• As a Shalin / Evie main I have always struggled to play other champions especially hit scan champions. Recently my friends in ranked (I only play ranked with friends) were upset with me as I was unable to play other champions. I have recognised this problem before but I dont have any solution to this other than practice. Is there any champions you can recomend me for all the classes. Thanks

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    Sha and evie are both good, but if you are looking for other champs :

    Support: Best are Corv, Jenos, Io
    Dmg: Vik, Snipers, Cassie/Lian (situational but usually viable everywhere) You already play sha, and viv is going to not be good next patch
    Flank: ANDRO, zhin, maeve, ANDRO you already play evie, ANDRO,
    Tank: Inara, Term, Ashe, Torvald, Raum, Atlas, (tanks are honestly good this patch), barik next patch will be CHONKY,

    For ways to get gud, honestly you can train hitscans on bots, just to practice crosshair placement, and remember to not predict, where you shoot is where the dmg goes.

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