against a Terminus is to play smart, even thought I get why you complain about is shield blocking everything you kinda forget that Terminus is suposed to be some kind of a train, get in front of him you get rekt. remember my exemple about complaining about guetting shot while running right at a tyra with no way to dodge or protect yourself? same idea.
    and between you and me, by what you said about how terminus shield works that meanatlas shield is technicaly way worst since he stop everything in a large zone and as a card that make it even bigger.

    but again. I can see what you mean with the problem of balancing a melee character.
    but look, vora as no protection spells, those are mostly upgrades from her cards. she as one long range attack that give her a small health regen. no shield just a grapple. sure she may be able to run after you, but she is not Terminus, that mean not a tank and also way less life than him.

    and for the shield i only said to maybe buff the Aegis gold card of fernando, not every shield. but yes, fernando definetly need a small dammage buff.

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 ah yes, light speed knight. i remember the glory day of being a walking wall with super drive boosters, I also remember how much Fernando was scary when it came to close combat, the flamethrower was a real dammage dealer, making the game being played smartly by breaking the shield and blazing him in the distance and sending another tank in a kaiju fight. I wonder why they thought taking away id defence and movement with a decrease in dammage would make him better.
    (make me think that Fernando should have a train or a bulldozer like skin)

    and yeah. moji is scary crazy, to play ever well you need to not play her well. I think they should have nerfed her right click by making a bar like fernando's flamethrower or grohk's weapon, you put a bit more of dammage on her main shots so she doesn't have to always rely on the secondary shot (making her deal a decent amount of dammage so it's bothering but not too deadly, and maybe make the charge either go up faster or lasting longuer or even make it so the charge you putted on the ennemy could make a burst so now you either attack him do make more dammage with your primary or make some kind of walking bomb.

  • @Guldric Atlas shield is better because more things go through it. Androxus can fly above and ult Atlas, Terminus eats Andro's ults for breakfast. Viktor's ult goes through Atlas stasis field, Terminus can eat Viktor's ult. Multiple people can go above his stasis field, and then retreat back with ease because stasis field stays in the same spot. The biggest thing is that stasis field has a cooldown, and it's even longer when you go the big wall talent. Terminus siphon practically has no cooldown.

  • @HeartQueen wow. I think you got it wrong there. if there is one thing I know is that an adroxus ult is deadly as long as you stop shooting at him directly and just focus on the side and/or behind. and that viktor's ult is a pain in the ass to eat, yes he can swallow the dammage. but only if terminus is not directly under the missile, in that case it's a big bonk on the head, it may not kill him but that will still do dammages. you are going to tell my you think about going behond a wall but not behind a tank or at least surround him? for the cooldown you also forget that he as a big 2 seconds before using it again when he stop using it. that may not look like much but it's actually a lot of time were he will take dammages, and don't forget that is shield work with a charge. if he doesn't have enought charge he not be able to use it, and also that the charge goes down quite fast.
    I never had too much trouble dealing with a terminus because I know when to strike or when to push an attack with at least a group of 2.
    don't forget that again. without that range attack he wouldn't be able to do much since you can literaly stay away from him.
    right now you make it sound like he is a god, able to fly around the map and cancel any attacks. the reality is that he is a birck wall with a giant fly swatter who's ready to bonk anyone in is pass.
    the shield only works on himself.
    I mean, Androxus got a similar shield. an attack making him invincible for a short time that will let him make a huge shot that as the power of the attacks he got hit with. terminus shield basically work like that but with a battery.

  • PC

    Did you seriously say tyra is better than vik or viv at dealing dmg at long range?
    Burstmode, Literally aiming down sights for viv, tyra has large spread and doesn't do as much dpb as they do.
    Also i wanted to point out that you said skye does lots of dmg... she cant deal dmg when she is countered by 99% of the champions. skye is so bad.

  • @Guldric said in I want to talk about: The game in general:

    @HeartQueen wow. I think you got it wrong there. if there is one thing I know is that an adroxus ult is deadly as long as you stop shooting at him directly and just focus on the side and/or behind. and that viktor's ult is a pain in the ass to eat, yes he can swallow the dammage. but only if terminus is not directly under the missile, in that case it's a big bonk on the head, it may not kill him but that will still do dammages. you are going to tell my you think about going behond a wall but not behind a tank or at least surround him? for the cooldown you also forget that he as a big 2 seconds before using it again when he stop using it. that may not look like much but it's actually a lot of time were he will take dammages, and don't forget that is shield work with a charge. if he doesn't have enought charge he not be able to use it, and also that the charge goes down quite fast.
    I never had too much trouble dealing with a terminus because I know when to strike or when to push an attack with at least a group of 2.
    don't forget that again. without that range attack he wouldn't be able to do much since you can literaly stay away from him.
    right now you make it sound like he is a god, able to fly around the map and cancel any attacks. the reality is that he is a birck wall with a giant fly swatter who's ready to bonk anyone in is pass.
    the shield only works on himself.
    I mean, Androxus got a similar shield. an attack making him invincible for a short time that will let him make a huge shot that as the power of the attacks he got hit with. terminus shield basically work like that but with a battery.

