Paladins lore

  • Hi all, new to the game and really digging it. However to enjoy the game a bit more I kind of want to get more into the characters and lore, setting, etc. Are there any good content creators with stuff out for the game, is there much lore? I actually like the designs and setting and want to know more, thanks!

  • @oksiweles84, I've imagined my own lore where champions from different realities have been pulled to the game's reality to battle it out for good or bad.

    Get behind my shield. I'm on the good side.

  • Switch

    the only thing really bout the lore is a fantasy world with a bad resistance and a mediocre ignorant magistrate.
    I've been thinking of a thing to expand on the lore and the map, the first thing I've actually done was the jenos reimagination I did

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