Paladins freezes at the Main Screen after trying to connect to a non existing game

  • I'm having some issues on trying to connect on Paladins and play some games, but unfortunately, my paladins had crashed while I was in the game and showed a report bug pop up, while my game closed entirely...
    I tried to open my game again, and Paladins started to reconnect at the game, but goes to the main screen everytime, while on main screen, I can't select any options, the animations of the active banners in-game still keeps running, and the heroes on main screen is functioning too, but i can't do anything!

    I already tried to uninstall/re-install - Did not work
    Pressing F11 - Did not work
    Putting to run at the Direct X9 - Did not work
    Link and Unlink my account to Steam - Did not work

    By the way, I installed Paladins on Steam, I don't know if that's the problem, or I need to install anywhere else

    I can't play any Paladins game by now, and I don't know how to fix this...
    Please, someone knows how to solve this problem?
    Thanks for the attention

  • Same here

  • Same, it ruined the night to me and my friends...

    we were having a good time :c

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