Weather Effects In The Game

  • I was wondering and had a few questions regarding the weather effects in the game. A) Would a light rain/snow or dust storm be possible without hurting the core shooting mechanics? Especially in casual? B) Does Hi Rez even have this capability to change/implement something like this? Lol sorry, just had a thunderstorm where I live and it got me thinking. Thanks

  • That sounds really cool, and I don't think it would ruin the game, but if you play rouge company, a game hi-rez mad, one of the maps has a sandstorm, but only loads in half way through the match. You ca still hit your shots easily in it, though.

  • @DocsHolliday57 Maybe a champion with a weather-based ability? Like...some sort of sandstorm ult that blinds enemies. I'm not sure how a weather cycle would work map-based...Tho a still really cool idea.

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