Paladins tips and tricks from a veteran player

  • I've been playing Paladins for over a year now and have grown to love the game. Here's a few quick tips for those just getting started with it for the first time:

    The Founders Pack is a good deal for all characters. However, if you choose to wait to play for free and later decide to buy the Founders Pack, you will be refunded any Gold that you spent on unlocking heroes.

    You will be playing against BOTS until you are level 5. Please remember this when you are on a sick kill streak, because bots are much easier than even amateur players. Don't get too excited and post about how well you're doing...

    These matches where you are playing bots are the perfect opportunity to get the hang of the voice commands using the 'right' button on the left joy-con or the pro controller d-pad. After some practice, you'll be able to quickly input the code for things like "attack the objective" or "I need healing" even when you're in the middle of a fight.

    Don't forget to buy items! This is crucial. If you don't want to learn the item system yet, feel free to turn on auto-buy and it will choose decent items for you in your matches. Items are only purchased in your base, after you die.

    I recommend using the default deck for each hero for at least a couple of matches. After that, feel free to dive into making some custom decks, or search online for the most popular decks for a hero. If you don't want to mess with deckbuilding at all, that's okay!

    There are NO pay-to-win schemes in this game. You will never have a competitive disadvantage to someone who spends hundreds of dollars on crystals to get loot boxes and other cosmetic items.

    Different mounts do not have different speeds, they're purely cosmetic.

    In casual modes, do what you want and take your time learning the game, but please try to remember to play the objective!

    When you unlock competetive, remember that there are other people depending on you to make a good choice. If you choose last and the team needs a tank or a healer, you need to flex and pick one of those characters. If you ignore this and pick a character that the team doesn't need, you are opening yourself up to being reported. This is no different than Overwatch or other games with competetive modes, but please keep this in mind.

    The shooting range is where you should try out new characters for the first time, but don't stress if you need to play a hero for the first time ever in a casual match!

    Some of the easiest characters to pick up and be useful at are Victor (dmg), Fernando (tank), Seris (healer), and Jenos (healer). This is subjective and just my opinion, but you may want to avoid trying to learn flank characters until you've got a good feel for the game.

    The battle pass is completely optional and I wouldn't recommend brand new players buy it. Better to play for a few weeks and see if you're having enough fun to make the investment. There will be regular updates, events and seasonal lootboxes that you may want to spend your money on, instead.

    Understand that the game is on a brand new platform, and there has never been a game in this genre on a handheld before today. High-Rez games are known for bugs at launch, but they support them well and you can expect regular patches.

    Feel free to ask me any questions about heroes or gameplay. I'm just a fan of the game and have been disappointed at the misinformation and toxicity about Paladins that's been on this sub for the last week. Here to help new players.

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