November Rage Thread

  • @Dusklicious said in November Rage Thread:

    This was A LOSS by the way. Barik game with 181k damage, 24/9/25, STILL LOSES ANYWAY!


    You need to get a bigger backpack so you can carry more. 😉

  • This bounty store STILL makes me nervous. Nobody can tell and explain how it works. They told us that the price will decrease but I can't see "cheap" skin below 131 coins even I'm watchin and refreshing. Why they make hard and easy quest all with 1 coin? Now they put skins for 24 hhours not 72....most of the cases the time is running out and they put the skin one or two hours later so I waste my time....and now I spent almost all my coins for one lian skin that is still LOCKED in my profile but the coins are goin. WTF HI REZZZZZZ!?
    p.s. they put bounty store issue channel in discord and I notice that many users complain about trading skins. But the question is HOW you trade skins O.o ? I remember that we want this from years but they never do it? So what users mean and how they trade skins? Why I can't find info anywhere just topics from users that want trades and that's it?

  • I go into a match to train the cup and the game didnt let me into the match, I became a bot. After i tried to restart Paladins 5 times and it just showed the avatar of the map, but didnt put me in.
    5 times!
    After I restarted again and i couldn't click to anywhere in the main menu. After I restarted again and it greeted me:

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    @HeartQueen It was probably a drophacker

    @HeartQueen said in November Rage Thread:

    I love when severe server lag causes me to lose a game. /s

    Literally 4 people on my team were bots at one point, including myself, because of the shitty servers of Paladins. "We're trying our hardest." Yeah, I get that people can be dicks on the Internet to companies, but you have to see it from their point of view. Imagine not being able to leave base because it just teleports you right back to it. Imagine not being able to hit much or do much because you're hard lagging to the point that you don't know what the fuck is going on. This is frustrating to deal with as a gamer, and I'm frankly sick of the "we are trying our hardest." shit. They claim that we have to go on server maintenance before patches because they have to test shit, but wtf did they test? How tf did Frozen Guard pass testing? How tf do you do server maintenance, but your servers are still trash?

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    @fedushev said in November Rage Thread:

    Hey guys I didn't know where to ask and I dont want to make a new topic so I ask here. I notice today one player with loading frame that is not in the game and it's not included even in paladins gamepedia. I include screenshot, can you tell me what is this frame? I'm super curious 😄 framePaladins.jpg

    Its the season 3 frame for ranked

  • Boy do I love Vora players! /s



    I seriously hate Vora though. No matter how much I killed and how much work I did, we still lost because Vora goes shit like 7-20.

  • @HeartQueen According to my tests Vora's meta is super similar to Skye's:
    Both are calssified as a flanker but works as a passive damage dealer with a talent what deals HP% dmg.
    Your Vora mates just tried to use her as a flanker, but flanker Skye and flanker Vora suck. Skye hasn't got enaugh mobility and Vora hasn't got enaugh burst.

  • @Nico No it's not. Season 3 will end after 63 days. It's too early and this is the only one time that I saw that frame. Maybe it's in some pack with Vora and season pass.... 🙂

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    @fedushev it is 😊 i know that for a fact. Its the season 3 frame, I've seen it multiple times. There is a bug wen you first get it that you can equip it and you will see just a question mark until the files are added.

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    What's going on with this game??? No front on either team - SIEGE.. Looks like Furia quit.



    Moji obsession???? WTF


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    Everyone else insta locked dps... No way I'm going to support this mess so I went Dredge (hurl) - which I almost never play.


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    Forgot this one from yesterday.

    Yet again, I had a person that claimed that he is a controller player and won't be able to play the match. WTF is he in my KBM only match? The support also left. Epic loss.

    PC with gamepad getting into KBM only matches... Not good. This shit needs to be fixed.

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    So it was 3-2 near end of a push... game dumps me back to the lobby... Match not in history... WTF???? Drop hack?

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    3 Enemy snipers. Strix turned out to be a bot. Our Lex (not a bot) was crap so fair I guess...

    Fix the bot problem.


  • I hate those people that are like "how do y'all keep dying to X???" Usually followed by "y'all are suck bots!" or my all time favorite "X sucks!" So because I kept dying to a grandmaster Androxus with a double pocket (no idea how that slipped through the draft), I'm complete garbage. Or the whole "How do y'all keep dying to Androxus, he sucks!" And it's said by people who don't kill the person in question and they actively avoid them. Like the Zhin on our team was avoiding the Androxus the entire match. If Androxus is so bad, how come you can't fucking kill him?! How come you spent the entire match hiding from him and avoiding him if he's so bad? Seems like you can just kill him and save your backline the trouble.
    Oh wait, he wasn't bad because you were too scared to confront him! lol. Like geez man, just admit when people are better. Androxus was goated and farmed our entire backline, and you were too scared of him to protect us. Like yes I could do better if I'm a Viktor getting destroyed by an Androxus, but don't act like you're any better than me considering that you're actively avoiding him. And no, killing the enemy Grover and Ying isn't going to distract from that.

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    Had this Vora yesterday... All she did was leave the spawn and emote the entire match. We lost 3-4 but would have won easily if we actually had a fifth player - reported of course but what BS.

    What's disturbing is I looked at this person's profile on guru and it turns out the person has good stats when he actually plays. Why this person had a bug up his butt from the start is beyond me. We had a good comp. There was nothing to bring this behavior on. Bipolar?

  • "Why are we more likely to win if we play meta champions and meta compositions?! I'm so fucking tired of this!1!! 😠 😠 " -one-trick Seris

    Like fam, I get that ranked can be annoying when you have to play the same supports, tanks, and dps over and over again, but this ain't it chief. If you want to one-trick Seris you can, just please go to casuals if you're that tired of it. lol. Like if I'm tired of playing Corvus, Io, Jenos, Tyra, Lian, Inara, and Barik, then I go to casuals and play whoever I want. The biggest issue with ranked is that people are trying to treat it like casuals. You don't go with the mindset of "I'm going to play [favorite champion]." You go with the mindset of "I'll fill out the comp nicely." Another example was a dork trying to one-trick Evie in ranked because he picked her up in casuals and liked her. Like fam, if you want to just play Evie, play fucking casuals. But don't last pick Evie when we need another tank. And it hurts because the guy that picked Evie is actually a godtier Drogoz, and Drogoz would've been nice for that draft. But no, he wanted to play Evie because he felt like it.

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    @HeartQueen what if i am a 1-trick corv in ranked? can i still be accepted?

  • @Nico said in November Rage Thread:

    @HeartQueen what if i am a 1-trick corv in ranked? can i still be accepted?

    One-tricking anyone in ranked is bad tbh. What if the team needs tank or dps? What if Corvus is banned? The more flexible you are in ranked, the more useful you are.

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