[Fan Theory (Maybe Lore Theory)] A link between The Realm the Paladins and The Earth

  • Warning! The theory is fan-made, so some points may not be related to lore. Thank you.
    I have a theory:
    Where do the Magistrate's soldiers and the rebels (paladins) get firearms if they mostly howl magic, Bow and crossbow? We don't know when they got firearms, but we can say for sure that the weapons are in some ways similar from another universe. Perhaps even during the first wars between the Magister Karne's army and the Paladins, they were looking for weapons that could equip an army and lead to victory.
    Then magicians on both sides tried to create portals to other universes where intelligent life lives. At first, mages can't create a teleport due to the fact that they are hindered by monsters and wizards from the abyss. But after some time (Months, years), one of the magicians successfully created a portal to another universe (Most likely it was made by wizards from Magistrate), after creating the portal, they began to send volunteers to the expedition. The result of the first expedition is unknown, but it can be said that it was an unsuitable universe, so the wizards were looking for a new universe.
    Magister Karne's wizards continued to found universe until they found the right universe (the earth universe). To prevent large losses on the planet, first send scouts there to check whether they are safe on this planet. After they found out that they can breathe the air of the earth, they began to look for weapons. The result of the first sortie to Earth is unknown, but it is possible that they got the weapons of earthlings. Epoch on the planet Earth (earth's universe)-unknown, possibly during the "Cold War" (the so-called large-scale war between earthlings) (60-70-ies). But there are rumors that the portal between the worlds was created a long time ago, only recently restored.
    At first, we thought that they had found a good weapon option: Take weapons from earthlings and arm their army against paladins. However, after a while, they had serious problems, which manifested themselves in one of the fights. The battle with someone is unknown, but it showed the shortcomings of the Earthmen's weapons. First, the weapons of earthlings are very sensitive to magic (often dark magic). Second, this weapon uses gunpowder and shell casings that are not produced in Realm the Paladins. So Magistrate is trying to exchange ammunition from bullets for crystals. Meanwhile, the rebels put a new portal on earth and they began to collect weapons of earthlings. Quantity firearms Magistrate's army reduced very significantly (either completely removed from service, or replaced with a weapon that accepts crystals as ammunition).
    The result: The Magistrate's army have few weapons left that fire bullets, if not completely displaced by weapons that fire crystal energy. The rebels (Paladins), on the other hand, have a sufficient number of firearms that fire bullets, although there are also weapons that shoot crystal energy. However, everyone has a common conclusion: they are not armed with the same weapons that the earthlings had. Arming earthlings began with BC (crossbows, bows and cold weapons) and ending with the weapons of the present time for the earth (Cold war) (AK, Uzi, Maс, M16 and other firearms, including weapons of the bloodiest war of mankind - WWII).

    Now I begin to tell you why Realm has connections with Earth.

    1. Weapons. I told you that the weapons in the paladin are like weapons from the Earth.
      Example: Viktor have Assault Rifle Magistrate's army like American assault rifle M16 or/and CAR-15. Let's look at the transformation.
      m16-rifle-sportline.jpg Screenshot_2020-11-05 Viktor.png Screenshot Viktor.png
      The closest thing the M16 looks like is Assault Rifle Magistrate's army, CAR-15 - Code Green AR-Compact.
      Mix of two weapons: Auto Rifle Tyra and AKM with RPD
      (Plus) +
      (Equally) =
      Screenshot_2020-11-05 Tyra.png
      Another Example: Light Machine Gun Vivian and M1 Garand with Bar (Browning M1918)
      (Plus) +
      (Equally) =
      Screenshot_2020-11-05 Vivian.png

    2)Clothes. Despite the fact that Realm the Paladin have magic and the atmosphere of the middle ages, they have clothes of modern eras (Uniforms of the US army, the Soviet army, civilian clothes from the second half of the 20th century)
    Like this:
    Screenshot_2020-11-05 Viktor.png
    Screenshot_2020-11-05 Tyra.png
    There are also those clothes that were before the 20th century (earlier). Like this
    It is possible that this is not all, in the near future there will be even more evidence about the connection between the two universes. And maybe one day Magistrate, Rebels (Paladins), Abyss or the World of Nightmares will release something (by choice or by mistake), where they can escape to earth and bring a global catastrophe to all mankind. (Example: Smart and aggressive, huge insects that can infect creatures (Humans and other intelligent species) in Vietnam or something like that.

    P.S. That's it, thank you for your attention. I hope that my theory will interest you and please do not throw me Slippers and tomatoes.

  • The theory is a little far-fetched, but the gun similarities were pretty big .

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