Io Reimagination (I guess)

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    The same thing with the Jenos Imagination thing, a thing I thought of in the shower.

    As the single most powerful mortal in the world, even more, powerful than khan himself, she weaves the fate of life itself, but she wasn't also like this. 1000 centuries ago, she was a child of

    Gaurdian Spirit(Passive): Luna is a spirit which is attached to Io, assisting in healing allies, stunning flanks and dealing damage. Luna has 2500 health, Luna can only be damaged once Io falls below 50% health. Luna will damage the last enemy hit by Io, following a pattern of Light(160), Medium(260), Heavy(360). if a player that Io has healed atmost 5 seconds ago falls below 45% health, Luna will dash towards that ally, healing them for 5% health, Ignoring Cauterize, then return to Io. Luna can be damaged during the action.

    Moonlight Bow(Primary Fire): A Semi-automatic Lunar Bow constructed by the deity, Wekono when Io was only a century old. This bow has two types of shooting:
    Light Shard: Tap your Primary Fire Button in order to project light into a crystal shard every 0.6 seconds, dealing 400 damage to a hit target, the projectile fires in a straight line without any falloff.
    Shatter Arrow: Charge an arrow that can travel up to 800 units, if this arrow hits an enemy, the enemy is slowed and marked, if Io hits two more arrows, Luna will perform Rush, stunning the marked enemy for 2 seconds, consuming 4 arrows

    Moonlight(Alternative Fire): Channel a resource called Moonlight, healing the targeted ally for 150 per tick, each tick occurs every 0.15 seconds.

    Spirit Detachment(First ABility): After channelling for a second, Luan will spawn towards a marked location for 10 seconds, gaining a 2000 health shield for 10 seconds after casting.

    Lunar Leap(Second Aility): Channel power towards you legs for 0.2 seconds and leap backwards, leaving a trail of moonlight, decaying 5% of your moonlight,

    Bold Faith(Ultimate): Channel out 7 Moonlight Kitsunes, after channelling the ultimate,50% of your moonlight is drained as well as 5% of your health is decayed, these kitsunes last almost 10 seconds (2 Pink,2 Cyan,2 Purple & a Golden Kitsune are sent out)
    Pink Kitsune(2500)- kitsunes that heal (150 per seconds) allies in an area which causes allies in a 200 units range of pink kitsunes to not fall below 25% health between 2-second intervals
    Cyan Kitsune(3000)- kitsunes that rush enemies, dealing 1000 damage after rushing, an internal cooldown of 10 seconds is set for the Rush, after rushing 2 times, that fox will wither
    Purple(Health-2200)- kitsunes that stick in the backline, sending projectiles to champions insight, exploding in a 10 unit radius, dealing 700 damage.
    Golden(Health-2200 Sheild-3300)- a kitsune that chases enemies, if the kitsune reaches melee range of a random target,, they reveal,silence,slow and stun the hit target for 3 second, and withers away,

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    Voice Lines:
    Selection- When the Moon rises, so do we!
    Healed- oh, I'm not alone with healing/can you put some on Luna
    Healing Jenos- need a little recharge, don't you?
    Death- We, why did you do it?
    Kills a champion of the abyss-May our Moonlight bless you with the knowledge to never battle us again!
    Has an allied champion of the Pyre- An enemy of the abyss is an ally of the Moon
    Kills Jenos- Wanna go in the void...AgAin!

    (Level 1) When casting an ability, gain 85% less gravity, and if you have Luna currently attached, you gain 95% less gravity and gain 5% more attack speed

    (Level 5) Luna can now heal for 15% of her target's health and all healing Luna receives and casts is projected in a 200 unit radius, but both Luan and her abilities effectiveness is based on how little amount of moonlight and little bit amount of health you currently have.

    (level 10) All healing targets of Io receive a 15% damage buff While those healed by Luna receive 10%damage reduction if Io is attacked by an enemy, Luna decays 400 health and adds a poison effect onto the enemy hit, dealing 10% damage over 8 seconds

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