Galender - The Death Sorcerer

  • Name: Galender (Real name), Thang Sun (Pseudonym)
    Title: Death sorcerer
    Race: Human
    Faction: Magistrate (Undercover), Neutral (True side), Abyss (Former)
    Group: Corvus' Group (Partner), None (Real)
    Role (Class): Damage
    HP (Health Pool): 2000 or 2100 hp
    This is what it looks like: Young: 1381946287_1829166424.jpg
    Old: He's got a goatee and Fu Manchu, long hair, white, green eyes.

    Lore Galender: The magician was born a thousand years before the outbreak of the civil war, or even earlier. He studied to be a magician and wanted to get the strength that could defeat everyone. Himself Galender was a liar, often lied to his family ones and other people, because he was one of the few who practiced cultism. When they found out that there were cultists, the residents wanted to execute all participants, but he managed to save his life, saying that he followed them and found out recently. Some were wary, but mostly they believed him. Galender watched the cultists burn, and they cursed him, obviously for some reason. It turns out that he handed them over to the village foreman, because the cultists did not appreciate his help and mocked him.

    After becoming a hero, he wanted to gain even more fame and began to predict fake events. He was not yet capable of real ones, but he made fake ones with a very high quality, which everyone believed. However, there were those who did not believe the "hero". Galender didn't forget that about his plan: to get the power he wants.

    He continued to engage in cultism, but was already trying to summon the abyss. He lied: he concealed his deeds, and if he did not succeed, he began to accuse the other, proving with false evidence and his reputation. He did it all until the assistant headman decided to follow the "hero". He was collecting real evidence and was going to blame Galender for cultism and the death of innocents. The assistant got ready to report to the foreman, but noticed something strange, then he went to where the source was. He saw that Galender was calling someone. The assistant tried to stop him, but it was too late, something incomprehensible appeared from the ground. One comes out, then another, then several, etc. All the creatures ran to the assistant, ignoring Galender. Then a huge creature came out, this creature turned out to be the lord of the abyss.

    Abyssal Lord became interested in the sorcerer, whether he called and why he disturbed. The sorcerer told him to serve the lord and fight for him. The lord of the abyss was bored and wanted to kill him and the assistant, but when Galender showed his skills, the lord became interested as a slave. Galander tried to convince the lord that he was more suited as a sorcerer of the abyss, and not as a slave. However, the lord of the abyss knows him that he can lie well, as if he is telling the truth. Lord eventually decided to take it as a magician.

    And before he became a mage of the abyss, the lord suggested which magic to choose. Galender thought about which one to take and said that he would take soul magic. The lord appreciated the choice of the sorcerer, gives the magic of the soul painfully. Galender received pain, but survived and even has the strength to use magic. To make sure that the lord gave really magic, and not an illusion, he decided to test on the assistant and began to drain the soul. All that is left of the helper is skin and bones. Galender realized that the lord had kept his promise and was watching his home village burn.

    For many decades, or even a couple of centuries, he served the abyss as a magician. The more he carried out orders from the abyss, the more they rewarded with more powerful magic. Even for a while was the right hand of Abyssal Lord. His power was increased even more thanks to the amulet of the abyss, without it he did not have the power of a god. However Galender was sent to the pit for obvious self-righteousness and one failed mission. He sat in a pit for decades or centuries, she would not let him use magic. He was getting old and old and old to the point that he was a helpless old man.

    But suddenly magicians and knights burst into the world of the abyss and try to kill the lord of the abyss. The Pit weakened the anti-magic defense to the point where Galender was able to magically escape the pit. During his escape from the abyss, he killed and took the souls of several monsters. The attackers were unable to kill the lord, but were able to destroy the portal between the world of abyss and the world of paladins. Luckily for Galender, he was able to escape before the portal was destroyed.

    When he returned to his homeworld, he was so weak that he could not even use magic (except for soul magic). The traveler accidentally finds him and tries to help him. The sorcerer will take advantage of this and tell him to take him to safety. The traveler turned out to be a merchant. The merchant shows his camp and feeds it. Unfortunately for the merchant, he became spiritual food for the sorcerer and after Galender's meal, only skin and bones remained from him. Then he took another name - Thang Sun. After resting, he took the merchant's clothes and went to travel the realm.

    Galender finds a kingdom that is at war with another and thinks to help one of them or travel further. First he came to a powerful kingdom, the guards were taken to the king and he offered his service to the ruler, but king laughed and ordered him to be expelled and doused with water. Then he decided to go to another kingdom, which was in a disastrous situation. The king of this kingdom was scared for his life and thought that no one would save it. The sorcerer offered him services, out of despair, he agrees and may even be the right hand if he wins. But Thang Sun says he will be the ruler of the kingdom. The king immediately agrees with the requirement of the sorcerer.

    In one battle, Thang Sun showed his power and destroys the army of the enemy with the help of magic, and this king was shocked that this wanderer was the salvation of the kingdom and its inhabitants. Unexpectedly, the losing kingdom took advantage of the strong and the army went to the enemy's capital. When the troops entered the inside of the fortress, they found a dead king, most likely he died of suffocation, but it is not known how. The rest surrendered and begged for mercy.

