November Rage Thread

  • nobody give kiss to astolfo 😞


  • @Carlolrac555 i consider myself a rare species the "pogchamps" is what its called we are hiring come join

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    I somehow manage to get a drop hack in 75% of my matches - sure.....

    This bot crap has been going on for at least a year and a half - well before the Covid-19 crap. I have numerous rants about it. BS excuse.

    Don't pester them? See above comment.

    Support ticket? I'd be reporting almost every match.

    Besides, I don't believe it's drop hack. Many times the game loses players when it transitions from the loading frames. You know it when it happens. The loading frames sits there for an abnormal amount of time. When it finally puts you in the spawn someone is a bot. Once in a blue moon the player will manage to rejoin but even when that happens he likely crashes again during the match.

    I'm sick of having match outcomes determined by who has the most bots. How can the MM work properly when people's ratings are being manipulated by the bot factor?

    Roque Company? lol - it's probably infested with the same shit.

    BTW, my matches show in the history. This is contrary to the drop hack theory. I haven't seen a dropped match since season 1 or maybe early season 2. Drop hacking probably occurs more in ranked when some baby can't handle losing.

  • @Vaporized i dont think drophacks are all that common I don't know if you don't know what your talking about but drophacks arent something you can just do I mean they arent free and you would have to scavenge alotttttt to find some so I think your exaggerating

  • @NotAModerator Hi! 😇 Who is Astolfo? 🙃 😅

  • This post is deleted!

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    Uhm What the f*** is this about EM? I buy Steam Demon Andro from the Bounty Store and I only get the gun?

    uhm wtf.jpg

    uhm wtf2.jpg

  • @NotAModerator ye im looking for an application in that direction too

  • @NotAModerator Huh, you deleted so quickly 😅

    Anyways my Quicksilver Ying left me 😭 I bought this skin with those new points and yesterday it was locked to me, just as I never got her 😏

  • @KicsitCsicska i said i never mentioned astolfo then realised i did 😓

  • @NotAModerator xdddd, ure astolfo?

  • @NotAModerator Ok, I still don't know him 😅

  • @KicsitCsicska astolfo works for the secret agency

  • @Carlolrac555 Huu, sounds intresting 😮
    The next sentence I heard last time in the situations is: "If I told you I should kill you."

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    @NotAModerator said in November Rage Thread:

    @Vaporized i dont think drophacks are all that common I don't know if you don't know what your talking about but drophacks arent something you can just do I mean they arent free and you would have to scavenge alotttttt to find some so I think your exaggerating

    Did you read what I wrote? I never said it was a drop hack, @HeartQueen mentioned it in response to my question regarding bots and the AOC meeting.

    I wrote: "Besides, I don't believe it's drop hack."
    Really? You interpret that to mean I think it's a drop hack?

    I didn't even bring up drop hack, @Heartqueen did. I'm saying it's not a drop hack. You see that "sure" there - that's called sarcasm. Maybe you should read the entire conversation before saying I don't know what I'm talking about.

    I had posted a match from yesterday here. Does that enemy Tyra doing 5k damage look like a dream to you? I'm not exaggerating the bot problem.

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    Gabby's Barik buff suggestion from AoC is totally glossing over the reason why he suddenly has issues sustaining in the first place...

    Just giving him 400 health isn't suddenly going to fix how he can't get enough sustain options going from his cards...

  • Please for the love of god nerf nessa, I've been seeing her in every single game so far lately. Steady aim on itsself is already broken af, but flatout being able to do 1800 damage and then quickly follow up with a 300 damage shot or so to finish most squishies, is not fun to go up against. I just don't think it's good for snipers to have a dps higher than quite some damagers.
    Just to compare, I think Sha lin is a pretty balanced character. He deals 1000 damage every 1.5s without recurve. Kinessa has 1200 damage every 1.3s and can headshot, she's got a better movement ability, has 'a reveal' with her mines and I can't really add more to that (sha has CC though, which is prob what holds him in the meta). She's more accurate than Sha and has a way bigger dps.

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    Starting to think Vora may actually be WORSE than I initially thought... And I've never thought of her as anything better than a character with potential to maybe be decent in the right hands... She might barely be viable even in skilled hands... 😔

    She's got the sustain of paper (even running a build designed to make that less of a problem), damage that's very much on the low side (thanks to her stupid, badly designed DoT mechanics), long cooldowns... And her ult is almost completely useless. I got one game where I popped off due to sheer luck, and that's it.

    Like she just might be worse than even Skye is. It feels really, really bad to play a champion who just dies when everyone looks at her, and does pitiful damage even when they're not pummeling her to death.

    One thing that I think everybody should agree on is that she's now the worst champ in the game for unskilled players. Even worse than Evie and Damba.

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    Also "Barik is better than Inara".

    I used to think this, but it's honestly ridiculous that there are actually people that think this over a mostly negligible DR nerf. Barik isn't better than Nando let alone Inara.

    Frankly the only ways you can think that at this point are either you're delusional and don't know what you're talking about, or you haven't played the game very much in the past few months.

    And thank you very much to the member of this site that just fed one of my ranked games and forced me into going second point. Really appreciate it.

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