    Atlas wall has a cooldown, Terminus does not. Assuming Phantom Pain 5, Atlas wall has a 9 second cooldown. And Atlas can't move his wall with him, like Terminus can move his siphon with him.

    @Nico said in I want to talk about: The game in general:

    Did you seriously say tyra is better than vik or viv at dealing dmg at long range?
    Burstmode, Literally aiming down sights for viv, tyra has large spread and doesn't do as much dpb as they do.
    Also i wanted to point out that you said skye does lots of dmg... she cant deal dmg when she is countered by 99% of the champions. skye is so bad.

    I'm starting to think that he's a Terminus main at this point. Terminus main or Raum main, because those are the only people who would ever say that Tyra is stronger than Vivian and Viktor. I've never seen anyone else say that. 😕

  • yeah some of this is borderline incorrect imo

  • @NotAModerator @HeartQueen @Nico
    welp I just need to leave a thread for a couple of days and I see poeple not really reading what I said or made the effort to understand what I mean, so I might as well clear everything out.
    yes terminus as no couldown on is shield. but there is that weird space where you can't use it again or just spam it for at least one or two seconds, wich is why i'm talking about that "unexisting" cooldown. making him vunerable.
    yes I did say tyra as a way more powerburst dammage than vivian and viktor. let's be honest 80% of vivian players have there dammage made by a combo of two particular cards that played well can give her unlimited ammo and/or her ultimate. but the problem again is not about talking about the dammage tyra make but how the aim work on the game. the best exemple I could have made was about talking about tyra and compare her to vivian and viktor. from what I played viktor and vivian are good. but what you seem to forget is that tyra is way more precise than them. sure viktor and vivian can aim to get even more precise. but why is tyra so much more accurate than viktor and vivian while they don't aim? i feel like you just focus on the fact i said "Tyra" and "dammage" in the same text and you directly say i'm crying over her dammage. also, yes when you take her molotov gold card she does a crazy a mount of dammage.
    and what are you talking about? do you need aim assist in that game? i never had trouble sniping poeple with tyra.

    when I talked about running toward a tyra with no protection or cover that could also have been any other character. the exemple I was giving was to say that complaining about loosing a fight against a melee character because you where glued to him was like saying that champion or that champion is bad because you rush toward him with no protection or way to avoid a few shot, just a straight line toward any character may it be raum, kinessa or seris.

    stop being salty about a random guy putting two words that you didn't liked in the same sentence, and maybe instead of theorysing wich character i play you should reread what was said in case you start saying even more nonsense than i did in that post.
    if that can help you i just play any character of the game. i have them all except atlas, dredge, io, vora and tiberius.
    heck let's have fun. here are all my mains of every category

    TANK: Makoa, Ash, Ruckus and finally Terminus (and yeah since I main him I can tell for sure that even if there is no real CD on is shield there is still that 2 second gap making you unable to use it again, this is why I said unexisting CD)

    ATTACK: Viktor, Tyra, Kinessa, Bomb king, Willow, Vivian, Skye

    FLANK: Talus, Evie

    HEAL: Ying, Furia, Pip, Mal'Damba, Grover

    thought because those are my mains that doesn't mean I never played the other characters. I consider my mains as my favorite pics.

    once again I would like to remind you that i made that thread not to trigger anything but to talk about those thing in the game that I personally found weird like the aim capacity of skye and tyra. i do like how they play but i don't understand the point of making a character able to sneak behind someone if she is precise as jenos, also get good because if you do the math skye can technically vaporised a Terminus in under 4 seconds just by maxing out the extra ammo, nothing more nothing else. so let that sink in.

  • PC

    @Guldric Tyra isnt precise tho, she has large spread lmao

  • @HeartQueen
    In terms of talking cosmetics I have to disagree with the point on Maeve's pirate skins not working, her ghost pirate skin actually fits her quite well and it makes sense that a ghost could be jumping and flying all over the place and tossing knives everywhere. It reminds me of Grant Dynasty in Castlevania 3.

  • To add into the conversation, Vora is a bit of an oddball champion to me as her cards suggest that she's a close range burst damage combo champion, but her own mechanics go against that and point towards outlasting her opponent in a 1v1 with DoT. To me that kinda doesnt work for a champion with her mechanics and more so interferes with her potential, especially since you have to over-rely on moves like her Q and her invincible dive to sustain yourself in a 1v1 since she lacks raw kill power like most flankers do.

