Jusey1's Guide To Support Pip

  • Looksys here. It's my old guide... For the new forums and being updated accordingly. Enjoy!

    A lot of people in the community probably knows me as a Pip main and I'm fine with that. I love playing him as a main support, unlike many others who might just play Damage/Flank Pip (which is fine. That can be fun sometimes). Anyways, I think it is time I should finally make my own guide to playing a main support Pip. I'll try my best to explain everything I know of Pip to the best of my ability, and hopefully it'll help improve some people's playstyle... So, enjoy. I may edit this more so down the road...

    Now, before I do begin. This guide is intended for normal casual and competitive play. I don't play in the pro scene so I am intending this guide for people who plays the game casually and competitively in the queues. If you're a pro player, or are working on being a pro player, then take some things with a grain of salt due to certain tips and tricks will not apply to you.

    I'm also discounting any and all bugs for this and am assuming that the game is working as it should be. That way, this guide can potentially be useful for both now and future states of the game... That is all.

    ~When To Play Pip~
    First thing first, gotta know when to pick Pip. When to not pick Pip, and so on. A lot of this will be based on competitive play, since you can see who the enemy team is picking, but some of this can apply to casual play as well, which I'll begin with that first.

    -Frontlines Picks-
    Pip, as a main healer, is really good at burst healing teammates who can safely get out of combat. Frontlines especially if they have a good means of exiting combat, and getting away from cauterize. The following Frontlines are great to pair with Pip:

    1. Makoa - Due to Shield.
    2. Fernando - Due to Shield.
    3. Khan - Due to shield & shield Rejuvenate card.
    4. Inara - Due to Wall & built-in Rejuvenate.
    5. Terminus - Due to Shield. He also CAN have built-in Rejuvenate when below 50% health.

    The following Frontlines are NOT good to pair with Pip:

    1. Torvald - No escape. Self-sustain pretty well with his own personal shield however.
    2. Ruckus - No way to protect himself from cauterize.
    3. Ash - Her shield isn't reliable.
    4. Atlas - His self rewind can really screw with your Mega Potion, unless you're in call with him.

    The reason being is that when you heal as Pip, you wanna heal your frontlines when they are at least below 50% health (don't wait too long though) because of how strong your heal actually is. Pip's playstyle is very timing based and you gotta know when to time your throws, when you wanna heal, and so on. So don't worry too much about healing your teammates if they have a lot of health left, especially the frontliners. Usually when a player gets low enough, even as a frontliner, they'll back away with their shield up. This is the best time to heal since the cauterize is being blocked and you can give them a full 2,400 heal. Also, a note to frontliners, this makes Rejuvenate much more valuable due to when Pip heals, unlike most other supports.

    -Other Picks-
    Pip works well with most Damage characters, especially once you start learning the potion's arch and able to aim well with it. However, only heal Damage characters if they do need it. Some damage characters have means of self-sustain, so they might not actually need it as much as you think. You have to be careful who you heal after-all due to your cd on the potion. BUT if the damage character in question is near your frontliners, then go ahead and heal him. You'll heal your primary target while healing the damage character. Flanks on the other hand... Don't bother trying to heal them due to their very high sustain, unless they are near other allies or if they are struggling and your frontliners are barely taking any damage, then maybe. However, this flank rule applies to all healers almost honestly. So no worries.

    BUT, there is a big exception. If the main player of your team, be it the carry player or the one which your team comp is around... Heal them when they are in trouble. Losing a very important player can be the difference between a victory or a defeat. Another potential exception is whether or not they have a GOOD ultimate ready. Helping them enable and get that ultimate off can also help a lot.

    Also, remember that Pip is a BLASTER with CC. Try NOT to pick him with a BLASTER-CC heavy team comp. So if you have both Ash and Bomb King already... Don't pick him.

    -Double Support?-
    Double supporting with Pip as the main one is possible, and can work, if done correctly with the right team comp. I usually don't recommend doing double support at all personally but if you wanna do it... The second support should be Grohk or Ying. Characters with a good damage output and can offer some healing, but don't need to rely on it. Also, Ying can save the day sometimes with their healing ults, since Pip doesn't have one himself. They could ult when you're dead or because you're healing potion was down for whatever reason during a major ultimate exchange. Oh and Io can do well with Pip if you want that double OwO combo.

    HOWEVER. NEVER, and I do mean this, try double support with Pip and Mal'Damba. That is too much crowd control, and healing. That is begging the enemy to get Cauterize and Resilience to counter the crap out of you, and most likely they will and you two will do poorly because of it. It is by far the worst double support combination that I personal know and I have rarely seen it work myself...

