Top 3 Favorite Skins

  • I know I've been posting more than normal but I'm currently under Doctor's ordered bed rest for an injury I sustained. I've been using this down time to grind the BP and Gold Skins, and of course s$!t post. I was hoping the community would help me pass some of this down time and let me know what their Top 3 Skins in the game are. If you're anything like me it's tough, so go ahead and throw a Runner Up on your list. If you want to go a step further you can say if you have it or don't have it yet. Thanks for playing

    My Top 3 Favorite Skins

    1. Devine Seris Paired with her Level 50 Golden Orb. This combo is simply unbeatable imho. / Have It

    2. Prosperous Makoa (aka the puppy) / Have It

    3. Safecracker Khan, / Don't Have It

    Runner Up: Raeve Maeve, / Don't Have It

  • @DocsHolliday57
    (All owned)

    1. Battlesuit Eagle Eye Kinessa
    2. Exarch Jenos
    3. Carnival Ying, basically for that one voiceline alone...
    4. Prickly Mal' Damba and In The Bag Sha Lin

    Runner ups: Night Bane Cassie, Pandamonium Pip and Pilot Suit Skye because they're simple but look great

  • PC

    My top 3 that i have are:

    1. Street Style Maeve, her voice lines are AMAZING, the sass is immaculate
    2. Sweet Shop Evie, I LOVE these voice lines and effects
    3. Stellar Protector Io, the effects on this skin are awesome
      My top 3 i don't have are:
    4. Carnival Ying, i just really want a new ying skin, I'm tired of the Egyptian one
    5. Magnus Corvus
    6. Dragoncaller Cassie

  • @DocsHolliday57

    Top 1: Ruckus Star Slayer, Robo force, Pirate's Treasure and Seven Seas(I really like Ruckus, so yeah).

    Top 2: Jade Priestess Seris, Dragonborn Moji and Clockwork Torvald(I really love the style).

    Top 3: Abyssal Lord Drogoz(I dont have this skin and I will never, since I am a brasilian and this skin here is cost to much).

    This is my Favorite skins(I know it was to be 3, but man, this is hard).4

  • My favorite skins are:

    • Merrymaker Maeve
    • all Radiant Star skins tied because they're lovely
    • Carnival Ying

    I tend to like really girly and cute skins. Though I do appreciate Dragoncaller Cassie and Iron Madam Inara. Really, all of Inara and Bomb King skins, aside from furry honey king, are good, even if they aren't girly and cutesy.

  • My top 3:
    1: Raeve Maeve (unowned)
    2: Pepper Pip (unowned)
    3: Cosmic Pip (unowned)

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