Jenos Reimagination (I guess)

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    This is a little thing I've been thinking of for a while, hopefully, nothing is too broken, if so, please tell me! Now one to the actual concept!

    Jenos was birthed into a hybrid family of both Ska'drin and Goblin, his kind would normally never be left alive especially after all that the goblin race has done, but after an ancient ritual performed by the Ska'drin to decide how worthy each baby was or to see how sickly they may be in life. His family would be blessed with fortune as Jenos was a special child. This child was blessed by the Goddess Io to be ascended. These ascended would have to be the most careful with both physical and mental health, as they are the most vulnerable of the tribe and the only reason they haven't been absolutely destroyed by the goblin blitz of the tribes, therefore all the ascended of each generation would be heavily guarded, and a previous ascended added a specific rule: All allies of the ascended will also be heavily guarded, this caused Jenos's life to be filled with fake-friends who only befriended him for protection. He grew cold. He expresses his wraith into his allies instead of himself as his mother's final words: "Ska'dakale Shi Na'Malee Lu'lumen Ga Lu'nakula, Ska'drin nen No'midara Desk-" (Stay pure, don't let your trauma fuel fury, use it to change othe-) and as of Ska'drin tradition, honour those who have passed.

    Stats & Info:
    Roles: Support
    Type: Offensive Buffer
    Species: Ska'drin and Goblin Hybrid
    Citizenship: Ska'malee (Purity Region)
    Languages: Ska'dric, English and Dimensional
    Health: 2300
    Movement Speed: 360
    Weapon Type: Oracle (Precision)


    Nova(Passive): Every time you heal an ally, you gain a Nova Charge, you can hold a maximum of 3 charges, each charge buffs each of your abilities. Each charge can only exist for 30 seconds before expiring.

    Luminary Blast(Primary Fire): Channels the power of a nova star into a white hole that blasts projectiles in a cone, dealing 108 damage every 0.13s.

    Astral Mark(Secondary Fire): Mark an ally to gain a buff based on your current amount of Nova Charges:
    0 Charges: Mark an ally to receive a burst of 200 health, followed by a 100 health heal every second for 10 seconds.
    1 Charge: Mark an Ally to receive the previous heal as well as a 10% increase in Damage and a 5% Lifesteal Buff for the duration of your mark
    2 Charges: Mark an ally with a 15% Damage, a 5% movement speed, a 45% Lifesteal buff and a 5% Cooldown Reduction Buff for the duration of the mark
    3 Charges: Mark an ally to receive the following buffs:

    • 100% Cooldown Reduction for 1 second
    • CC Immunity for 2 seconds
    • 50% Lifesteal for 10 seconds
    • 20% Damage Increase for 2 seconds

    Xayah Eclipse(First ABility): Send your Guardian Spirit, Xayah, to a defined area. Xayah lifts all enemies in the area and Jenos can pick a specific enemy to keep them up in the air for 3 seconds, dealing a total of 350 damage over the duration of the ability.

    Cosmic Winds(Second Ability): Gain Movement Utilities for 12 seconds and can be recast to cancel it and is also affected by X-bouncing (Wall jumping). This ability consumes the number of charges you currently have
    1 Charge: Gain 45% Less Gravity, 10% Movement Speed and 25% Jump Height
    2 Charges: Gain 70% Less Gravity, 25% Movement Speed and 30% Jump Height
    3 Charges: Gain 80% less Gravity, 25% Movement Speed, 45% Jump height and 15% CC Reduction

    Super Nova(Ultimate): Charge a global beam that slows and executes all enemies caught inside the beam

    Jenos is known as a buffer with his Luminary talent, and in that sense is meta, so I but more emphasis on the buffs themselves, Extra Info will be below

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