    -Enemy Team's Comp-
    You're playing Pip in competitive or want to... Wanna know when NOT to based on enemy team comp? For starters, make sure that they have easy-to-ult frontliners. Fernando + Ash are by far the best frontliners to use your ultimate on. However, be careful with Inara, Makoa, and Atlas. Atlas's shield is the only shield that Pip's ultimate cannot pass through due to obvious reasons. Inara's talent pick can completely counter your ultimate. Same thing with Makoa's talent pick. Oh, and Ruckus is the only tank that can reliably chase while Ash can chase you a little and have enough range to be a pain.

    If the enemy team also have Jenos, you have more of reason to pick Pip. Your slow is very nasty on a Jenos's ability to escape, but be careful if they have Mal'Damba. His stuns are equally nasty on Pip. Pip is also great against Seris, if the enemy team has her. He can counter-ult Seris and he can stop Seris from getting away with that same counter-ult. Pip also just flat-out counters Grover heavily if you pick up Cauterize due to your AOE.

    But now comes the most important part... DDs and Flanks. This one is pretty simple. The more limited mobility they have with their damage output characters, the better for you. If they have characters like Evie, Androx, Drogoz, and Bomb King... I don't recommend playing Pip. They can chase you pretty easier or at least get to the upper ground much easier than others. However, if they have characters like Lex, Viktor, and so on... You should have free range.

    Basically, if the enemy team has an Ash, Fernando, Seris, Lex, and Viktor... Play Pip. You have complete free range and should do really well, and have a very hard time dying. If the enemy has an Ruckus, Torvald, Mal'Damba, Drogoz, and Androxus... Don't play Pip. You're going to have a pretty though time and there are a few good chars who can chase you and cause too much trouble.

    ~Building Your Pip~
    Now that we are done talking about WHEN to play Pip... It's time to get into the juicy stuff, pun intended on purpose.

    -Cards of Worthy Importance-
    0-1. Mega Potion - Main one. Best with multiple tanks or solo tank Inara/Khan.

    0-2. Combat Medic - Situational one. Best with no tanks or poor solo tanks.

    1. Reload IV - This is the first MUST HAVE card in any Pip deck if you wanna build a main support Pip. This decreases the CD of your potion by 2s for each teammate you hit. This is why it is important to always hit a teammate when healing, even if you just wanna heal yourself. This is why it is important to even hit multiple teammates, especially the frontlines together or a frontline with a DD/flank. Sure, hitting at least one person is fine and usually works but hitting more people is always preferred. Always. Don't use Reload V. It is not needed since the extra 0.5 means nothing when Reload has a CD of 5s anyways.

    2. Gift Giver IV - This is the second MUST HAVE card. It goes with Reload and helps stops the "I should only heal myself" mentality. Having this on 4 is good (80% of your 1,200 heal is only 960, which is a good enough self-heal for yourself). This and Reload should always be in your deck due to their importance to healing. Everything else is actually optional and based on what you wanna do, your personal style of play, and so on.

    3. Medicinal Excellence - This card increases your potion's radius. This can make it easier for you to hit allies and hit multiple allies. It is a very useful card and having this is a great idea. I even recommend now to have it max out at level 5 due to the overall usefulness and strength of this card but that isn't truly needed as much and can be lowered if you have other ideas.

    4. Sprint - This is a very surprisingly great card at re positioning yourself, saving yourself, getting away, and many other things, including Wall Jumping (talk more later).

    5. Smithereens - Great card to help with the "left-click-right-click-left-click" combo.

    6. Graviton - Good card to have up, depending on how you wanna play.

    Any other card that I didn't mention are either useless or filler cards that you can use to fill out a loadout.

    -Items Purchasing-
    After you got your loadout together, next thing you should know before beginning is the Itemization of a support Pip. This is pretty simple so I'll go through this as quickly as possible.

    First things first... Chronos. Chronos. Chronos. Your potion has a 8s CD, but Chronos can take this down to 7.2s, 6.4s, and 5.6s respectively. I recommend getting Chronos II as fast as possible over everything else, which shouldn't be too hard to make 800 credits to level II. Once you have Chronos II up, you should have a CD of 6.4s on your potion and slow, 8s on your Weightless. So remember that.

    You should only go straight to Chronos III if your team is just doing that well, if you have free range, or if you're playing Onslaught (because you get credits like candy on Halloween). Otherwise, change your Itemization based on what is needed or happening.

    After Chronos II, your focus should either be RED or BLUE items. NEVER get GREEN items until after you get Chronos III and other items. Your BLUE items choice should always be based on who is being a pain in the butt for you. Meaning, if the Drogoz is the only enemy target with Blast, yet the only one chasing you... Get Blast Shields. Especially if the enemy team has no one else who can chase you. If the enemy has Torvald or Mal'Damba, get Resilience. Stuns and silence can have a big impact on your survival (remember, you have one of the best escape abilities in the game. If you can't use it or can't move, you might die).

