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    @M3RC3N4RI0 Nothing weird.. I see it all the time.. Example: This Ying did 232k in 14 minutes. Trust me, I had caut. @HeartQueen posts good healing #s all the time.

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    Yes, not having any tanks or supports in a BP is totally fine and saying a BP is amazing with that flaw as well as the furry bait BK skin, VIvian's tree gun (also the skin's VP is annoying but that's admittedly subjective), is clearly just an opinion that has no right to be criticized for the bad take it is.

    Frankly, how bad this VP is, pretty much crossed the line. I would agree it's not an issue if it weren't for the fact that literally only DPS champs (unless you count flanks as not being DPS which I don't) got skins in this BP. That pretty much makes most positive takes of it not very good ones.

  • 30 sec into patch update and they already announce delays 🤣 😢

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 said in November Rage Thread:

    @HeartQueen said in November Rage Thread:

    The issue on balancing tanks is that they nerfed shields, wrecker, cauterize, and barely nerfed support healing. So the sustain meta was more like "if the support is good, the tank is invincible, if not, tough shit for the tank." So they started trying to add more shields to tanks so they can sustain better without a support. The issue now is similar to when they buffed supports again after the cauterize nerf, where wrecker barely does anything to their shields. I do think an hp buff is better than a shield buff for right now. However, I do understand your point. Like most people think that an HP buff for Barik is going to cut it. Like when his cards are so shit, wtf is an hp buff from 3,400-->3,600 actually going to do?

    They nerfed support healing. A good healer reached 10K heal-per-minute once.

    I can still get that number in a good match. I do think healing numbers weren't like they used to be. Before, average games used to be about 10k per minute with the godtier people reaching over 20k per minute. Now the average games are about 6k per minute for average people, 7k or 8k for good people, with godtier people reaching about 15k per minute.

    @Vaporized said in November Rage Thread:

    @M3RC3N4RI0 Nothing weird.. I see it all the time.. Example: This Ying did 232k in 14 minutes. Trust me, I had caut. @HeartQueen posts good healing #s all the time.

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    The issue is that when you tank in casuals, hardly anyone is going to be on tank. Like Mal'Damba had great healing numbers for what his comp was. A solo Ash, a sniper, a flank, and a Tiberius. Yet he still healed 7.7k per minute. The issue is that he didn't have much to heal. However, Ying had an Inara and Ferandno to heal, plus Tyra (who has the largest hp for a none tank), so she could get those big healing numbers.

    Another issue is that a lot of supports are just not good. Like in a 15 minute match with 2 tanks, Io had 66,743 healing. That's 4,450 healing per minute, which is not good at all. The average Io player would've gotten 90k healing while a great Io player would've gotten 150k healing.

    Another issue to piggyback off of this issue is the excuses people make for supports. When I called out why Io had low healing with 2 tanks, the enemy team defended her. "She healed more than our Furia that only healed for 47,377! Io was good!" Let me tell you why that logic is bs. Furia had a 4 dps team, so no tanks. Of course Io is naturally going to heal more because it's 2 tanks vs 0 tanks. Also, Furia healed for 3,158 per minute and went Exterminate, which is pure trash. So the Io on my team wasn't good, more like both the supports suck, but Io had 2 tanks so her stats were more padded (does this sentence even make sense? lol). So instead of supports actually self reflecting, they just go about their day blaming their team. This is different from a dps by the way because when I go 6-11 as Tiberius (actual stat from me by the way), I look at myself to blame. "Maybe Tiberius wasn't the right pick here." "Perhaps I took too many matchups that weren't in my favor." "Maybe I was too aggressive in certain cases." Yet when people defend supports, they don't allow the supports to self reflect, hence the low healing numbers from a lot of them.

  • I came here to vent about the update show...

    The battle pass sucks. My second battle pass in a row that I'll be skipping. I don't know, these BPs feel like such a downgrade after the Radiant Stars battle pass. It's like they actually tried for the Radiant Stars battle pass. The skins were beautiful, the people they picked make sense, plus the different recolors were gorgeous. Lately though, there seems to be less effort. I'm not going to say lack of effort because they clearly put details and are trying, but it's like they came with their A game for the Radiant Stars battle pass and their C game for these next two. : / I will say that the Kraumpus skin in the Update show still makes me smile, and I don't even care for Raum as a champion.

    The balance is still pretty shit. They put bandaids on gaping wounds. Let's review...

    • Barik hp increase is nice and all, but his cards are still shit.
    • Khan was buffed from 180-190 damage per shot, amazing. /s
    • Koga and Zhin are bandaid fixes to the meta. The issue with them is the pocket meta, not their damage or speed on billow. The issue is that they become braindead when they have a Jenos, Corvus, Io, and/or Torvald pocketing. Like my duo and I went against a stack that played Torvald and Koga, and they dominated us. When we banned Koga and Torvald, they lose the next 2 games to us. Koga with pockets is the ultimate no skill strat. Most grandmasters ran Koga/Vivian/Androxus with pockets to climb, or they ran snipers with a Luminary Jenos. Instead of nerfing pockets, they nerf these two. It's like during the damage amp era where you had Hunter's Party Tyra at 25%, Field Study Torvald at 30%, and Luminary Jenos. Instead of nerfing those 3, imagine if they had just nerfed Strix, Kinessa, and Drogoz damage? Sure those champions are extremely obnoxious with damage amps, but even if you only nerf those champions, another will take their place. You have to fix the source.

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    They better nerf jenos for the big new season patch, lumi (and jenos in general tbh) needs an overhaul. Corv i think will always be a problem as long as his lifesteal card exists. his heals i think are ok, the issue is his marks allow him to not only pocket dps, but tanks as well.
    I never really saw koga as a problem but i heard them say smth abt console?
    Zhin nerfs are misplaced, zhin himself is ok, its justthe jenos/corv boost.
    re reading this and reading heartqueens post I'm just basically restating LOL.

  • @Vaporized said in November Rage Thread:

    @M3RC3N4RI0 Nothing weird.. I see it all the time..

    So? I just watched a video of AndrewChicken where he heals for 1.4 Million in a 36 minutes match. I never said it's impossible to get high healing numbers.

  • I just realized there was nothing adressing Andro and pocket meta so I will have to deal with it at least until february... That's very annoying.

  • The Koga nerf is ridiculous. He is barely picked and mostly uses claws even if someone plays him. 10% nerf on the main ability is huge. Vivien got 6% nerf, while she is still way stronger...
    Why nerf the weakest flanker's weaker stance???

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