Slash commands

  • I never used many Slash commands in chat windows but "/stat fps" was nice. I could tell if I had a serious FPS issue BEFORE joining a game so I could go fix it first without impacting other players.

    If I try it now on the main screen in the system chat window, it tells me I don't have permission. If I use it in the lobby chat during character selection, the command prints in chat like the slash no longer works.

    Other commands include watching replays and exiting the game.

    Is this a bug, or are commands now gone?

    I know the Paladins engine always supported a ton more commands than we had access to, so maybe this is a logical progression of taking them away.

  • @Fortis01x

    /exit and /quit , /nohud also stopped working

  • Moderator

    It could be because they're trying to get rid of some abusable chat commands at the moment, but in the meantime, F9 should work.

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