November Rage Thread

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    Please for f***'s sake EM, BUFF. WRECKER.

    If they don't buff Wrecker and Bulldozer next patch they're being clowns. 🤡 Shields are becoming the meta like pocketing became the meta last patch because of the fact there's no option to counteract it since Wrecker's scaling is an utter joke, and Bulldozer's horrendous scaling doesn't help Io still being a top 3 support even after a MASSIVE nerf a few patches back from when she was literally meta-defining as well as Imani's current resurgence in the meta from the fact it's so hard to deal with Drag (and now it isn't like the rest of her kit is ehhh either).

    Just please do it. If you had any common sense you would do it with the next patch to prevent these issues from being too egregious.

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    Come on. I'm over 55, arthritis and half blind and I have to go against masters(well known) and official streamers? uggg


  • People tell me that Strix takes no skill, yet I suck with him. Something isn't adding up...

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    @HeartQueen said in November Rage Thread:

    People tell me that Strix takes no skill, yet I suck with him. Something isn't adding up...

    I mean only thing he really takes is decently good aim to play properly. Though for some reason I'm actually better at Nessa than I am at Strix... 🤔

  • @Dusklicious said in November Rage Thread:

    @HeartQueen said in November Rage Thread:

    People tell me that Strix takes no skill, yet I suck with him. Something isn't adding up...

    I mean only thing he really takes is decently good aim to play properly. Though for some reason I'm actually better at Nessa than I am at Strix... 🤔

    The thing I hate about Strix that isn't a problem with Kinessa is the heavy recoil after he shoots his sniper. Plus he's geared towards people that quick scope, and I suck at quick scoping.

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    16/8/17 Seris STILL LOSES... Woo.

    Seris carry and loss lol.jpg

    I'm starting to get the idea that solo-Q outside of ranked (and to an extent in ranked as well) is pretty much just a bad idea. Too many toxic, inting throwers playing this game... With players like the BK and Maeve in this particular match being so bad and still getting the nerve to whine whenever the support is getting flanked and asking for anyone to get any kind of awareness of it (I had some, but I'm too busy solo-tanking with DPSes doing zero damage), it might just be time to play exclusively with stacking Discord parties.

    4 braincells, 2 DPSes.jpg

    For the most part, yeah today's been a pretty frustrating day. 😒 I'm really, really getting sick of people going out of their way to underperform, bonus points when it's obvious that they're specifically trying to p*$$ me off. It's working. 😡

  • There is only so many excuses one can make before self reflection is necessary.

    "It's match-making!" "It's the bans!" "It's the draft!" "My team is trash!"

    Screenshot (428).png

    Yeah, the Io and Seris thought we lost because we didn't ban Vivian or Tyra. lol. Yes, that's the reason we lost. We threw YOUR game! lol. I mean they combined for less healing than the Grover and went 1-10 and 0-17, but sure, they weren't the reason they lost, it was us. "You didn't ban Vivian and Tyra!" You mean the people who had the most deaths in the entire game aside from Lian and Io? Clearly we had a counter for them and did our job. The issue now are the idiots that fed 0-17 and 1-10 on Seris. I guess it's better to blame other people and match-making instead of admitting that you were trash.

  • Today I reminded myself why I should avoid playing early in the morning.

    I had a match with a 301 lvl CM Pip and a Moji.

    The pip played fine first round but then he started weightless into enemy backline every time he respawned, often 1v5ing the whole thing, and ulting into the air. Ended up 3/20/4 or sth. Not sure what happened here, did he give his keyboard to his younger siblings mid match? lol

    Moji was the cherry on top of everything. 3/20/2 and 20k dmg.

