November Happy Thread

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    @HeartQueen said in November Happy Thread:

    @Dusklicious said in November Happy Thread:

    Wow some of these people on Discord are such whiny babies... d@mn... I posted it here because it's really amusing to see them try to find anything and everything to complain about even if it's utter nonsense to complain about said thing.

    Yeah, a lot of the people in Jay Flare's Discord 5-stack onslaught.

    I do it from time to time because losing over and over and proving nobody else on your team has brain cells that function is a painful experience, but yeah I see what you mean. They seem to just whine about anything and everything in that Discord. Of course I have my gripes, but dang it's not about things that there's no reason to even whine about....

    However nobody can do that in my Discord...


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    You give me Ice mines.... You gets the insta lock Vivian... BTW, they weren't bots.


  • I ranked up to diamond 4! Woohoo! šŸŽŠ šŸŽŠ šŸŽŠ I love leaving Vivian as a trap and farming her with Willo. šŸ˜ˆ Yeah, but it's clear the nerfs did something. A lot of people are bad with Vivian and skated by on the fact that she was overtuned. Now that she's not overtuned, it's exposed that they can't draft. Like Vivian against Willo? Come on man... Like I said, I think people are used to "they didn't ban Vivian? Pick her!"

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    This is why I insta lock DPS.. Other DPS is usually worse than me. Sad considering I'm much older than most of the player base and half blind.



  • One match, two quadrakills šŸ˜Ž

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    I was expecting great things from our andro... Well, not so much.. He did OK, I was just expecting a killer carry performance.



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    This little ego trip made me happy for a solid 2 minutes before somebody messed up the draft.

    Complemented yeret.jpg

    Complemented yeet.jpg

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    Update show is this week apparently. šŸ˜„

    Hopefully they make at least a few of the following things happen:

    • Barik buffs (preferably done right and not just slapping 400 extra max HP on him, AoC).
    • Wrecker/Bulldozer buff (30/35% per rank should be about right imho).
    • Barrier Reef nerf (preferably in the form of a rework).
    • ^If they do this, also buff Makoa's base kit a tiny bit. (Maybe buff his cannon's damage back up slightly?)
    • Unstable Fissure buff (Would be nice to see that be a good talent for once).
    • ^ If they do this they need to fix Atlas' damage output that they buffed a little too much as I was worried about.
    • Veteran rework (hopefully make it something that makes it not garbage).
    • Nerf Corvus' Spreading Influence and buff/retool Dark Gifts (make it less spread out on its stats and buff it).
    • Torvald Rework, or at least adjustments to his kit to prepare for it so we can see it happening. (Bonus points if they reintroduce Alternating Current).
    • Strix Fire Rate and Nessa Steady Aim nerfs (Strix fire rate could go down to a total 1.35s while Steady Aim's duration is way too long)
    • Nerf Aegis a bit (even after Wrecker buffs, yes), but buff Formidable (internal CD for now?) and buff the Incinerate card (they can also make his fireball an in-hand).
    • Terminus siphon nerfs. (Necromantic Might's scaling is stupid as f*** just saying).
    • Another Androxus Cursed Revolver fall-off nerf since his last one did next to nothing.
    • Sha'Lin Sand Trap nerf (thinking maybe a reduction in cripple time if not directly hit).
    • Nerfing Zhin in some way (Nerfing Perfect Block might be a start but surely not a finish).
    • Nerfing Ash's Indomitable, Siege Engine, and Brawl cards (not too much, just a little).


  • @Dusklicious I'll add another one:
    ā€¢ Nerf One Step Ahead to the same level as all other movement speed cards because, other than there being no reason for it to be stronger than the others, Vivian being able to become the second fastest champion in the game is utterly b******t.

  • @Dusklicious Update Notes ALREADY? Does that mean they will be tons of balance patch notes like at the end of every season or did they run out of resources even for this?...

  • @TTraw We don't know yet. I personally thought it would be mid-December, so I'm just as surprised as you are at how early it is. From what I gathered, I think it'll be a big update show. They had one in September, and this one is going to give some season 4 teaser changes. I'm excited for the update show tbh.

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    My first leadership commendation goes to this Inara... She made the left/right calls up front and did a good job flanking with us. They never stood a chance (no bots either).


    lol, they were a 5 stack.. Guess they can't blame anyone then.


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  • Don't want to toot my horn here, but Vivi nerfs are kind of similar to something I saw somewhere... I just don't remember where /s

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    I am more than willing to take the balancing parts of this next patch (except Koga because Koga is going to be pretty bad on PC now):

    Highlight: Barik. Got. BUFFED. Like, YOOOO. Not quite what I wanted for him but YOOOOO THAS NICE.

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    I just stared getting into koga and khan (i already play a lot of lian and jenos) to prepare for the new bp and I'm soooo glad i did, these skins are amazing. The koga ult line and VFX so SO GOOD. Also the skins have the pyre sword and symbol like furia's pyre blade gun. IM SO EXCITED FOR THE NEXT BP. its not till next year to right?

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    That Koga skin is definitely going to create some simps. šŸ˜Š

  • @Dusklicious Very big buff too. 600 hp like wtf that's lvl 4 of his hp card.

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    @TTraw said in November Happy Thread:

    @Dusklicious Very big buff too. 600 hp like wtf that's lvl 4 of his hp card.

    They catered to the people who thought he needed to be Inara, but I'll... take it?

  • @Dusklicious Tinkerin is still shit, but now at least you can smax his OP cards lol

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