November Rage Thread

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    What is making you 😡 during November? 👇

  • There's a perfect title in the BP paid track for Fire only Imani mains such as myself and I wont get it because spending 600 crystals on bunch of letters is a huge waste 😢

  • Novermber rage thread

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    Three supports, all useless.

    So fucking useless.jpg

  • @Borvik

    I refer to these games as Hallway Shooters. COD, Overwatch, Paladins are just hallway shooters imo. They may be colorful hallways, but hallways none the less. Players that can get so egotistical and high and mighty over hallway shooters is a joke to me. That's why the terms Pro Paladins player or Pro Overwatch player is like saying Pro Dorito eater to me. The community can be so very mean and it's a HALLWAY SHOOTER for crying out loud, with no real depth (still it's my favorite game). I've had players threaten to report me for feeding when I've gone 6/8 during a stomp (they went 4/10), just blows me away. It get's to the point sometimes that I rather go shoot bots all day(as boring as that gets) than have to deal with it. I also know this happens in all fps games but some people are just playing for fun and don't care about protecting their kdr or whatever. A player was not treating one of our teammates nice and the teammate typed back that they were doing the best they can(made me a little sad). I think we forget that kids play this game and to unleash on them like you would an adult sucks. Maybe Hi Rez could implement some kind of good behavior system or something, I dunno.


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    Also 5 9, title November is misspelled 😉

  • Out of all things AoC could ask for nerfing Imani, they asked for Ice Stance nerf? The shit stance?

    W H A T ?

    Not the melt beam, not the 2k burst, not pyromania killing you 20 u away from the corner, but to nerf that shithole of a stance.

    I am done.

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    @DocsHolliday57 said in Novermber Rage Thread:


    Also 5 9, title November is misspelled 😉


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    AoC is now asking for Koa NERFS... Even with the buffs he got, he's not even as good as Nando point but yet the last thing they said for Nando was to BUFF him... 🤣 Like he's still definitely in the bottom half of tanks, with shield build and everything... Heck without shields he's not viable at all still (which luckily they only suggested nerfing shieds). Also, Sha needs a nerf? What? Sha is absurdly skill dependent and is STILL worse than BOTH snipers at comp level, both of whom are significantly easier to play... Also, no mention AT ALL of allowing Andro to have 11 Ammo being NOT OKAY... Oh wait, it was Jay that gave them that stupid idea in the first place. And then there's the fact they think Grover needs a buff... He's perfectly fine as is and in fact the Axe QoL change to make it apply Wrecker, although nice, was totally not necessary at all.

    Really disappointed in them this time around.

    Oh and "Vora's only problem is her ult". Yeah... no. She has way more problems than that. She's EXTREMELY underpowered even as she is on Live. In fact, I'd say she's not too far from where Skye is.

    It's like half of what they said was not the right way to do what they need to do at best and at worst it was just a plain factually incorrect take on the balancing of the game right now. Pretty sure I can safely say that nobody on the AoC right now is getting my vote if they run again.

  • @Dusklicious I sort of get where they're coming from, for the most part.

    Makoa half shell is boring as shit, and the last thing this game needs is a shield meta. I don't like designs that punish you for shooting at tanks. Plus, instead of making actual good point tanks like Barik and Inara that require you to actually manage their cool downs like other mmo games, they'd rather just say "here's a bunch of shields, enjoy point tanking!" It's a boring design and annoying to go against. The devs annoy me with this actually, especially since my favorite tanks are point tanks, and they don't care to make point tanks. They've actually said that they don't care to make point tanks because point tanks are boring to make.

    Though to be fair, they have said some red flag shit. Pip heal over time. So more flank pocket potential? Barik hp idea? So instead of fixing his shit cards, they just want to buff hp? Hide your character level? Why tf would any normal person want to hide their character level? Who complained about it enough to get brought up? It sounds like something that would benefit either trolls or 'fake no skins'. Z1 was at the meeting and didn't have a topic? Then why tf did he should up?

    I'll probably still vote for Jayflare because he does the AOC meeting videos, which is very valuable. However, the others are pretty trash. AOC started off decently well, but now it seems less like they want to balance for everyone, and more like they want to balance for themselves.

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  • This lvl 110 Seris barely healed me, but at the midgame she declared that we don't deserv heal, so she stop healing. She went to flank and died again and again. I was forced to by Veteran and it healed me much more than her. And just died on the objective without help... How can a lvl 110 champ be as useless?

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    Worst Level 170 Seris and worst three-stack I've ever seen. Seris thought she was a damage and healed for nearly nothing, Talus played like a backline, and Imani barely did any damage. The only one who wasn't bad was the Koa and even then part of the reason my stats are so much worse than Koa's is because I got healed twice the whole game and Talus didn't flank so I was pretty much flanking alone the entire game (Koa was the point).


  • @Dusklicious This was lvl 170 seris? Her build looks like it was created by 5yo who only rated cards by the pictures alone.

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    @Dusklicious @HeartQueen

    I didn't watch it but didn't any of them mention the serious bot problem? It's sickening. I'm serious when I say I'm getting a bot in 75% of the matches - either team. I had three in one match the other day.

    One match I had a person say they couldn't play the match because his controller wasn't working. Well, no shit, it's a KBM match. He went afk so we had no support. How much of this crap is going on?

    I've had teammates complain about 500 ping and then they leave. Meanwhile I'm in the 60s. There should be region lockout for high ping. Must be friggin rocket science to come up with that idea.

  • @DocsHolliday57 fam, u stole my comment XD

  • @Carlolrac555

    My bad, honestly even I kept reading it wrong, sorry. It took me checking back in on the thread multiple times before I caught it. You know, I'm quick to the slow and all. I would send you a gift or some shit to make up for it but I'm on Playstation and we don't have that ability, sorry bro. Didn't even notice.

  • @DocsHolliday57 Bro it's fine XD, was just kidding man dont worry about it. I mean great minds think alike huh.
    Edit: u can always dm me a code XDDDD jk

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    FIX THE FRIGGIN BOT PROBLEM!!! Enemy Tyra... If you won't do that at least make the bot's ability somewhat near the level of the players in the match.


  • @Vaporized Couchtrip talked about the drop hack problem, but the devs said that they have a large quarantine and Rogue Company backlog. The devs said just leave a support ticket, but don't pester them.

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