    The king was glad and would have continued to rule, if not for one thing. He promised the sorcerer to give his kingdom, in exchange he would save his life, the king refuses to think that he can be deceived. But Thang Sun did not forgive this, he could overthrow himself, but the people who were grateful to him. The people took the king and took him to the sorcerer, and he realized that the inhabitants of the kingdom were his future army. The ruler was sent into a sacrifice and killed, and the sorcerer took his soul.

    So began the reign of a cruel sorcerer, Thang Sun was merciless and deceived gullible people who tried to contact him. He predicted his fate to some of the kings of the kingdoms and dwellers of kingdoms, there are real and false ones. Some considered him liars, others a cruel dictator, but the bulk of the people of the kingdom were afraid or did not want to say the negative characteristics of the new ruler. When the sorcerer became a ruler, he could get souls for free and they do it for him. He destroyed or enslaved other kingdoms in order to gain that power when he served Abyssal Lord. Thang Sun ruled the kingdom for centuries. He was so close to his goal - to rule the realm that even for a while he relaxed and watched how ordinary people lived.

    The only thing that prevented him from reaching his goal was the resistance of the veterans of the kingdoms, who are the ancestors of the members of the paladin. They gathered an army to stop the sorcerer ruler. The Lord of the Abyss did not forget about Galender's escape, so he tries to create a new portal to punish him. But he never succeeded, so the lord will have to enviously watch how pitiful mortals will fight the sorcerer. Other kingdoms that Thang Sun did not reach, also teamed up with the veterans and a decisive battle began. Despite the sorcerer's army, there were traitors.

    First Galender wins the battle, because was stronger and possessed more fighters. But the gods decided to intervene and stop the sorcerer, who could lead to the Armagendon of the world. Damaging the gods could only Galender. The sorcerer was able to kill several gods, but was weakened by the battle with the gods. The gods knew that the sorcerer could injure and even kill them only if he possessed a special artifact. When one of the veterans damaged the amulet, Galender becames weaker, but could still make a lot of trouble. The battle ended in favor of the liberators, and the sorcerer is locked in a special sarcophagus, from which he cannot get out. However, they did not forget to hide the amulet in a safe place.

    Galender was in the sarcophagus for more than centuries, his amulet was in a special pyramid. However, due to a fire in an important library, information about the sorcerer and his amulet was lost. Today, no one remembers him, except for the surviving fanatics, the descendants of the liberators, who know how their ancestors fought and the old gods. Everyone who knew the sorcerer tried to find him, but it was unsuccessful, even the abyss could not find. And despite the fact that Galender was closed and could not get out of the sacrophage, the sorcerer knew what was happening behind him. It was as if he looked through the eyes of all his fanatics and for a while at other people. Therefore, he did not miss important points. Therefore, he knew about existence Magistrate, knew who the resistance was, knew that darkness was gaining strength, etc.

    Corvus knew about the existence of the sorcerer from his uncle, the last fanatic alive. He considered that this person could be used as a weapon against resistance, followed the notes of his uncle and the voice in his head. This is magic Thang Sun (Galender) the liberator did not calculate that he could use magic behind the sacrophage. As a result, he accidentally finds a sacrophage with his group. Corvus led the prisoner to the sacrophage, who attacked them. First, they try to open in a standard way, but it didn't work. Then he began to speak a spell that opens the sacrophage. At first Corvus is angry that about the spell, about the sorcerer was a deception, but he was tired, he thought so. But suddenly, unexpectedly, the sacrophage opens and Galender comes out.

    Galender: I need food..
    Corvus: Really? The same sorcerer who swallows souls? These are just disappointments!
    Viktor: Why did we open it?
    Unexpectedly for the group, the old man began to absorb the souls of the captive. Everyone saw how the prisoner was devastated, and the ugly old man began to look decent. Everyone was frightened, but Corvus seriously surprised. All that remained of the prisoner was skin and bones.
    Corvus: I'll take my words back. What's your name?
    Galender: My name is Thang Sun. I know why you set me free. Use me as a weapon against resistance.
    Corvus: What? No no no, I... angry How did you know about this!?
    Galender: It's a secret. I can tell you why your father banished you.
    Corvus: No thanks, I will not play your games.
    Galender laughs, and Karne's son gets angry, but then calms down. Corvus said sorcerer would work for him. The sorcerer agrees, but on one condition that he will help find his amulet.
    Corvus asks the last question before the trip: When do you think the end of the world will begin?
    Galender laughs calmly and silently and answers: It has begun.

    Lore in game: A once powerful sorcerer who almost got to his goal, if not liberators. They imprisoned him in a scrophage that could contain him, and hid the amulet in an unknown place.

    Centuries later, he is released and wants to be used as a weapon against resistance. However, he will help them only on one condition: help in finding the amulet. They had no choice but to agree with the sorcerer.

