How to Report A Bug!

  • Hey everyone!

    If you would like to report a bug please follow the format below and fill in the correct information. After doing so please post the bug with info in our #Report-A-Bug discord channel.

    You can join our discord here:

    Bugs are not always easy to track down so we appreciate any and all information you have to make reproducing this as efficient and productive as possible.

    Using the term “broken” is simply not descriptive enough for us to get to the core of an issue. If you could please format your bug as closely as possible to what’s below we can hopefully find and resolve the issue much faster.

    -The Time/Patch the issue was seen
    -Platform (Xbox, PS4, PC, Switch, Mac, Steam Client)
    -The location in-game (ex: Main Menu, in game, map you were on, etc.)
    -Match ID (if you were in a game)
    -Champions involved (if this is a gameplay bug)
    -Your Support ID (found in bottom right of your profile screen in-game)
    -In-Game name.

    {If you do not feel comfortable sharing your support ID or in-game name in chat, please let us know and one of our Live QA specialists will contact you as soon as possible.}

    Once your issue is added to our list of ones to investigate you will see a checkmark to assure you that it is at least being looked at by our QA department. Please have patience as to some of these may take longer than others to reproduce if they are still happening.

    Thank you for your bug report and helping us make the realm of Paladins a better experience for everyone in the community

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