"Disable chat" button + a few more things

  • Alright listen. This game needs a "disable chat completely" button. The community became so toxic that I have to mute at least one person per match on average and it just gets tiring so could we get a "disable all chat and VGS" button to save us some headache in the lobby? I'm really sick of hearing all these Viktor and Androxus onetricks that I don't instantly headshot the whole enemy team the moment I see a pixel of their hitbox or that I don't go ahead and try to heal a fully cauterized frontliner that's about to get dragon punched.

    Also please, PLEASE let me mute the character voicelines or replace them with the default annoucer. Since the addition of Tiberious every single time he speaks I want to just close the game and never come back. Heck even if I play him myself I'm trying to minimize the use of his voicelines because they're horribly long, uninformative and annoying. I get that it gives him that narcist personality but instead of "They're on my tail" i'd rather hear "Enemies behind us" because I have no fu**ing clue if that means somebody is behind him or behind ME. Also the sun kissed Cassie's joke line may be funny the first few times you hear it but i've seen some people play it on every occasion they get and it really just makes me want to completely disable all the game sounds. There are many other examples of incredibly annoying things that could use a mute button but I'm pretty sure i've gave enough examples so I'm going to end this here.

  • The shield spammer Torvald's voiceline when adding you a shield is just killing me. The same two sentences all the time...

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