how to deal with people like this?

  • before i start with the "case" i have to introduce myself 'couse its my first ever post on this forum, and i am playing this game for long time (1.441 hours steam say)

    i am natural born gamer, i am playing video games since 1989 and my first Commodore64, i cant count how many different games i played in my life (or i finished them on any platform), for example some of my achievements: i finished Diablo and Tomb raider on PS1 without having a memory card, I played WoW for 11 years (best raiding result were world 5th kill on one of the bosses in DS), i played Counter-strike on Paris ESWC tournament... atm i am finishing (again) original Baldurs Gate but with the different class on hardest mode enhanced edition have etc etc

    but about this case, i had worst expirence in any game I played ever, and I need to hear community opinion about this.

    already had a bad day in Paladins ranked with 3 in a row matches with bots in my team, and than happend something i dont understand, what kind of human shit (sorry but i cant find any other word on english - and it is not my native leanguage) you have to be to do this BEFORE the match started:
    [removed by Moderator]

    short story is:
    before match started player "[removed by Moderator]" pick koga and said he will go afk IF he is not healed,
    i asked do you go for strix (to locate myself and reach him with seris heal) but didnt got any answer
    we ride to the midle and he jump top of the house in the middle (i dunno how to reach there AND i dont care) and i lost him couse i didnt seen where he moved

    he died, and went afk. than he started to flame me, the team etc

    well i am someone who dont run off the problems, i told him some bad words but he stay in the base and FLAMED me all the WAY whole 11 minutes. than he challenge, whole team who was nice guys/girls, to report him couse he dont care. he said that he has a 9 (look at that number its NINE) smurf accounts (this one were in gold tier)

    what do you thinking about player with 9 accounts who go into game to find a someone and FLAME for 11 minutes? I dont care if Hi Rezz ban him after 9 reports (yes the guys from other team saw what he write after match and he got 9 reports), but what kind of human trash you have to be to do something like this? what do you think is this community and players like this dude worst ever you meet in competative games?

  • @zg3mboo

    1. First, naming and shaming another plauer on the forum is not sllowed. Someone could just as easily do the same to you. I suggest editing your message.

    2. You csn report another player from the results screen at the end of s match. I suggest include all pertsining detsols.

    3. We also have the personal option to "tuneout" (ignore) offensive or rude players and just play our best without the distraction.

  • Moderator

    If you would like to rant about player experiences that you have had, you can use our Rage Thread. Please keep in mind that naming and shaming (showing usernames in your message) is against the forums Code of Conduct.

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