    I was playing Imani and we had GM Lian and Nessa on enemy team. There was a situation where I hit Lian once for 1000 dmg, then other Fireball for 998 dmg and died quickly after. Then Moji dismounted in front of Lian right after that happened. She STILL managed to kill the moji. Lian had no HP card which means she literally had 2 POINTS OF HP. Moji missed 3 of her LMBs and decided to Scamper into the Lian right after, which resulted in Lian bursting the living crap out of that Moji. She could literally press her easy to hit RMB to kill Lian within 0.08s and possibly push the payload but apparently missing all the giant LMBs she deemed as more succesful strategy.

    Time to go back to Warframe until evening so I can get better matches. Being matched against GMs while having no GMs on my team seems unfair considering my highest rank wasn't even dia.

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    Something up with the servers??

    Q times - 5+ minutes for Onslaught with 3 times player failed to join.
    Even Siege is over 2 min and ended up with a term bot.



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    I'm getting SOO sick and tired of people trying to say winrates are some sort of end all be all for balance while also proving exactly why they should never, EVER be such a thing. And the fact some of these people are so SMUG about it gets on my nerves. It's like they honestly think their interpretation of balance is somehow objectively correct because it's based on a number that in and of itself means very little anyways.

    I mean the fact of the matter is that context is VERY important to balance ESPECIALLY in Paladins where there's less of a playerbase to make said winrate grounded in a larger sample size. Plus not to mention just how high-ELO winrates are measured makes them kind of an inadequate measure, considering it also counts matches where they're against lower skill players (which of course ELO and skill are FAR from the same thing but that's a discussion for another day).

    But of course since these people think their takes are superior to everyone else's then I doubt that venting my frustration with their utterly ludicrous way of thinking about balancing is going to change anything. I'm of course not going to say winrates mean nothing, because that's not necessarily true. But what I will say is the use of it as some sort of objective gauge is tiresome to deal with.

    Also playing Agony over Soul Collector on Seris is objectively throwing. May seem contradictory to the above complaint about people being objective about something that there's no room for objectivity about, but in this case it is objectively the case if you think about it for more than 2 seconds... Agony only gives you a situational not very long stun instead of the sustain of a tank and damage rivaling some DPSes with max stacks which aren't awfully hard to stack up as long as you play safe without stacks up. I guess some people are just like "haha Seris stun funny" or something. Maybe it's become one of those trash talents that's a meme.

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    Stupid bots.. Andro for sure was a bot... Waste of time. I died only because I suicide leaped at the very end of the last push.


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    Who the f*** has 1k Bounty Tokens?

    Uhmmm this is insane..jpg

  • I probably disappointed my duo, but it's life. Like he wanted me to duo with him on Thanksgiving. I'm sorry, but no. I spend Thanksgiving helping my mom and brother prepare the meal, stuffing my face until my stomach hurts while watching a movie, complaining to my dad about it to which he replies "walk it off", walking for a bit, then going back to lazing around on the couch. And if I do decide to play a game, it'll be a game like Don't Starve Together. Like I'm sorry, but I do NOT want to spend Thanksgiving playing ranked and having Gold and Platinum players tell my duo and I that we're stupid and have no gamesense. I'm in Diamond 4 alone due to my impeccable gamesense, aim where? My duo is Diamond 2. So the last thing we fucking need are Gold players, who are scared of fucking Talus of all people, lecturing us about what to ban. I want Thanksgiving to be fun and relaxing, not stressful. Paladins ranked is stressful.

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    Casuals... The other day Khan said he was damage.. So I picked IO and said I was flank. A teammate got peeved and picked Grohk and said he was going to throw. Another player asked why. He said read the chat. The Grohk threw by leaving the spawn and immediately dismounting the entire match.

    OMFG, what is wrong with these people?

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    Why are the Q times so much worse? Even siege..


    I'm so sick of the bots... Damba in this one.


