Hacker!!! Wall hack, aim bot, mount speed hack and damg boost wtf !!!

  • Ok so to give some context in a match the enemy team had a casie, that melted my whole team, so I thought that its a gm smurf but then I got hit in many impossible plays. So I went to guru saw that he was in party with a jenos and spectated jenos next match his name had weird letters and don't know how to type it in.

    [removed by Moderator] here is the match id, at the start, u can see he has master rinding 4 or 5, can hit better than pros even if he aims at the ground,
    then I found out he had a few rank matches and i found this gem [removed by Moderator] where he plays in a party with the most blatant aim hack andro I have ever seen not even trying to hide the fact.

    So my question is how is, why isn't high rez doing something to stop this.

  • @inovatik [removed by Moderator]

  • Moderator

    Naming and shaming is against the forums Code of Conduct. You can report cheaters through the end of match scoreboard or submit a support ticket.

    Locked. 🔒

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