    However, if your team is doing very poorly in the RED cards department then at least get a RED card up to level II before BLUE cards. Especially if it is Cauterize. Do NOT get Wrecker though unless you have to. As a support Pip, your damage isn't going to be that good to destroy shields. However, if your team has good Cauterize, Wrecker, and you got your BLUE cards... You can get Bulldozer just to be extra damage on those specific things. Bulldozer is actually pretty good on Pip in general since you aren't focusing on killing people, and you can one-hit most deployables that way (meaning, your team can focus more on the enemy while you watch their backs). Lastly, if an emergency ever happens and you gotta get a RED item ASAP... Get it after Chronos I, if possible. That is all for Itemization.

    Playing Pip~
    The final piece of the guide... The playstyle itself. Once you got everything together, hopefully in your favor, now to know what is best to do when playing Pip, but first... We gotta talk about maps.

    I didn't mention this earlier because support Pip can work on all maps, but certain maps can make his life much easier than others due to how they're built, and I must mention this before going further. Maps with high ground is always preferred over maps with little to no high ground. The more places you can go to, the best and this is very important for Pip. A flat map like Frog Isles can work for him pretty well but you may have to rely on your team a bit more since you don't have much high ground, and this does changes things slightly. I do apologize for not mentioning this up above in my first post. However, now that I got that out of the way... Let's move on, shall we?

    Primary Fire + Slow
    I just want to cover this a bit real quick. Your Primary Fire and your Slow are DIFFERENT. What I mean by this is that they actually have different archs, so if you attack from long range... You will need to aim a bit higher for the Slow to hit than your primary fire because the arch is more heavier on your Slow. I also wanna mention real quick that your Slow shares the same arch as your ultimate, which will be important in a bit.

    Also, your slow and primary fire applies a very small knockback to yourself. You can use this to knock yourself away from an enemy or to reach a surface that you couldn't get to but don't wanna waste Weightless to get to (though that is very rare). You can also boost your weightless jumps even more with your own primary fire or slow.

    Lastly, your primary fire arch is really easy to aim downward and upward. It is surprisingly not that hard to air-shot as Pip, so do not be afraid to hit a Drogoz out of the sky. If you can't do it at first, you'll be able to do it soon enough by adjusting and learning the slight curve. However, long-range shots is when it gets tricky and will require some time to practice and learn with. I always recommend going to the shooting range and shoot at the Skyes to learn the archs. Do this for the healing potion as well, since it has it's own arch too.

    -Healing Potion-
    Your healing potion does an instant 2,400 heal to everyone in it's radius and can be exploded at will. The CD starts the moment it explodes. Make sure to hold down the button until you are ready to explode so you don't blow it up in your face and heal no one. Like I said above, the healing potion has it's own arch and it is actually lighter than the others, so you can throw it a bit more straighter than the others. However, your healing potion also comes from the LEFT. Meaning, a wall to your left can block but not a wall to your right, so remember this when positioning yourself. The radius of your potion is a bit smaller than the point, unless you're using the card to boost it. However, try to make sure your healing potion hits as close to your target as possible. Anyone else who is within the radius is just there to be bonus healing and to help with the CD via Reload IV.

    That's about all I can explain and give. Most of the aiming and such comes down to personal skill, so you have learn on your own but knowing the basics helps a lot.

    This is by far the most powerful ability you have for yourself. This is actually the most impact-ability when it comes to positioning yourself, and it is because of one thing: Wall Jumping...

    Wall Jumping is something I rarely see Pips use, and if they do it was by accident or not even to it's full extent. So I am quite excited to explain this as best as possible and why it is very important to Pip. For people who don't know the basic concept of this, if you're against a wall... Your jump is slightly higher. It's a neat little thing but very important to Pip because it actually effects his jumps during Weightless. No matter where you are at, you should always position yourself next to some sort a wall, fence, pillar, tree... Any surface actually. Using weightless off of any wall-surface will make your jump higher and farther. This is where that "Sprint" card goes into play.

    There are actually some wall jumps you can't do without Sprint, and some that are actually very hard to master, but believe me... It makes you such a better Pip player once you start learning all of the places, as it helps improves your positioning, survivability, and many more. Which indeed helps you heal a lot more if you don't die as well and have better spots.