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    I just witnessed a Term playing the most over-aggressive and moronic game of second point ever (after giving every indication he was going to off-tank), a Ying who somehow f***ing DIED after I put a shield in front of their face (hint, they walked AWAY FROM IT WITH ONLY 200 HEALTH) then also whining when I tried to actually give us an off-tank (Also lying in the process because of course why the f*** not), an Andro who could do nothing against a team he hard countered, all on the same team whining about me (Fernando) and a Strix trying to snipe with idiots on his team when THEY WERE THE ONES THROWING!

    I swear thinking about how f***ing stupid some of the people that play this game are and how simultaneously smart they THINK they are compared to everyone else is going to give me an aneurysm.

  • PS_App_20201130_092406_2_resized.jpg

    The above is the game that made me retire ranked for the night. Seriously, this was a 20 minute game and I had 196k healing, which was more than the two supports on the enemy team combined. My duo, the Imani, had 158k damage and went 25-12, yet we still lost due to a bad Zhin and a sniper that can't aim.


    So I went to casuals and had the above game. I'm so cursed with Cassie. No matter what I do, I get bot teammates when I play her. I was the only one who killed everyone at least once. I was getting double kills and triple kills, yet we still lost. This game made me angry.


    After that game, this one followed. I wasn't even mad at this point, I was just mentally drained. Our Lex literally went 1-17, 1-17! Lex was NOT a bot by the way. Sad thing was, the Androxus wasn't even cracked. Like he literally dashed away when I hit a few shots on him. The issue was that my dps were so bad so he was able to 1v3 them. And when I pressured him away, they got 1v3'd by a fucking Bomb King.

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    @HeartQueen I don't mind bad players as long as they make an effort and make somewhat reasonable choices. Casuals is a mixed bag with the wonky MM, people trying out new things, lack of counter picking, etc.

    Here I am playing as rare support(Seris) and the enemy term is masters and we had a masters dredge. Both are current and prior masters. Meanwhile our Vora and Atlas fed. Tyra went Mercy when Firebomb would have been a better choice. Atlas tried to blame me of course. No one knows how to kill a Terminus or kill the enemy support?


    Then I'm Raum. Our Cassie had a diamond something frame... Zhin and Kinessa do less damage than I did. Furia went SB, not complaining about that, but the Zhin was whining for healing the entire match. I thought it was going to be a loss but somehow we managed to make the final cap.


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    I swear the Bounty Store's implementation managed to get way worse instead of better after their attempt to "fix" it... Bounty coin prices are absolutely insane, you can only get three bounty coins in a DAY...

    Like do they want a system that's pretty much next to pointless, because that's what it is now... 😒 Probably will stop paying attention to bounty quests at some point because none of the skins in the whole game are really worth... 200 days of grinding.

    Like frankly if I knew that the bounty store would come to suck THIS much, I'd have been totally AGAINST implementing it as it's a waste of time better spent elsewhere (cough cough bugs and balancing cough cough) as is now.

    Also I don't understand why people think it's so much better to buff a tank's base health over actually buffing the issues in their kit... It's like... shocker... Most of these people who suggest this stuff know jack $#!+ about how to balance a tank. I'm pretty sure there's a reason 4900 HP Ash isn't a thing anymore, just going to say that.

  • @Vaporized Flanks generally whine about solar blessing Furia heals because when Furias goes solar blessing, they generally don't heal the dps. You could be standing at 100 hp right next to them, and they still won't heal you. However, I'm past the point of whining at them. At this point, when I see a Furia on my team as a dps, I expect them to go Solar Blessing and only pocket the tanks. Like I've tried to inform so many of them, but they just insist on beam heals, even against a fucking Willo. So I just leave them be at this point.

    To be fair to your Zhin, Imani and Buck are hard counters to him. Buck is also a hard counter to Kinessa and Cassie. Really, Buck countered your entire team, with you as an exception of course. Imani countered Zhin and Cassie. As opposed to the Lex on my team who aside from Bomb King, a console BK so he won't be as good as PC by the way, didn't really have a hard counter. Y'all probably won by ganging up on Buck at the end, and when he fell, the entire team fell.

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