What champion should I try next?

  • I'm still pretty much a beginner but I'm starting to get bored of picking the same champions over and over. I keep trying a new one once in a while but it never sticks so I'm hoping to get some suggestions. https://100001.onl/

    As an idea for my usual picks, I started out with Maeve but I feel like I'm getting worse with her instead of better due to her agility. After being used to other champions it almost feel like she's too fast and I get distracted despite that being exactly what I liked about her in the beginning.

    Then, I moved on to Imani until I couldn't stand her bugs anymore. I like the option to switch between abilities and I find her really fun to play.

    Nowadays I'm mostly playing Grover. I didn't like support all that much until I got into him. I love that depending on the loadout and everything, he can become pretty agile and annoying and also deal damage when needed while keeping the team alive.

    I'm up for pretty much any role but I'm generally avoiding frontline so if you have any suggestions for a frontliner I might like, that would be awesome.

  • @agalmethu35
    If you want a new champion, you have to wait until February. (Accurate information from the developers themselves.)

    But what kind of champion will be, no one knows. Anything can happen. Maybe the champion was created by the developers themselves, maybe it will be based on someone's ideas, maybe they completely implement someone's idea, or maybe mine. Nobody knows.

  • @agalmethu35

    I hear you about the Frontline/Tank class, it's not one of my favorites either. I have to tell you tho that I absolutely fell in love with playin Torvald (technically considered an off tank I think by the community), but a blast to play. Plus his Gold Skin is totally bitchin!, lol.

    I would say start in the Shooting Range with characters first to get an idea of what each character can do, and to see what you like. Other than that I can only give you my favorite Champs. So here is a list of my personal favorites:

    Damage Champions: Bomb King, Vivian and Tyra. (I personally think Tiberius is one of if not the most boring Champs in the whole game).

    Flank: (I don't love this class) but when I have to pick one I go with: Moji, Skye or sometimes Talus. Lots of people seem to like Androxus (does good damage).

    Tank/Frontline: Torvald (for the win, lol), Khan or sometimes Ruckus.

    Support: (absolute favorite class, been the great healer since my Dust 514 days back on ps3, lol): Grover, IO, Grohk, Jenos, Seris and Furia.

    If you like playin Grover I would think you would like IO. She does good damage and can keep her team alive, like you stated above. Well, hope this helps 😉

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    If you like dmg while keeping your team alive, furia is a must i would say, she is considered to be the dmg in the support category, cherish furia btw

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