    He has only one goal: to return the former greatness and kingdom under his control, as in a thousand years ago.


    Fireball - Primary attack

    • Range weapon
    • Deals 750 damage per hit.
    • Acts as weapon attack.
      Ammo: 9 shells
      Reload: 1.3 sec

    Poisonous skull - First ability

    • Range ability
    • Deals 400 damage in direct hit.
    • When receiving a direct hit or from an explosion, the enemy is poisoned, which deals 100 damage per second for 4 seconds. The length of time depends on whether the damage was direct or from an explosion.
    • Explosion radius - 3-4 meters
      Cooldown - 5 second

    Soul Absorber - Second ability (Q)

    • When an enemy hits, you will be healed for 500 hp and he will be stunned until the end of the ability
    • If you kill an enemy with this ability, then you become the one who was killed for 10 seconds, having all the skills (except for the ability to move, because it will remain unchanged) (you becomes who, who was killed, depending on whom the victim played for and whether it has cosmetic changes: a different voice, a different skin.)
    • Deals 900 damage over the time you use the ability.
    • Unique voice acting of the victim for kills with this ability.
    • Distance ability - 5-10 meters
      Cooldown - 10 sec

    Hand moving - Third ability (F)

    • Teleportation occurs one second after activation.
    • Teleportation distance - 10 meters.
      Cooldown - 8 sec

    Sorcerer's mark - Ultimate (E)

    • Allows you to select ultimate characters that are on the enemy team.
    • The choice is given 5 seconds, after which, if not chosen, it will be randomly selected.

    Ult sound voice (Enemy/Self): Laughs, Ult sound voice (Enemy/Self) characters you/enemy have/has chosen
    Ult sound voice (Friendly): You better move away Ult sound voice (Friendly) characters ally has chosen



    1. Excited Spirit
      Increase your Movement Speed by [5/10/15/20/25%] for 5 sec after killing fireball.
    2. Knowledge of the Fallen
      Kills reduce all active cooldowns by [10/20/30/40/50%]
    3. The Vault
      Increase your maximum Ammo by [1/2/3/4/5]
    4. Intangibility
      Increase your maximum Health by [30/60/90/120/150]

    Poisonous skull:

    1. Piranha spirits
      When hit, vampirism appears on [2/4/6/8/10%]
    2. Curses of deception
      Reduce the Cooldown of Poisonous skull by [0.3/0.6/0.9/1.2/1.5] seconds
    3. Soul bleeding
      Regenerate [1/2/3/4/5] ammo per hit.
    4. Fear of mortals
      Reduce enemy movement speed by [2/4/6/8/10]%

    Soul Absorber:

    1. High voltage
      When in someone else's skins, your speed increases by [3/6/9/12/15]%
    2. A meal of spirits
      While the ability is active, you take less damage by [20/40/60/80/100]%
    3. Suppression
      After activating the ability, the enemy deals [3/6/9/12/15]% less for 3 seconds
    4. Rush of spirit
      After activating the ability, damage resistance increases by [2/4/6/8/10]% for 5 seconds

    Hand moving:

    1. Flight of the soul
      Heals you for [50/100/150/200/250] after using Hand moving
    2. Evil Reborn
      Increase your Movement Speed by [6/12/18/24/30]% after using Hand moving
    3. Sorcerer of movement
      Reduce the Cooldown of [0.4/0.8/1.2/1.6/2] sec
    4. Flesh from spirits
      After activating the ability, damage resistance increases by [4/8/12/16/20] for 3 seconds.


    1.Fiery souls
    No reloading, infinite use, but will be reduced to 600 damage per hit.
    2.Abduction exchange
    You can become someone even without killing the victim, but the duration of being in someone else's skin has been reduced to 5 seconds.
    3. Soul teleportation
    Teleportation becomes instantaneous and teleportation distance increases to 15 meters.

    Voice lines

    Champion Selection

    1. Thang Sun


    1. Doomsday has come again. I will determine the fate of mortals and this time no one can stop me.
    2. The Paladins and Magistrate. The Abyss and Darkness. They don't know that killing each other makes my job easier.

    Item Purchased

    1. I won't need them in the future, but for now ... I'll take it.
    2. Strange mortals. Why are they selling their powers for money? Even for the best, though.
    3. Previously, for such power they were ready to kill their own mother, but now what? Even a homeless person can buy it. I wonder why the world is still alive.

    Kill Taunt

    1. Everyone has betrayed you, even your master. Join me and I promise to fulfill your retribution. (Androxus)
    2. Breathe deeply in the last moments, my friend, before your soul is mine... Forever. (Buck)
    3. Fool. Your ego will kill your ambition and yourself. (Corvus)
    4. Go back to your master, dog. (Raum)
    5. You could be my best student and rule the world together. What wasted potential. (Seris)
    6. If you become my ally and do not listen to the voice in your head, I can give whatever you want. (Vora)
    7. You will help me with the amulet and you can do with this elf as you want. (Varicus) (My created character)