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  • @mad-percolator Not that much. All mortal reach offers is a small healing boost (10% or so) and a range boost Seris doesn't really need. Of course if she could act during healing she would have to be balanced anew.

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    If you are against a decent enemy it's not so boring because they will be coming for you and as we all know the chances of your teammates helping you out are low. With the range of mortal reach this is actually made worse because your teammates might be further away.

    I would be OK with some reduction in the range of mortal reach. I think going from 30% to 80% for the nearby ally heal is too much. At best I could see 50% and I'm not sure there needs to be any change at all there.

    Someone else is proposing to increase Seris' projectile speed among other things - maybe you guys could collaborate.

  • @DaddyOoker I think we faced decent enemies, because we lost. I was flanked by that Maeve all the time. She retreated many times after she recieved my hard dmg on her. These were the only intresting moments, this talent was very boring in the whole match. I explained why.

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    I wasn't implying anything about your particular match - just generalizing.

    I understood your feelings about it. I've had boring matches and really exciting matches - happens with every champion. I don't think it's fair to blame the talent though. If you decide to hang back and peekaboo heal that's your choice and not a direct fault of the talent - you can do that with all three talents. You don't have to wait for the heal cycle to finish either. Cancel the heal and do what you need to.

    You want boring? Play Jenos and hide behind walls doing nothing except put marks on - that's a truly boring play style. Again, player's choice to make.

  • @DaddyOoker Yes, Jenos is super boring while you playing the meta as him: Take care to his life instead of shoot enemies. And he can get the most free assists, so Jenos has the best KDA in the game, because of the realy long heal duration.

    You can't solve a talent's boringness by advice not playing as it if I bored it. It's not about I bored it, but it's boring in general. I think my suggestion could make it much more intresting to play with. Sniper heals and high heal duration are also realy efficient and boring.

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    Do you have a thread to change Jenos to a non-boring talent? If not, then why not?

    I'm not against changing Seris - I gave my input to your changes already - just saying it's not as boring as you make it seem.

  • Tip: If you think healing is a slave job and boring, dont pick support.

  • @DaddyOoker I made suggestions about Jenos on the old forum. You can search for it there. Maybe I will bring it to here without the caut+heal nerf suggestion, because it wont be realised 😞
    I wrote its reasons and pros many times...

    I think both of Mortal Reach bonuses makes her more boring, im happy cuz she has already at least one viable dmg talent.

  • Making Jenos more fun is easy. Remove Luminary. Give him more damage an not his teammates.

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    @jocasela Yes let's play ranked with 2 frontlines and 3 damage dealers

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