    So.. How to do this? Well, like normally, you stand near a wall to jump higher. However, instead of just jumping straight up to get up that wall, use it to jump the opposite direction or any direction you wish, having a very highly boosted jump. Allowing you to get up to platforms, rooftops, and many other spots that you usually can't get to. Or even use it to jump from one rooftop to another, or perhaps to jump around an entire statue (complete 180 jump) to get to that higher platform on Stone Keep, and many more options. This also helps a lot with getting away, since a lot of times you can start off at lower ground and jump to higher ground instantly so that a character like Zhin can't chase you or just jump very fast and far in general...

    Maps like Stone Keep and Brightmarsh has a lot of these, so I recommend playing on them for some practice. But like I said, you can "wall jump" off of just about anything. Poles, trees, rocks, fences, etc. So, get some practice in with this if you never knew about this. If you did, then that's great. Like I said, I never really saw that many Pips use this to the fullest effect, except for my friend who I taught this to...

    Also, as an extra tip. The hardest wall jump that I personally know is on Brightmarsh, if you want a fun challenge. Directly right after you leave spawn, you see a small platform above a death-pit. You can wall-jump off of the railings onto that platform, and then off of that door back to the main ground on the other side from there all in one Weightless go. It's honestly useless for normal play, but it is possible, and quite hard to do if you ask me. If ya can land that at least once, then I think you're good to go...


    Joking. Using your ultimate is honestly pretty simple. There are four times when you should use it on:

    1. 4-5 man chicken.
    2. Choke-ult (basically, 3/4 v 3/4 and one teammate is alive but your ult on the point saved the day).
    3. Frontlines.
    4. Top players (Yes, it is alright to solo-ult the one person who is killing your whole entire team, if it means your team can cap the point).

    However, there is a few things I do wanna note... Don't hold Pip's ultimate. Since you are healing, you can get it back pretty quickly. One full-heal on one ally gives you like 3-4% of your ultimate charge (let alone a full-heal on your whole team). On top of that, your constant damage is giving you ult charge. So don't be afraid to solo ult that frontline or top player, since you can get it back pretty easily and quickly if you are consistent with your healing.

    Other than that, practice aim with your slow. Since your slow and ult shares the same arch, you can use you slow to debate on whether or not your ult will land... Also, as a final quick thing that I really wanna say. If you shoot your ultimate straight into the sky, it will land about 2.4 point-length ahead of you on the ground. (point length being the diameter of the point). So if you really wanna confuse your enemies for some laughs in casual, there you go...

    Basic positioning as Pip is pretty simple. Be behind your teammates but not directly behind them. Be on the side. Upper ground. Always near a wall, tree, etc. With a good starting position spot, you should be able to completely change your position once you figure out the enemy's plan, or stay if it is safer. Then you can move up or move to point once your team wins the first initial fight.

    The reason why you want those requirements for your positioning is pretty simple. You wanna stay safe so you can heal and damage freely. However, you wanna be at an angle where you don't accidentally hit a teammate that is in the back with your potion (missing your heal on the frontlines), and lastly you need a wall to use it to go somewhere new (mentioned above). If you have a frontline who refuses to leave the point after the first initial fight, then stay on the highest ground above and attack from range, hoping to demount the enemy or get a good assist/kill. Don't push forward though until you have the payload for certain since an enemy or two can juke your other teammates and get to the point somehow.

    Lastly, always take note of the enemy's flanks and frontlines. Your position should always change based on that. If they good chase characters, don't run away to upper ground but rather try to get some help from your teammates. Best way to do that is jump near them first then away from them. The enemy chasing you might accidentally hit them and attract their attention. However if they don't, always go to higher ground to get away from them, then you can safely attack them while healing your teammates.

    Honestly, positioning is probably the easiest aspect of Pip since he doesn't require it as much as someone like Mal'Damba or Seris. This is because of Pip's Weightless is so good at saving him and changing his position. Which is why I put a lot of detail into explaining the Weightless thing. It's quite important...

    And I think that is all. At least for now. I'll probably think of more as time goes by and I'll try my best to update this if anything gets buffs or nerfs. For the most part, this is a pretty solid guide to help you have a good idea on what to do as Pip and hopefully you'll enjoy. I might do some map-videos however in the future to go more into detail about positioning, wall jumps, and other things about maps. Can't do that here due to not having any pictures or any visuals to work with. Let me know if you would be interested in me doing map-videos.

    Thanks for reading and hope you all have a great day!

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    Nice guide

    however I think you aren't open minded enough about loadouts

    for exemple with combat Medic, you can use the card giving ammo when hitting the slow with the card reducing it's cooldown, instead of the reload card, because this way you don't need to reload if there are enemies, and reloading when fight is over isn't a problem, plus this gameplay is pretty good since you always are slowing enemies

    just an exemple
    and of course your loadouts are pretty good, just saying weird stuff can work too

  • Koa and Nando also have loadout rejuv now

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