  • @Nico
    well either you're right and i'm a freaking god at tyra or i'm not so wrong and her spread is not as violant as you make it sound. and knowing my own skill at FPS I don't think i'm so good at the game.

  • @MisterMellow
    glad i'm not the only one considering how strange Vora is. when I first heard of her I legit thought she would be a melee flank, wich in my opinion could have been interesting. because despite the fact i said that a melee character need to do dammages to compensate there lack of range and often lack of mobility, Vora seemed to just have a lack in range since she could graple to walls and ennemies, I won't talk about that strange movement she made in her intro thought (the one kinda working like a Mal'Damba dash move but more veiny and gross), because despite how cool it was it's not in her gameplay and I can understand why.
    maybe the best balance would have been hight mobility and fast hit ratio but a lower stat in attack, making her hit fast at a decent amount of dammage, focusing on a 1v1 fight/chase so making her pretty much letal to slow or big ennemy, unless you do the amazing thing that is to play as a team, she wouldn't be able to do a 1v5 unless you would have been a god at playing her.
    but as you know, we got that weird air slashing scythe because who need guns?
    like. i'm not saying that she NEEDS to be a melee character or they need to make one, but a bit of diversity in the game wouldn't hurt. we got a lot of bang bang pioupiou kaboom gameplay already, so a bit of slashy slash wouldn't hurt since the game basically work around swords, guns and crystals. heck; atlas only shoot the same ammos, he just rewind time on is gun to make the bullets come back and shoot again so maybe we could at least have a change of gameplay from time to time and not just a stylish weapon that is either no used like it should be cough cough koga's claws and tiberius sword cough cough and make it more than an ultimate. i get that tiberius master the blade so much that he use it to be like 99999% more deadly and that in the same way it is why Zhin mannage to attack with oil on fire just by launching it. but zhin is literaly a bunch of sparks that they made into a "ghost" blade to hit in a certain distance. the least they could have done with a character that as a scythe as big as her would have been to make her spits your teeth with a violant slap. who know, maybe one day we will see some changes.

    and let's be honest, people complain about how some characters shouldn't be here or there, but do we need someone to remind that in the first place paladins was suposed to be a first person MOBA? heck, it even had some neat mechanics like the tall grass and still has the out of battle heals and the powers and ultimate. and even if people tryed to play smart they would say "OvErWaTcH dId It FiRsT!" but I mean...yes and no. paladins as been in beta for a hell of a time (and tbh still feels like it is), they where being worked on almost the same time period and didn't even had the same amount of people working on it and i'm not including the buget. so to see an idea that was original just becoming the regular slop we eat almost every day, taking away those spices that made the game unique to just replace it with regular condiment like the battle pass and making it work almost entirely around it like it was some kind of health support is kinda...sad.
    it's like realm royal. I'm gonna be honest I don't really like battle royals, I mean I like them. but when you want to get good at the game most of those games don't really have a way to train yourself. so you start a game, you die, wait for a certain amount of time, find a new game, die and you repeat like that. those type of games don't have the most efficient when it comes to training, but that doesn't stop you from learning and becoming better, it's just...slower.
    meanwhile Realm Royal was actually pretty fun. they had that neat idea of making the game all around the paladins character in a battle royal it was fun but mostly felt like a spin off or something. then they made the generic appearance with different class like the wizard, the warrior, the engenier and finally the thief. all had there own spells they could find in chest as well as specific armor and weapons they could have forged with an item that you could only get by killing someone. not gonna lie this was my favorite Battle royal and against all odds was also one of my favorite game. heck i was a pain in the ass for two of my friends because for a while i was just playing that game and even often told them to join me and try it. they kinda liked it, not there worst not there best, thought they admited they had fun playing it because it was fresh and original for a BR game. suddenly they made a generic fortnite game with mediaval fantasy aestetic, out of the window originality, time for the same soup that everybody eat because it's the only thing that is promoted and shoved in our face. no more classes now it was just skins with deifferent body shapes. before you had buffs character like the warrior who was wide and easy to hit but had a slow health regen, same goes for the enginier, les wide but had a slow armor regen. now it was a regular dude (the wizard). two fat ass (warrior and engenier) and a lanky gothic teenager (the thief). what was the point of having different character that had different shape if that was only giving a disadvantage? the classes got canceled, now you could make anything out of anything. I remember there was also an anoying game mechanic that stopped you from taking a certain power and or weapon depending on what you had but from what I saw they removed it. tbh i don't know what the game looks like right now, it had lost my interest because everything that maded him fresh and new got taken away to make a fortnite clone. for all I know maybe they putted everything back and i'm just ranting like a grumpy old man. but you can't ignore the fact that everything they make that makes a game unique get often cancel for no real reason apart making the same game as everyone.

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